Ellerslie Dentist | Questions Patients Have About Amalgam

If a patient needs a cavity, Ellerslie dentist says they have two options. On how they are going to fill it, either a white substance. That can fill the cavity, and help the appearance. Of problem free teeth.

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This white substance, was actually created by NASA. When they were trying to come up. With a substance that they could use. To fix their space shuttles with. Unfortunately, while it did not work for them.

Dentists found an application for it in their practice. Using it, to fill and cavities. In a way that made patients happy. Because it was white. And therefore, was indistinguishable. From their existing teeth.

Before then, the only option. To fill cavities was an alloy called amalgam. Which had a silver appearance. And people who had cavities. Could not escape the fact. That it looks like they had cavities because of the silver colour.

This amalgam, had actually been in use. In dentistry, for over a hundred and fifty years. Because it was the only metal. That was as durable, as strong. And inexpensive to use to fix cavities.

The superrich, and royalty. Often tried using silver or gold. To fill the cavities in their teeth. Unfortunately, it was not a long-lasting solution. Simply because they are soft metals.

And when combined with the chewing action. And the biting action, that people will need to engage in. Several times a day to eat food. These were poor options, and the fillings often would fail.

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Therefore, the alloy called amalgam. Change the face of dentistry says Ellerslie dentist. Because very strong metal. Could now be made very inexpensively. To help fill cavities in a patient’s tooth.

So that they could save there tooth and avoid an extraction. The only problem with amalgam. Is that it uses the toxic metal mercury. And people are understandably nervous.

About putting a toxic metal in their mouth. However, Ellerslie dentist says people do not have to worry. Because like most alloys. Completely different characteristics. Our present, when metals are mixed together.

For example, the alloy stainless steel. Was created, to give builders a material. That not only could be exceptionally strong. But could withstand rust. That often weakened structures.

Before stainless steel was created. Therefore, when amalgam was created. The toxicity of the mercury was neutralized. By making it a solid instead of a liquid. Mercury as a liquid is dangerous.

Because it could be ingested. And then absorbed into various body tissues. Causing problems such as cancer, or neurological problems. But as a solid, it is unable to be absorbed at all.

And while many studies have been conducted over the years. Trying to determine if mercury leaks out of the filling. Or is leached into the body. Absolutely no study has found this to be the case.

Which means not only the Canadian dental Association. But the Alberta dental Association, the FDA. And the tooth doctor themselves. All believe amalgam to be exceptionally safe in all patients.

Ellerslie Dentist | Questions Patients Have About Amalgam

Amalgam has been debated for years said Ellerslie dentist. Because many people are nervous about it. Because it contains mercury. However, many studies have proven time and time again.

That the mercury, in the amalgam. Does not leach into the body. And does not cause anyone problems. Even people that have lots of fillings. Such as fifteen or twenty. Also have nothing to fear.

It is used, because it is extremely strong. It is extremely durable, and inexpensive. While dentistry has recently found. A new substance, originally invented by NASA. To help fix their spaceship.

It was not found to be useful for masses purpose. But dentists have now started using this same material. To fix cavities. It is growing in popularity. Simply because it has a white colour.

That matches people’s teeth. So that when they get a cavity filled. Where that cavity was. Is indistinguishable, from other areas of their teeth. It is popular for cosmetic reasons.

And while Ellerslie dentist will typically default to the white cavity filling substance. This is not because it is the strongest or the most inexpensive option. It is less durable than amalgam.

As well as or expensive than amalgam as well. However, because so many people typically want the white filling option. That is what Ellerslie dentist typically uses.

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The only problem with this. Is that in order to put in the white filling. And have it adhere properly to the tooth. The tooth also needs to be bone dry. Which is difficult sometimes. In such a wet environment.

When a tooth is at an angle. Or the cavity that needs to be filled. Is so close to a patient’s cheek. It can be almost impossible to keep it dry enough. For a long enough period of time.

To ensure, that it will adhere. Which is why amalgam is still being used. In dentistry today. Ellerslie dentist will talk to the patient. About their feelings about getting amalgam in their mouth.

And if patients are worried at all. About amalgam being used. Because of the mercury content. And do not want and amalgam filling. Then the tooth doctor can then start talking to them. About other options.

They can do a root canal, and get a crown put on that tooth. Which is a lengthier, and more expensive process. Or they can also get the tooth extracted. And then have a dental implant put in place.

However, because their goal is to help keep patients teeth. Healthy for a long amount of time. They typically would prefer filling the cavity. Instead of doing a root canal, or replacing the tooth.

However, by giving the patient. All of the facts about the situation. They can make their own decision. And the dentist will be happy. To make whatever they want happen for them.

If patients have any more questions. Or simply want a checkup, or a cleaning. All they have to do is contact the tooth doctor. At one of their three convenient locations. For an appointment today.