Ellerslie Dentist | Should People Worry About Sensitive Teeth

Often, when people have sensitive teeth, they are not worried about it says Ellerslie dentist. And while it is not necessarily cause for great alarm. It is also something that needs fairly quick attention from a dentist.

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The reason why, is because sensitive teeth can be an indicator. Of a larger dental problem going on. And when people avoid going to the dentist. They might cause themselves to not get the help that they need.

Which can exacerbate their dental problem in the long run. One of the most common reasons why people get sensitive teeth. Is because they have developed gingivitis, or gum disease.

This is caused by a poor oral hygiene routine. Or, by not going to their Ellerslie dentist for cleanings often enough. When people do not brush well enough. They do not get rid of the tartar buildup.

And that tartar buildup, can cause irritation as it hardens beneath the gum line. The gums, will become inflamed and swollen. And start to pull away from the teeth. To avoid the irritation.

This is going to expose their tooth root says Ellerslie dentist. Which is what causes the sensitivity. Because the root of the tooth is made of a more porous material than the rest of their teeth.

And while gingivitis, and gum disease can be cured. The gums that erode as a results. Are not going to be able to be replaced. This is why it is extremely important. That people get to their dentist fast enough.

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So that if they have gum disease. They do not end up causing such an erosion on their teeth. That it is difficult to overcome. However, when the dentist has been able to eliminate gum disease.

Through dental cleanings, and a diligent oral care routine. On behalf of the patient. Then the next thing would be helping them overcome their sensitivity. There are many things that they can do.

And one of the first things that their Ellerslie dentist will recommend. Will be to try using a desensitizing toothpaste, such as Sensodyne. While this works great for many patients. Others have less success.

And some, may find that it works. But they do not want to be stuck using one type of toothpaste for the rest of their life. Therefore, for others, a great solution can be bonding.

What bonding is, is a very thin, fatty substance that is applied to the teeth. That coats the teeth, and acts as a barrier. This can very quickly eliminate sensitive teeth. Unfortunately, it is not permanent.

This means that people have to go to their dentist every few months. In order to get more bonding applied. However, for people who have been dealing with significant pain from sensitive teeth.

This is a very small price to pay. For being able to enjoy all of the foods that they used to be able to. And do so, without a lot of pain in their mouth. When people are ready to eliminate their sensitive teeth. They should make a call to their dentist.

Ellerslie Dentist | Should People Worry About Sensitive Teeth

Often, when people have sensitive teeth Says Ellerslie dentist. They think that this is a normal part of adulthood. However, it should be because for concern.

The reason why it should because for concern. Is simply because it typically is an indicator. Of another until problem, that needs to get fixed. Things like a cavity, achieved or cracked tooth.

Or even teeth that are sensitive from aggravation. Caused by grinding the teeth. Or even people who have their teeth out of alignment when they bite down. These can all cause significant tooth sensitivity.

And when people think that it is a normal part of life. And they avoid going to their Ellerslie dentist. The problem is not going to get better. But is also likely to get worse, while people are waiting.

Often, when people are experiencing extreme tooth sensitivity. They either start by avoiding foods and liquids that are problematic. Such as hot drinks, cold drinks. But also sweet foods, and acidic foods as well.

In addition to that, people might start to chew on only one side of their mouth. Because chewing on the other causes pain. And while this seems like a very minor problem. When people have sensitive teeth.

It can actually cause muscle strain, tension headaches. As well as TMJ problems. And people can end up with more chipping and tooth fractures on the side of the mouth that they chew on more.

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Therefore, using only one side of the mouth is a larger problem than many people realize. By making an appointment to their Ellerslie dentist. They can get a full examination. In order to identify the problem.

They might have a cavity that needs to get filled. That either gets identified from the visual inspection. Or on the dental x-ray. Or, it could be that they have a cracked or chipped tooth that is causing sensitivity.

And even people who have a bite problem, they get that diagnosed. No matter what the problem is. Their dentist is going to be able to fix it in a timely manner. And the sooner people can get to their dentist. The sooner it can be fixed.

If they waited, not only would they be living with paying for longer. But chances are quite great. That the problem will simply deteriorate. Until they get in to the dentist’s office for a checkup.

As well, if they wait to long enough. There tooth sensitivity might turn into a dental emergency. That is going to cost a significantly larger amount fix. Therefore, people should get to a dentist sooner rather than later.

When people are ready to stop dealing with pain. They can either call, email or visit their dentist webpage. In order to make the right appointment. Once they have made the appointment. Regular checkups after that, can help ensure that they are keeping their teeth healthy.