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It is very important for Canadians to know the best way to keep their teeth healthy says Ellerslie dentist. Because the best dental care routine done at home.

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Can minimize and eliminate problems. So that their dentist do not have to fix things quite so much. And help people have the healthiest smile they possibly can have.

One of the first things that they recommend, is brush their teeth regularly. By brushing their teeth after every single time they eat something. Although people may have heard that they should brush twice a day.

Best practices will be to brush after every time they eat. Because if they are not. The bacteria that stays in their mouth from the food that they eat. Could cause tooth decay and cavities.

In between brushing, therefore to reduce the possibilities of problems happening. People should brush their teeth after every time they eat. And minimize the risk of cavities forming in between brushing.

However, people may not realize. But after they brush their teeth, bacteria can remain. On the roof of their mouth, their tongue and their cheeks. That can transfer back onto their teeth and cause tooth decay and cavities.

That is why Ellerslie dentist recommends using a mouthwash. And to use that mouthwash after every time they brush, after every time they eat food. So that they can eliminate as much bacteria in their mouth as possible.

They also recommend using a mouthwash that is alcohol free. Because when they are using the mouthwash several times a day. The alcohol can have the drying a fact, that can upset the pH balance in their mouth.

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As well, they should be flossing their teeth at least once or twice a day. But that the best practices include flossing their teeth after every time they eat. To eliminate the food trapped between their teeth.

That could cause cavities and tooth decay. By engaging in this oral health routine. When people see their Ellerslie dentist, their teeth will be as healthy as they possibly can be.

In this does not mean that they will not have tooth decay or cavities. And even does not guarantee that they will not have gingivitis. Especially because people can have a predisposition genetically to these issues.

But it does mean that they will be able to have the healthiest teeth that they possibly can. So that their dentist will have less that they have to do because they kept their teeth as healthy and clean as possible themselves.

However, people can still end up with questions and problems that their dentist needs to fix. Which is why even when people have the best oral health routine. They should still visit the dentist twice a year.

Whether they want to know how to make their teeth whiter, how to eliminate sensitivity. Or other issues. They can ask their dentist these questions during their regular checkup.

The sooner people can starts having a regular oral care routine. Including visiting their dentist twice a year. The healthier they are going to be overall, but especially in their mouth.

Ellerslie Dentist | The Best Dental Routine For Great Teeth

Even though the majority of Canadians saw their dentist in the last year says Ellerslie dentist. That does not mean that they are seeing their dentist as often as they should.

And also does not mean that they are seeing their dentist to have a routine exam. But may be because they have problems. From not seeing their dentist as often as they should be.

Even though many people may be seeing their dentist once a year. Ellerslie dentist recommends seeing patients twice a year. Because the first visit will be for a checkup, to look for problems.

As well as to do cleaning. And then the second visit, will be to do another cleaning. To eliminate the tartar buildup. Particularly below the gum lines. That causes gingivitis.

However, their dentist also says. That if they notice that their patients are developing cavities, or other problems in between their annual checkup. They will recommend they come in sooner.

Such as coming in for their second cleaning, for a checkup as well. In order to minimize those problems for they become worse. And even if people are brushing regularly.

They might end up having cavities that need to be dealt with. Simply due to a genetic predisposition to them. And not because their dentist thinks that they are not brushing their teeth.

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As well, that annual checkup. Will include getting a dental x-ray done. That can show the dentist if problems are forming that need to be dealt with. Such as small cavities that can be dealt with quickly before they become a large problem.

Or if there wisdom teeth are creating problems. Because while many dentists do not recommend pulling wisdom teeth. They could create a problem at any time during an adults life.

And while many people are very nervous about getting a dental x-ray done. Because of the radiation. Dentists need patients to understand, that they now use digital x-rays in Canada.

Which not only have extremely lower levels of radiation. Then traditional dental x-rays. But they also will put the iron bib on people, so it can protect them from any radiation that they are exposed to.

But as well, they will have more radiation that they are exposed to. On a commercial flight from Edmonton to Vancouver. Then they would from hundred dental x-rays.

So people should understand that these x-rays are very safe. And when they are being done once a year. It is not going to put anyone at risk, whether they are adults or children.

And with how important they are at minimizing problems. When people have x-rays annually. They are going to be able to help keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

Therefore, brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. As well as visiting their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. And getting dental x-rays are important to the overall oral health patients.