Ellerslie Dentist | Sensitive Teeth Can Be Fixed

Many people who have sensitive teeth, think that it is permanent says Ellerslie dentist. But it is typically just an indication. Of a larger dental problem. That needs to be fixed.

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This is why is very important that people who have sensitive teeth. Make an appointment with their dentist quickly. So that they can get the bottom of why they are in pain.

And fix the problem, so that it does not get worse over time. One of the first things that their dentist will do when they get there. Is look to see if they have any gingivitis, or gum disease.

The reason why, is because this is one of the most common reasons. Why people have sensitive teeth. And this is due to the tartar buildup, over a long period of time.

Whether people have not been brushing enough. Or if they have simply not visit their Ellerslie dentist often enough for cleaning. Tartar buildup, can cause all sorts of problems orally.

When tartar buildup gets underneath the gum line. And is not cleaned out. It is going to cause the gums to become inflamed and swollen. Even if someone is brushing their teeth twice a day.

Getting below the gum line is almost impossible with the brush alone. Which is why it is extremely important. For people to visit their dentist for cleanings.

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If they do have gingivitis, or gum disease. Their gums will start to reseed. And the longer they go in between cleanings. The more likely there going to have receding gums.

The reason why receding gums cause pain. Is because of the difference between the root of the tooth, and the rest of it. The route is made of the different material, called Denton. And this material is porous.

Which allows the temperature of the food to transfer to the tooth root. Where it can cause pain. This is why when people drink something very hot or very cold. It can cause them a lot of pain in the process.

While the solution for gingivitis, or gum disease is not an overnight fix. It is something that is very treatable. What the Ellerslie dentist will first do. Is due a very deep cleaning of the patient’s teeth.

And that will allow them to get all of the tartar buildup off their teeth. The patient must then be willing to agree to brush their teeth twice a day, floss once. And use mouthwash. To keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

Once they adhere to this routine. Their gums are going to heal. And stop being so inflamed. While it is not going to cause the gums that receded to grow back. It will stop any future damage from happening.

And often, this can be enough to eliminate people’s tooth sensitivity. And if not, the patient will be able to discuss with their dentist at future cleanings. What can be done to protect their teeth even more from the pain.

Ellerslie Dentist | Sensitive Teeth Can Be Fixed

People are often mistaken, when they think if they have sensitive teeth, there is no treatment says Ellerslie dentist. In fact, sensitive teeth are usually an indication of a larger dental problem that needs to be fixed.

One of the most common reasons why people have sensitive teeth, is because they have a cavity. People might not think that this is the case. Because they only go visit their Ellerslie dentist.

When they have a toothache. Because they think that is the start of the cavity. However, small cavities are not likely to cause any pain in the form a toothache. Because it takes the cavity getting large enough.

To get to the root of the tooth, when people will start to feel it. Therefore, it is very important. That people go to the dentist. Whenever they feel pain, even into sensitivity.

Because that actually could indicate cavity. More than a toothache would. By the time they feel a toothache, the cavity will be very large. Whereas if they go to the dentist.

When they first start feeling that they have sensitive teeth. That could help them get a cavity that is still very small filled in a very timely manner.

However, a cavity is not the only thing that can cause tooth sensitivity. Any time the enamel of the tooth is breached. That could cause sensitive teeth. Which means if someone has been grinding their teeth at night.

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Either if they put excess pressure on one or two teeth. Or if they caused any aggravation in any of their teeth due to grinding. As well as cracking a tooth, due to grinding their teeth at night.

This can all cause them to have sensitive teeth. And once they fix the broken tooth. Or the bite problem. The next thing that their Ellerslie dentist might suggest. Is getting a night guard.

That they can wear when they sleep. So that it protects their teeth when they grind. And help them stop the grinding that is causing them problems. If people realize that tooth sensitivity is an indication of larger dental problems.

They might be a lot more agreeable. To go visit their dentist when they have sensitive teeth. Instead of trying to wait, to see if maybe the sensitivity will go away after a while.

However, even after a thorough examination from their dentist. People might end up with lifelong tooth sensitivity. But as long as they have ruled out other dental problems.

There is no problem using a desensitizing toothpaste, like Sensodyne. For the rest of their life. Their dentist will show them different techniques, and how to use this toothpaste. To help make it more effective.

But if people do not want to use that toothpaste for the rest of their life. Perhaps bonding, or veneers can be a better solution. Regardless, it is very important to discuss all options with their dentist. Which is why any time they have sensitive teeth. They should make an appointment quickly.