Ellerslie Dentist | Sensitive Teeth Can Be Painful

Many people may not realize, sensitive teeth are caused by greater dental concerns says Ellerslie dentist. And in fact, many people put off going to the dentist. Thinking that their sensitive teeth will eventually go away.

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This is a very bad idea. Because not only are people having to deal with pain, longer than they should have to. But also, people that have sensitive teeth. Are likely suffering from a larger, dental problem.

And the more they put off going to their dentist. The worse this problem is becoming. Until it may be very difficult to treat. This is why, any time people have any kind of change in their mouth or teeth.

This is a great opportunity to have a checkup by their Ellerslie dentist. Because even if they do not have anything significantly wrong in their mouth. At least they know this, and can work on solutions.

To help them eliminate their sensitive teeth. However, one of the most likely culprits of sensitive teeth. Will be exposed roots. This can be caused by a number of things. But very often, from gum disease.

How people develop gum disease, is in stages. Starting with a poor oral health routine. They are not brushing their teeth well enough, or often enough. Or they are, but they are not going to their dentist for professional cleanings.

This way, they do eventually get tartar buildup. Especially below the gum line. Where it hardens, and starts to irritate the gums. The gums will become inflamed and swollen, and at this point it is called gingivitis.

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When people develop gingivitis. At this point, all the damage is reversible. As long as they get to their dentist quickly enough. However, because the inflamed gums will have exposed some of their tooth root.

This is also when people start experiencing sensitive teeth. And they may simply say, that they are going to wait. To see if the sensitivity goes away. Instead of taking the queue, that this is time to visit their dentist.

Therefore, there gingivitis will turn into gum disease. And while the damage due to gingivitis is reversible. The damage from gum disease is not. If people let their gingivitis turn into gum disease.

They can bring health back to their gums says Ellerslie dentist. However, the gum erosion that they will experience as a part of their gum disease is not reversible.

Therefore, they might have healthy teeth. That always have a tendency to be sensitive. Due to their permanently exposed roots. When this is the case. After they have dealt with getting their teeth healthy.

The next step, will be for people to figure out how to eliminate their tooth sensitivity. They can discuss all of their options with their dentist. From using toothpaste like Sensodyne. To eliminate their tooth sensitivity.

To a bonding procedure, that will coat their teeth in a protective substance. That will wear off after a few months and require reapplication. When people are ready to protect their teeth, they can visit their dentist.

Ellerslie Dentist | Sensitive Teeth Can Be Painful

Often, when people are experiencing tooth sensitivity says Ellerslie dentist. They think that it is going to be temporary. And that they can just wait for it to improve. This is a ridiculous notion.

Because no health problems mysteriously got better. Just because people were waiting for it to be so. The same is true with their teeth. If people have sensitive teeth. Especially when they did not have sensitive teeth before.

This is typically an indication, that there is a greater underlying dental concern. That is people should visit their Ellerslie dentist in order to address. There can be many things that are causing their sensitivity.

From gingivitis and gum disease, to eroded gums from over brushing. As well as cavities, cracked teeth. Chips in their teeth and even clenching their teeth too hard. Causing aggravation to the teeth.

Particularly if there bite is uneven. Because it will cause pressure to some teeth rather than others. These aggravated teeth will be extra sensitive to things like hot and cold food and liquid.

Causing pain for people. Because there is a wide variety of things that could be wrong. People who have sensitive teeth. Should make it a point to get to their dentist as quickly as possible.

Because some cases, waiting is not going to make things worse. But in most cases, such as cavities and cracked teeth. Waiting longer, can be extremely detrimental to the overall situation.

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Even a very small cavity, can end up causing sensitivity. Because any time the enamel is breached. Whether it is from over brushing, a chip, a crack or cavity. Sensitivity can occur.

Therefore, if people wait. Thinking that there sensitivity is going to go away. What is going to actually happen, is the cavity will get worse, and bacteria will get into the cracked tooth.

And create even more problems for the patient. This is why they should make an appointment with their dentist sooner rather than later. Once they dealt with the problem.

Whether it is fixing a cracked tooth. Filling a cavity. Or getting a night guard, so that people do not have to risk chipping or cracking their teeth at night. If they still have the sensitivity.

They can talk to their Ellerslie dentist about that, once the underlying dental concern is fixed. Whether they are going to start using a toothpaste, like Sensodyne. To eliminate the sensitivity in their teeth.

Or have a different approach. Such as putting veneers, or bonding on their teeth. In order to protect the teeth against sensitivity. That conversation will be up to the patient and their dentist.

Talking about things like permanence, how often they will have to undergo each procedure. And if they are going to mind using the same toothpaste for the rest of their life.

Ultimately, any time people have sensitive teeth. That is a very good indication. That they need to visit a dentist. The find out what is wrong, and how they can be helped.