Ellerslie Dentist | The Benefits Of Fluoride Treatments

Even though fluoride has played an important role of oral health for decades says Ellerslie dentist. Many people still are unclear about the role that fluoride actually plays. In keeping healthy mouth.

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Fluoride is actually a mineral, that is naturally occurring in many different plants and foods. When consumed, the body uses the fluoride. To add it to the surface of the tooth. Where it supports healthy tooth enamel.

By becoming a barrier, it can protect the tooth from environmental damage. Such as consuming food in high acidic value. Such as citrus fruits, tomatoes and food with a lot of vinegar in it.

As well, when it helps keep the enamel of the teeth strong. It is harder for bacteria, and plaque to attack the tooth. Where it can cause tooth decay, and cavities. However, it is almost impossible for people.

To get enough fluoride in their daily diet. To keep their teeth as protected as the teeth should be. Which is why people have been utilizing fluoride. In a number of different ways. To protect the teeth.

In the nineteen forties, many municipalities. Started putting fluoride in the water supply. To help people who were too poor to go to the dentist. The opportunity, to have as protected teeth as possible.

And while fluoride is still added to the water supply today. People who drink bottled water. Or are consuming a lot of food high in acid. Need more than just fluoride in the water supply says Ellerslie dentist.

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In order to keep their teeth protected against acid, and bacteria. This is why it is vital, for people to use toothpaste that is fortified with fluoride in it. But even still, this is not enough.

Because people may not brush their teeth often enough Or long enough to protect their teeth. Or, may miss out important spots. Because it can be hard to reach certain parts of the mouth. Using just a toothbrush.

Therefore, the final protection. That is used by dentists, to protect the teeth. And develop that protective layer with fluoride. Is by applying a very concentrated solution of fluoride to people’s teeth at the end of their visit.

The fluoride of that is applied topically. Is added to the teeth by the body. Through process called remineralization. And the reason why people must continually get more fluoride treatments every six months.

Is because they are constantly eroding this mineral, by eating food. And brushing their teeth, to get rid of the bacteria that is trying to eat it away. Therefore, when people can get into the routine.

A visiting their Ellerslie dentist every six months. They can get the fluoride treatments that they need. To maintain a protected, and healthy mouth and teeth. If people have any other questions about the role of fluoride.

All they have to do, is call the tooth doctor for an appointment. And as they are getting their teeth cleaned, and protected with fluoride. Will can ask all the questions that they need.

Ellerslie Dentist | Knowing The Benefits Of Fluoride Treatments

Even though fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in food says Ellerslie dentist. People are not consuming enough fluoride in their diet. To protect their teeth. Which is why fluoride has been added to toothpaste.

Therefore, as people brush their teeth with their fluoride infused toothpaste. There teeth are getting strengthened, through process called remineralization. Where the body as the fluoride to the surface of their teeth.

However, brushing alone is not enough. To protect the teeth from the environmental hazards. That attack their teeth. From eating acidic food, such as citrus fruit, tomatoes and vinegar.

To the bacteria that creates plaque on their teeth. That can eat away at the enamel, causing cavities and tooth decay. People must remain vigilant, in brushing their teeth. In order to maintain their oral hygiene.

This is why it is very important that people continue to visit their Ellerslie dentist. For cleanings, as well as their fluoride treatments. In fact. It is important that children start receiving these treatments.

At the tender age of six months, as long as they have at least one tooth in their mouth. Then, getting the fluoride treatment every six months until they are sixteen years of age.

Can give them the protection they need. To have a healthy mouth, as they start adulthood. However, once they become an adult. It is still important. That they continue going to their Ellerslie dentist.

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For fluoride treatments. Especially as they start to develop different dental issues. For example, someone who is ever had gum disease or gingivitis. Will have some of their gum line reseed.

Exposing some of the roots of their teeth. The reason why this is important to know about. Is because the roots of the teeth, have less enamel. Which means they are more susceptible to tooth decay, and cavities.

By visiting their dentist to get fluoride treatments. They can protect the vulnerable roots of their teeth. So that they can avoid developing cavity, that can be painful. And hard for the dentist to fill.

As well, if people have braces on their teeth, crowns or bridges. It may be very difficult for them to brush every part of all of their teeth. Which is why a fluoride treatment from their Ellerslie dentist.

Can be very important, even if they are brushing often enough. As well as long enough. Finally, as adults age, they can develop something called dry mouth. Either a symptom of aging, or a side effect of medication.

Since saliva is important in protecting the teeth from cavities. The absence of saliva. Can cause a person to be more at risk for cavities and tooth decay. Therefore, people with dry mouth. Should make an effort to visit their dentist.

In order to get the fluoride treatment, that will keep their teeth strong, and protected. While fluoride treatments do not guarantee that people will not end up with cavities. It is an important role, in keeping teeth healthy and strong for years.