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Fluoride is in a mineral, that is important in protecting teeth according to Ellerslie dentist. However, many people are not sure how important it is. Or how it protects their teeth.

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In fact, when most people are asked what they can do. In order to have strong teeth. They typically talk about the important role of calcium. However, fluoride is just as important.

This mineral is naturally occurring, and can be found in plants and food. However, most people typically do not eat diets that are high enough in fluoride. Which is why most municipalities added to the tap water.

They added in a small enough quantity. That no matter how much water they drink, they cannot consume too much fluoride. It is just meant to fill a gap, in their diet. To let them get the fluoride they need.

The body will take fluoride that is consumed, and use it. In order to provide a protective barrier on people’s teeth. It protects their enamel, from the bacteria that will eat through the enamel.

That causes tooth decay, and cavities. The bacteria loves sugar most of all. Therefore, by having enough fluoride on the teeth, and in a person’s diet. Can make it more difficult for this bacteria to consume the enamel.

What it also does, is provides a protective barrier. So that if people consume food that is high in citric acid. Like drinking orange juice for example. It will not weaken or soften the enamel as easily.

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However, consuming fluoride is not enough to protect their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. Which is why they put fluoride on their patient’s teeth. This fluoride that is applied is extremely concentrated.

Which is why they are instructed not to swallow it. And letting concentrated fluoride sit on the teeth. Can also re-mineralize their teeth. So that the protective layer can be formed and strengthened.

Unfortunately, it is possible to consume too much fluoride. And the condition that it causes is called dental fluorosis. Not only does to much fluoride actually weaken the enamel.

But it also causes white patches to form on people’s teeth. Which is typically a cosmetic concern. If people see that they have white patches. What they can do, is make an appointment with Ellerslie dentist.

Who will be able to take a week acid, and apply it carefully. In order to remove the excess fluoride on their teeth. It will remove the white patches. And help their teeth be as healthy and strong as possible.

This is why it is very important to not swallow toothpaste. As well as not swallow the fluoride treatment that their Ellerslie dentist puts on their teeth. When parents have children, they often wonder.

At what age is safe for their child to use fluoride toothpaste. Ultimately, whenever their child is old enough to know how to swish water around in their mouth. And spit the toothpaste out.

Is the best age, to put them on fluoride toothpaste. Because until they know how to spit the toothpaste out. It is too much of a risk, to let them use fluoride toothpaste. In case they accidentally swallow it.

Ellerslie Dentist | Getting Regular Fluoride Treatments

Many people often know how important fluoride is according to Ellerslie dentist. But they are not sure how it works. They know that they get treatments done at their dentist’s office. And that their toothpaste has this in it.

However, not knowing how it protects. Makes it difficult for people to get enough fluoride. Which is why many people should learn more. About this important mineral and how it protects them.

Fluoride is a mineral, that is usually found in certain plants and food. However, because most people do not consume enough fluoride in their diets. To protect their teeth, dentists have decided.

To apply an extremely concentrated form of fluoride. On people’s teeth, because that concentration applied topically. Can help form the protective barrier that is needed to protect the enamel on their teeth.

This is very important to do. And children who start developing teeth. Should get into see Ellerslie dentist. For their first fluoride treatment. Then, every six months they need to come back.

Not only will they get a cleaning, and a checkup. They will also continue to get these important fluoride treatments. And between the ages of six months and sixteen years of age.

It is very important that they get the fluoride treatments every six months. To ensure that every single tooth that they have, as received multiple treatments. However, once a person reaches sixteen years of age.

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They should not stop getting this important treatment. It can continue to protect against do the decay and cavities. And as people consume food, that is high in acid, such as orange juice or pop.

The fluoride can get worn away. Which is why they need to continually add it into their diet. As well as getting topical treatments from their Ellerslie dentist. Although it becomes even more important.

If people end up having like crowns, bridges or braces. Because it is more difficult to reach all areas of their teeth with a toothbrush, and fluoride toothpaste. Therefore, the fluoride treatments from their dentist.

Will protect hard to brush areas of their teeth. If people have had gingivitis or gum disease. It is also important that they continually get fluoride treatments. Because some of their tooth roots will be partially exposed.

Roots of the teeth have less enamel than the rest of the teeth. Therefore, regular fluoride treatments. Can protect these vulnerable parts of the teeth. That are more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities.

As well, as people age, they can develop dry mouth. Or if they are taking medication that lists dry mouth as one of the side effects. Fluoride treatments are very important as well. Because people with dry mouth have less saliva.

And therefore, they are more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay as well. Essentially, everyone should continue to get fluoride treatments for the rest of their life. To help ensure that they have strong, and healthy teeth for their entire life.