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Often, people know that they need to go to their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. Once for a checkup and cleaning, and another six months later for another cleaning. However, when they have children.

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They often forget the basic principles. Of how often their children need to get a checkup, and went to start bringing them. This is why one of the most often asked questions.

When dentists have appointments with expectant parents. Is when should their child’s first dentist visit be. Ultimately, people often assume that they need to take their child to the dentist.

As soon as they have their first tooth. However, this is much too early. Since many children have teeth when they are extremely young. Or are even born with teeth.

And while it is important for parents to be caring for those teeth as soon as they show up. They should not bring their child to the dentist as an infant. And the general rule of thumb that most dentists use.

Is by the time the child is one year old, they will be able to open their mouth on command. as well, they will be able to hold their mouth open as long as is necessary to do the checkup.

Younger than that, and they may not cooperate. They might also bite the dentist hand. And are not going to know enough to be able to help keep their teeth healthy.

Therefore, parents often ask what they should do. To care for their infants teeth, before they get to be a year old. The best thing that parents can do according to their dentist.

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Is give their child some water, to help rinse out their mouth. Such as a bottle with a bit of water in it. So that it can rinse all of the bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay.

As well, parents can take a soft, damp cloth and wipe the inside of their infants mouth and tooth. To get all the bacteria out, that can cause problems.

And more important than anything, they should never put their child to bed with a bottle. Because that can definitely promote tooth decay very quickly.

And the last question that parents often have for their Ellerslie dentist. When they have the children, is what age can they expect their children’s baby teeth to start falling out?

The age range is typically between six and twelve years of age. However, dental x-rays are very important. Because it can help with the dentist understand if there are any issues.

That will cause the teeth to a wrapped early, or late. And what the dentist and the parents can do in the meantime. This is why children’s dental x-rays are so important.

Ultimately, any time people have questions about their oral hygiene, or that of their children. They can always call Ellerslie dentist, to ask questions to help them ensure their teeth and their children’s teeth are healthy.

Ellerslie Dentist | Familiar Questions Patients Ask Dentists

There are many things that people know when it comes to the care of their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. But there are also a lot of things that people do not know. Because of the misinformation out there about oral care.

One of the most common questions that their dentist gets. Is what is the best oral care routine. That people can get into when they are at home?

Often, people think that all they need to do is brush twice a day and floss once. And that is the best way that they can ensure that their not going to develop problems. Such as cavities, tooth decay and gingivitis.

However, this is more like a minimum care. And the best practices are much different than this. Ellerslie dentist will recommend that people should brush their teeth after every single time they eat.

And that they should brush with a medium or soft bristled toothbrush for a minimum of two minutes every time they brush.

As well, they should use mouthwash after every time they brush. So that it can kill all of the bacteria they can get back on their teeth, and cause problems like a tooth decay and gingivitis.

And finally, flossing after every time they eat. Can ensure that no trapped food can create problems like tooth decay or cavities. From remaining trapped for an entire day for it gets flossed out at night.

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And when it comes to mouthwash, most dentists recommend. Using mouthwash that does not contain any alcohol. And the reason why, is because it can upset the pH balance in a person’s mouth.

As well as dry out the mouth, and dry mouth is responsible for cavities. And tooth decay. Therefore, without often people should be using their mouthwash. They should ensure that it is alcohol free.

As well, many people want to know why it so important to use a medium or soft bristled toothbrush. Especially because some people say that they cannot use a soft bristled brush.

Because it does not feel as though it was successful in cleaning their teeth. Which is why they use a hard bristled brush. But if people are making an appointment with their Ellerslie dentist for cleanings twice a year.

Should not need a hard bristled brush in order to help their teeth feel clean. In the problem that they can have if they use a hard bristled brush. Is that they could damaged their gums if they brush to hard.

Or use a stiff bristled brush, that would require them to get a skin graft on their gums. To protect what was damaged by their stiff bristled brush. Therefore, the tools people use to brush their teeth.

And to engage in a good oral care routine. Is as important as the routine itself. And very important that people are following all of the dentists advice.

When it comes to how to brush their teeth, and how often. Paragraph so that people can have healthy smiles, for their entire lifetime.