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While there are many different causes of tooth sensitivity says Ellerslie dentist. There are as many different solutions. But the first thing that people should do, is visit their dentist.

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Visiting the dentist is very important. Because there are many different reasons. Why people might have sensitive teeth in the first place. If they try to deal with their sensitive teeth alone.

Either by avoiding foods that they love. Or using a desensitizing toothpaste. They might be avoiding the cause of the sensitive teeth in the first place. And instead of making their sensitive teeth better.

The problem is only being masked, and will continue to be a problem, but just on a deeper level. As well, a large percentage of people do not even find that desensitizing toothpaste even works.

Therefore, it is far better. To find out why they have sensitive teeth. And if the solution that their dentist comes up with. Is using that desensitizing toothpaste. At least they know they do not have any more significant problems.

May have been causing their sensitive teeth in the first place. When they go for their checkup, to talk about their sensitive teeth. The Ellerslie dentist will look at several different things first.

Such as if they have gum disease. Or if they have any cavities, that are causing the sensitive teeth. Gum disease causes sensitivity. Because it exposes the roots of the teeth.

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And the roots are made of a more porous material than the rest of the tooth. And this porous material is called Denton. This is why the roots are more sensitive to hot and cold.

And there are many things that the Ellerslie dentist can do, in order to eliminate their sensitivity. From using a desensitizing toothpaste. To getting a bonding solution put on their teeth.

In order to cover up the porous Denton. So that they will not feel the pain, associated with hot or cold foods. Because the tooth roots are covered.

And if their dentist does it say that they should be using the desensitizing toothpaste. Will often cover off different instructions. Then simply brushing their teeth normally with a toothbrush.

To help make the toothpaste work even better. To protect their teeth, from hot and cold temperatures. Another reason why people might end up with sensitive teeth. Is because they have been brushing their teeth too hard.

Some people think that they need to brush their teeth very hard to get it very clean. Or, they are not visiting their dentist often enough. And getting the tartar buildup off their teeth.

And therefore, they feel they have to brush very hard. In order to get their teeth nice and clean. People can brush away their enamel. As well as cause their gums to reseed. Both, can cause sensitivity.

Again, by putting on a bonding material. As well as using desensitizing toothpaste. Can be the solutions, to helping people eliminate the sensitivity. So that they do not have to feel pain when they eat or drink.

Ellerslie dentist | solutions to tooth sensitivity

When people are experiencing tooth sensitivity, the first step should be getting to their Ellerslie dentist. The find out why they might have tooth sensitivity. And the reason why they have sensitive teeth. Will help the dentist figure out what the best solution and treatment will be for each people.

A common reason why people end up having a sensitive tooth. Is because they have a cavity. The longer they wait, to go see a dentist. To fix their sensitive teeth. The larger their cavity is getting.

However, it is a common scenario. That people think that if they wait long enough, their problem is going to go away on its own. And this is almost never the case, when it comes to teeth.

When their dentist sees that they have a cavity. A quick filling, can be all that is needed, to fix the tooth sensitivity problem. In fact, many people think that if they have a cavity. They will end up with a toothache.

Not realizing that they might not get a toothache. But instead, have sensitive teeth. Any time people have a change in how things feel inside their mouth. That is a good time to get to their dentist as quickly as possible.

Another reason why people could have sensitive teeth. Is because they might have a bite problem. Which is putting too much pressure on one tooth. And because that one tooth is under pressure.

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It could be more sensitive to temperatures. Which is why people might experience pain when they eat something cold, or drink something hot for example. When this is the problem causing tooth sensitivity.

The Ellerslie dentist can check to see if they have an uneven bite. And there are several things they can do to correct that problem. So that people not only can end up with teeth that are not sensitive.

But also, they will be less likely to develop job problems. Or broken teeth, because of their bite. Also, if people have a bite problem that caused too much pressure on one tooth. It might also be because they are grinding their teeth.

And getting a dental device made. That they can wear at night, to keep them from grinding their teeth. Can help people not only eliminate sensitivity. But eliminate other problems such as headaches, TMJ problems and tooth fractures.

While some people might be content to live with their sensitive teeth. Either avoiding foods. Or using a desensitizing toothpaste. They need to realize that by avoiding getting a checkup.

They could be exacerbating the problem that is causing their sensitive teeth. From cavities, to gum disease. Which is why it is extremely important. For people to make an appointment with their Ellerslie dentist.

At the first sign of something wrong. Even if the problem is very easy to fix. And even if it is not the sign of something larger that is wrong. People will be glad that they got into the root of their problem. And are no longer dealing with painful teeth.