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Many parents ask their Ellerslie dentist if it is important. For their children to get dental sealants done. According to the National health and nutrition examination survey. A small percentage of children get this procedure.

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30% of children between the ages of 6 to 11 have received dental sealants. While 38% of adolescents, between the ages of twelve and nineteen. Have received this procedure. However, according to Ellerslie dentist.

They would recommend, that most children get this done. Because it can prevent cavities from forming. Helping children and teenagers avoid needing cavities. That can be expensive and invasive.

In fact, from a strictly pragmatic point of view. Parents can end up saving a lot of money. By getting dental sealants done on their children. Seeing as how they cost about 25% of a cavity filling.

And can prevent cavities from forming in the children’s mouth. On their teeth. Therefore, by preventing one cavity from forming. Parents have already saved money with this procedure.

However, many people wonder what dental sealants actually are. Dental sealants are very thin layer of plastic. That is applied onto the surface of patients molars, which are there back teeth.

Molars have what dentists call pits and features. Which simply refers to how rough and uneven the molar surface is. While this is fantastic for grinding up all kinds of food as people chew.

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The rough surfaces of the molars, make it very difficult. For people to brush their back teeth properly. Not only are they the hardest teeth to reach with the toothbrush. But because of the peaks and valleys.

People can end up missing areas of their molars very easily. Leaving their teeth unprotected from the bacteria. That cause tooth decay and cavities. And while it is very easy to miss parts of the teeth.

By anyone, children who are just learning how to brush their teeth. Or teenagers, who do not have strict oral hygiene habits yet. Are more susceptible to cavities as they develop better procedures and habits.

Therefore, by applying the dental sealants. On the child’s teeth, while they are young. And have not yet developed their first cavity. Can protect their teeth from ever getting a cavity in the first place.

And while Ellerslie dentist recommends getting this on children, as soon as they have all of their baby teeth. The dental sealants will last approximately ten years. Which means unless they become chipped or cracked.

The next time the child needs to get the dental sealant reapplied. Is when they lose their baby teeth. And they grow their adult teeth in completely. That is when their dentist recommends the next coating.

That way, the child and teenager, can be protected until they are and adults. With just two applications. Which together, is still less expensive. Then filling one cavity. If parents would like more information.

On dental sealants, or if they would simply like to book their child’s first appointment. All they have to do is call the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. To arrange the time and appointment.

Ellerslie Dentist | Is It Important For Children To Get Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are very effective at protecting against cavities according to Ellerslie dentist. However, only a small percentage of children ever get this procedure. Often because parents do not know about it.

Or, they are unsure of how it works. To protect their child’s teeth against cavities. It is very fast procedure. They can be added on to the end of any dental appointment.

And will take less than five minutes, from start to finish. How the procedure will go. Will start with the dentist drying off the patient’s teeth. How they can achieve that, in a mouthful of saliva is quite easy.

They will have cotton rolls. That they will use to surround the teeth that they are treating. It will also use gauze, and without saliva from the surrounding tongue and cheeks. The teeth dry out quite quickly.

They then will apply very mild acid. That is designed to clean anything remaining off the teeth. This gets rid of any bacteria. That they will want trapped between the tooth and the sealant.

Once they apply this acid, in a process called etching. They will then rinse the teeth. And to drive them off again. Then, the Ellerslie dentist is ready to apply the dental sealant onto the teeth.

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The sealant is a liquid plastic. That they will apply using a paintbrush, or a cotton swab. Once they have covered the surfaces of the teeth. They will cure the liquid. Which is the process of making it hard.

They do this through the use of a UV light, Sean onto the surfaces that they have treated. Just a few moments of the UV light. And the plastic will be hard. And the patient will be ready to go.

Not only is this a very fast procedure. But it costs the fraction of what a single cavity would be. If the child had developed a cavity. And needed a filling. It is also much less invasive, and it causes no pain or side effects.

The very thin layer of plastic. It actually prevents the bacteria that causes tooth decay. From reaching the surface of the tooth. And while it is protective, Ellerslie dentist cautions the patients.

That it is not a substitute for good oral hygiene. Because their can develop cracks, chips. Or even leaks in the sealant. And if people stopped brushing or flossing their teeth. Their teeth would then become susceptible to cavities.

But also, the sealant is only designed to protect the surface of the molars. And will not protect in between teeth, or the surfaces of the patient’s incisors. Therefore, a very good oral care routine.

Is necessary, to prevent cavities and tooth decay from forming. On other parts of the patient’s teeth. When parents are ready to get their children’s teeth protected. All they need to do is call the tooth doctor.