Ellerslie Dentist | Tooth Sensitivity Causes

Many people may not realize that there tooth sensitivity has a specific cause says Ellerslie dentist. And that cause, is usually a larger dental problem. That can be treated and eliminated.

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In fact, too many people simply wait, in order to see if there tooth sensitivity resolves itself. However, this is almost never the case. And it usually ends up in whatever dental problem people have.

Becoming worse, ad much harder as well as more expensive to fix. This is why it is very important. That the moment people are experiencing a tooth sensitivity. Especially if they have never had to sensitivity before.

This is when they should contact their Ellerslie dentist. One of the first things that their dentist will do, is look to see if there are any cavities in their mouth. Because this itself could cause sensitive teeth.

Many people may not even realize. That a cavity could cause tooth sensitivity. Otherwise, they might get to their dentist sooner. In fact, people might avoid going to the dentist.

Thinking that they clearly do not have a cavity. Because they assume that a cavity will cause them to have a toothache. While very small cavities are not going to cause a toothache.

This typically happens when the cavity gets larger, and closer to the tooth’s root. However, even the smallest cavity. Can potentially cause tooth sensitivity for a patient.

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Therefore, their Ellerslie dentist will do a visual examination. Looking for cavities. That could be causing the tooth sensitivity. And if they found nothing, they might opt for getting a dental x-ray done.

That can show them more of the patient’s mouth. And give a clear picture if there are any small cavities. Particularly in places that are very hard to see. If they do have cavities.

The easiest solution, will simply be to fill those cavities. And most likely, the sensitivity will be eliminated along with it. However, if the sensitivity does not go away. Or if there dentist does not find a cavity.

They will continue looking for the causes of the tooth sensitivity. To help patients eliminate their pain. The next logical thing that their dentist will look for. Is exposed tooth roots.

This will be fairly easy to see. The reason why exposed roots are going to cause tooth sensitivity. Is because the tooth root, is made out of a different material. Then the rest of the tooth.

The root is made of a more porous material called Denton. And that porous nature of the material. Is why people with exposed roots. Will be more sensitive to temperatures.

And while dentists are not going to be able to put back the gums. To cause the root to not be exposed any longer. They will be able to treat the exposed roots a number of ways.

Such as using a bonding material. That will bond to the teeth. And coat them, so that the porous material. Will be less susceptible to pain from different temperatures. So that people can eliminate their pain. And get back to all of the activities, and foods they enjoy.

Ellerslie Dentist | Tooth Sensitivity Causes

Often, when people have tooth sensitivity says Ellerslie dentist. They may not realize that there is a specific cause. In fact, too many times, people wait to going to the dentist.

Because they do not realize that there is anything that their dentist can do about their sensitive teeth. They may even believe that all they have to do is use a desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne.

However, using a desensitizing toothpaste. Can often mask the symptoms of a larger dental problem. And should only be used once their Ellerslie dentist has looked in their mouth.

And verified that they do not have any other reasons. That is causing the dental problem. That should be eliminated first. A common cause of sensitive teeth. That may be very surprising.

Is gingivitis, and gum disease. This is because these dental diseases cause the gums to reseed. And exposes the roots of the teeth. The reason why it happens is because of tartar buildup.

Whether people are not brushing their teeth often enough. Or not getting to their Ellerslie dentist for cleanings. The tartar buildup will get below the gum line. Which is almost impossible to brush away.

And the gums, irritated by the tartar. Will become swollen and red. And even be sore to the touch. They will start to reseed, as a response to the tartar buildup. And if this condition is left.

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Then people will end up with exposed roots. And tooth sensitivity. The first step, will be to eliminate the gingivitis and gum disease. By eliminating the tartar buildup.

This involves getting a very deep cleaning by the dentist. But also, the patient will need to stick to a very dedicated routine of dental hygiene themselves. Brushing twice a day, flossing once.

It may take some time to eliminate the sensitivity caused by the gingivitis, or gum disease. And even then, the exposed roots. Might cause a tooth sensitive problem for the patient for the rest of their life.

Dentist can apply some bonding solution. In order to cover up the roots. Or, they may find that using a desensitizing toothpaste, like Sensodyne is a better treatment.

Ultimately, that patient needs to take care. And stick to a very good dental hygiene routine. In order to keep down the sensitivity of their teeth. And not risk making it worse.

Other problems that can cause sensitive teeth include grinding the teeth. By problems putting pressure on one or more tooth. And cracked teeth. When people have sensitive teeth.

Whether it is something that they have been dealing with for many years. Or something that they have just discovered. This is a great opportunity to make an appointment with their dentist.

And get to the bottom of their tooth sensitivity problems. So that they can eliminate sensitive teeth. And avoid coping, and dealing with the pain.