Ellerslie Dentist | Surprising Facts About Fluoride

Many people understand that there is fluoride in their toothpaste, and their Ellerslie dentist. Will apply fluoride to their teeth at appointments. But are not really sure what it is, or how it works to protect their teeth.

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One of the first questions they ask their dentist when they visit. Is how does fluoride prevent tooth decay. There are two ways that this can work. The first, is by consuming food and water that has fluoride in it.

The body will take the mineral fluoride that is consumed. And use it to strengthen the teeth. In a process called remineralization. It provides a protective barrier for the tooth. To guard against the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities.

However, most people do not consume enough fluoride. To protect their teeth adequately. Which is why when people visit their Ellerslie dentist. They will get a topical fluoride treatments onto their teeth.

Using a paste, a varnish or a liquid. That has an extremely high concentration of fluoride. They will apply it onto the surfaces of the patient’s teeth. Where it will then be re-mineralized into the patient’s teeth.

The reason why it is protects the teeth. Is because it provides a barrier, that make it more difficult. For the bacteria to get at the tooth itself. the bacteria typically will eat through the enamel and get to the tooth.

Which is what a cavity is. The more fluoride a person has protecting their teeth. Means the more protected their teeth are, until they can get the chance to brush their teeth clean of the bacteria that causes cavities.

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Another way that fluoride protects people’s teeth. Is providing that protective layer, that can guard against damage from acidic food. Such as citrus fruits, or soda that people might be drinking.

Acid can soften the enamel, and make the tooth more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Therefore, this protective layer, can do a lot to protect their teeth.

Many people have heard that there is fluoride in the drinking water. And want to know if that is safe to drink. Ellerslie dentist says while too much fluoride can cause a problem called dental fluorosis.

The amount of fluoride in the water supply is so small. That even drinking in excess amount of water. Is not going to be likely to cause dental fluorosis in a person. What is usually the cause of this problem.

Is when people accidentally swallow toothpaste that they are brushing their teeth with. It is very common in childhood. Especially if children are using a fluoride toothpaste to brush their teeth.

And are too young to know that they must spit the toothpaste out. Or, they try to spit it out. Because it tastes good, they accidentally swallow its. And the fluoride in toothpaste is extremely concentrated. And can cause this problem to occur.

This is why people should be monitoring their children as they brush their teeth. But more importantly, only use a non-fluoride toothpaste. Until their child is old enough to spit it out.

Ellerslie Dentist | Surprising Facts About Fluoride And Enamel

Even though people know that fluoride is in their toothpaste, and that their dentist puts fluoride on their teeth. They are not sure exactly what it is, or how it works to protect their teeth.

Essentially, fluoride is a mineral. That is used by the body, to strengthen the teeth. It has been used since the nineteen forties, by dentists to strengthen people’s teeth. And has been considered such an important mineral.

That most municipalities put this in the drinking water. To help people who cannot afford to go to the dentist. Protected teeth, by drinking water with fluoride in it.

Many people want to know at what age it is important their children need to start getting fluoride treatments. And the answer can be surprising to many parents.

Ellerslie dentist recommends bringing the child and as young as six months of age. As long as they already have teeth. In order to get their first checkup, cleaning. And fluoride treatment.

After that, they should be coming back every six months for subsequent fluoride treatments. Between the ages of six months and sixteen years. It is incredibly critical to get this treatment every six months.

To ensure that every single one of their teeth. Has been treated with fluoride. So that they can enter adult hood, with the strongest teeth possible. However, just because they have reached adult hood.

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Does not mean they should stop getting fluoride treatments. In fact, Ellerslie dentist says it can become even more important. For adults to get these treatments. Because they are likely to have developed problems.

That require additional strength and their teeth. And over to avoid developing tooth decay and cavities. For example, if adults have ever had gum disease or gingivitis. There tooth roots will become exposed.

Even a minor case of gum disease, could cause some of the roots to be exposed. And therefore, susceptible to cavities. The reason why exposed tooth roots are vulnerable to cavities.

Is because the roots of the teeth have less enamel on it than the rest of the tooth. Therefore, anyone who is ever had gingivitis or gum disease. Should continue visiting their Ellerslie dentist.

For fluoride treatments regularly. As well, if someone has braces, bridges or crowns. It may be very difficult for them to reach every surface of their tooth with their toothbrush and toothpaste.

Therefore, to provide full protection on all of their teeth. They need to get their dentist to give them a fluoride treatments. Finally, people who have dry mouth. Either is a side effect of a medication.

Or, as a side effect of aging. Are more susceptible to cavities. Because saliva protects the teeth. And without it, they can develop cavities even easier. Which is why fluoride treatments remain important even into older ages.

If people have any questions about fluoride. Or about their teeth in general, they should make an appointment with their dentist today. To get a cleaning, fluoride treatments. And the answers to all of their questions.