Ellerslie Dentist | Reasons to Go To the Dentist

Often, adults fall into a bad habit of not visiting their Ellerslie dentist regularly. And instead, go to their dentist only when things hurt or when they have a question.

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However, this often leads to greater problems. Because if they already have pain, the problem has gotten so bad, that it will take a lot of time, invasive procedures and money to fix.

For example, if people only visit their Ellerslie dentist they have a toothache. It could be that a cavity has gotten so bad. That it is now affecting the nerves. And has become too deep to fill traditionally.

In this case, instead of filling the cavity. They will have to do a root canal. Or worse, the tooth will have to be pulled. Because the damages to severe. And in this case, they will then be talking to their dentist.

About bridges, dentures and dental implants. Instead of feeling cavities. That is quite a bit more expensive. And takes a lot more time to fix, instead of building a small cavity.

And when it comes to dental implants. They are much more preferred then bridges and dentures. Because while they may cost approximately the same. Dental implants are a permanent fixture in a person’s mouth.

Instead of bridges and dentures, which are going to be a temporary fixture, that can be taken out of persons mouth. And in fact, are likely to fall out or pop out at inopportune times.

Such as when people are talking, or if they are sharing a meal with others. Which is why many people prefer dental implants instead. In fact, because dentures and up fitting poorly.

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This is because over time, people’s gums start to shrink. Because they do not have tooth roots to stimulate blood flow in their gums. Which will require them to go back to their Ellerslie dentist over the years to fit their dentures better.

Instead, they can simply get a dental implant. That not only mimics the tooth root that they have. So that they can cause the blood flow to continue to be very good in their gum line.

Which will not only keep the health of the other teeth that they have. But it will also help ensure that the other implants in the area are very healthy as well.

In addition to that, if there is a problem for the dental implant. It is very easy to fix. Without putting the patient under any kind of anaesthetic as well. And they usually can have their implant fixed, and be on their way home.

In a matter of a few minutes. Instead of having to wait for you dentures to be created. However, the goal of a dentist will be to eliminate the need of getting an implant at all.

By taking care of their teeth, and preventative maintenance. However, in the chances that people need implants because of accidents, their dentist will definitely help them in every way that they can. To ensure that they can get on with their life, with teeth that look, feel and act like their regular teeth.

Ellerslie Dentist | Why Should You Visit The Dentist?

Often, people have been seeing their Ellerslie dentist for so many years. That they do not even remember when the first time they started to go. And when they start having children, they end up with many questions for their dentist.

Often, one of the very first questions that dentists get asked by parents, and parents to be. Is when the first dental visit needs to be for their child. Some parents make assumptions about it.

Thinking that they need to take their child to the dentist for the first time. As soon as they have their first tooth. And while for some parents, that is not for the first year or so.

But some parents have their child born with teeth. And that is far too young to come see the dentist says Ellerslie dentist. The reason why, is because the child will not be able to open their mouth when asked.

And they will not hold their mouth open. That is generally the first sign that they use. To determine if the child is old enough to see the dentist. And that is if they are old enough to open it when asked.

And hold it open as long as they are needed to. However, that does not mean that parents cannot take care of that infants tooth or teach in the meantime. And there several things they can do to achieve that.

The first thing that they can get into the habit of. Is wiping their child’s mouth out after feeding. With a soft, damp cloth. Including there tooth. Any food sources can cause bacteria to form on a tooth.

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And it is not just enough to wipe off the tooth. If there is bacteria elsewhere in the child’s mouth. Some parents give their child a bottle with water. The bacteria that has formed.

They also can get their child used to having a soft, silicone brush on the teeth that they do have. Because that can keep the teeth cleaner. And start child getting used to brushing their teeth.

The general rule of them is a child should visit the dentist for the first time. When they are about one year old. As long as they have one tooth. And by then, parents will have done a lot to keep their teeth healthy.

At that point, the Ellerslie dentist will be able to tell parents how often they want to see the child. That typically, it will be once a year for a checkup. And twice a year for cleaning. As well as getting x-rays done.

So that they can see if they anticipate any problems with overcrowding, or things like. When their idols teeth are likely to show up. So that they can ensure there keeping the child’s mouth healthy at all times.