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Having a good oral care routine is important, but Ellerslie dentist finds periods that when people start having children of their own. They end up having many questions. That will help them ensure that their children have the best oral care routine as well.

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One of the first questions that dentists get from expectant and brand-new parents. Is what age should their child be. When they bring them to the dentist for their first checkup?

Some parents make the assumption that their child should start going to the dentist as soon as they have teeth. However, this is not the best practice. Especially since some infants are born with teeth.

Or get them when they are a few months old. And this is not helpful, because not only are they not going to be able to open their mouth keep it open for the dentist. But there is nothing that there going to be able to do.

To have a healthy smile, and healthy teeth. It is all up to the parents at that point. Therefore, the Ellerslie dentist will typically share what parents should be doing until their child’s first dental visits.

And what they recommend, is after the child eats, whether it is formula or breast milk. That they get their child to drink a bit of water. So that they can rinse out all of the bacteria that can cause cavities.

As well, the dentist will recommend taking a damp, soft cloth. And wipe out the inside of the child’s mouth, to get rid of that bacteria. And to wipe their teeth or tooth, whichever they have.

As well, they can feel free to take a small, infant silicone toothbrush. And without brush, get into the habit of brushing their teeth. So that it becomes much easier as they grow up.

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Next, Ellerslie dentist suggests bringing the child to the dentist for the first time. By the time they are a year of age. As long as they have at least one tooth in their mouth.

At this stage, there going to be able to open their mouth when the dentist asks. And hold it open as long as they need, for the dentist to finish the examination.

Another question that parents often have for their dentist. Is at what age should they expect their child’s baby teeth to start falling out, and growing adult teeth? There is a wide range of ages.

However, it is typical that children start losing their baby teeth at six years old, and are typically done by twelve. However, getting their children in for a dental x-ray early. Is important.

Because the dentist will be able to say if it looks like they are going to develop adult teeth early or late. And what they can do to prepare that. As well as anticipate other problems such as crowding.

So that the dentist knows what is going to happen, when those teeth arrive. Oral hygiene is so poor and. And when parents know what to do to keep their children’s teeth as healthy as possible. Their child can have great overall health as well.

Ellerslie Dentist | Questions People Often Ask Their Dentist

It is very important that people have the answer to all of their dental questions says Ellerslie dentist. No matter what age they are. From child, to senior citizen. And the types of questions that seniors often have, our very important. But very different than when they were younger.

One of the questions that their dentist often hears. Is why should they consider dental implants over false teeth, or dentures. This is actually now considered the gold standard for replacing missing teeth.

Because it is a permanent solution, that acts, feels, and looks just like people’s regular teeth. And often, when senior needs to replace their teeth. It is because one or two needs to be replaced.

Not because every tooth needs to be pulled. And with dental implants. Dentists can replace the few teeth that need to be replaced. Instead of pulling all of their teeth in order to fit dentures.

But implants are, is a screw that is placed in the jaw of a patient’s mouth. That acts like a tooth root. And then the crown is created, and fastened onto that implant. To give people there missing tooth back.

Unlike dentures, dental implants will not accidentally pop out while people are eating or speaking. And people will be able to enjoy all of the same activities that they always have whether they have one implant or multiple.

Therefore, when people are getting to the age that they want to start talking to their dentist about dentures. It is a great time for them to discuss implants as well.

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Another question that their dentist hears quite often. Is if they should use mouthwash at all. Many people question whether mouthwash is truly beneficial.

And not only does Ellerslie dentist say that mouthwash should be used every day. But people should be using it after every single time they brush their teeth.

Because while brushing is designed to get rid of bacteria that lives on people’s teeth, that cause tooth decay and cavities. But brushing does not get rid of that same bacteria that lives on the inside of their mouth.

Such as on their tongue, and cheeks. And that bacteria can very easily transfer onto their teeth, where they can continue to cause problems like cavities and tooth decay. Therefore, mouthwash is a preventative measure.

It can get rid of ninety-nine point 9% of the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities. And in a way that brushing alone cannot get rid of. So yes, patients should use mouthwash.

Use it at least two or three times a day. Instead of just once. And ideally, with a non-alcoholic mouthwash. So that they do not interrupt the pH balance of their mouth.

Ellerslie dentist loves hearing questions from their patients. And if anyone has any questions, they can book in at the tooth doctor for an appointment, or they can ask even more questions.