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While people may not have heard the term amalgam before says Ellerslie dentist. Chances are quite good, that they will have heard about. Or even have in their own mouth, silver fillings.

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The name for these silver fillings is amalgam. And it is an alloy. Which means it is a metal, created. By combining other metals together. And while many people have these fillings. They often have questions as well.

Because they have heard, that there is negative talk. About these metal fillings. Especially now, then they have in the past few years. The reason why there is negative talk about amalgam fillings.

Is because people are aware, that this alloy was created. By combining other metals with Mercury. Mercury is well-known for its toxic properties. And, because it is a metal that is liquid.

This liquid is actually what makes Mercury most dangerous. Because it can be ingested. And then absorbed into other areas of the body. Such as the circulatory system. And nervous system for example.

It can cause a wide variety of problems. From cancer, to neurological issues. However, this is only the case. When people have ingested Mercury in its liquid form. Another reason why Mercury is so dangerous.

Is because if animals eat something, that has mercury in it. While it will be absorbed into their body. It will remain there. And the more mercury they eat. The more it will accumulate in their body.

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Posing a risk for people who will eventually eat that animal. For example, tuna is a common fish. That is known to contain trace amounts of mercury. From eating various mercury laden things in the ocean.

Therefore, people will be exposed. To a small amount of mercury. When they eat this fish. However, Ellerslie dentist says the FDA has deemed. The amount of mercury and tuna is not a problem.

Because trace amounts of any dangerous things. Are not dangerous and that small amount to people. However, many are still concerned. About the mercury in their amalgam fillings. Which is where the worry comes from.

To create the alloy amalgam. Ellerslie dentist says they will makes a variety of different metals. That have been ground into a powder. Metals such as copper, zinc, iron or tin.

More precious metals such as silver, platinum or palladium. Those crushed and powdered metals. Are now mixed with Mercury. To create a solid. Now that it is in its solid format.

It is not going to leak into a person’s body. And there have been extensive studies. With several different technology. That has determined this is true. Even when the amalgam has been in a person’s body for decades.

Studies have shown, that Mercury does not leak of these fillings. Therefore, people should not be concerned about it at all. When people have questions about their amalgam fillings.

The best thing to do, would be to simply call their dentist for an appointment. Where they can get their teeth cleaned. Their teeth checked, and get answers. To all their questions.

Ellerslie Dentist | Top Amalgam Questions People Want To Understand

People often have a lot of questions about amalgam says Ellerslie dentist. Because, they are fearful of mercury poisoning. And because many countries. Have banded from use in their country.

Countries such as Britain, Denmark and Sweden. Have banned the use of dental amalgam. Which has renewed worry about this alloy that contains mercury. However, it is very important for people to understand.

The reason why these countries have banned the dental substance amalgam. Ellerslie dentist says it is not because the substance itself is dangerous. But rather, because the waste that is created.

When they make amalgam, is the problem. And these countries. Simply do not have an effective way. To handle this waste. Each is why this material is now banned. Fortunately, in North American countries.

Such as Canada and the United States. There is safe ways to handle the waste that comes from making amalgam. So that nobody has to worry, about the alloy. Or the effects of making this alloy.

People tend to worry. That they amalgam that is in their mouth. Is dangerous, or causing a problem. Which leads them to ask their Ellerslie dentist. If they can replace the amalgam fillings.

With the other material that is used. A white filling, that was originally created by NASA. And while this filling, is most commonly used in most fillings these days. Dentists do not recommend replacing fillings.

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Unless they already have a problem. The reason why, is because the act of pulling out a filling that is already there. When there is no problem, could irritate the tooth. Or, cause trauma to that tooth.

There have been many documented instances. Of patients, running to replace their amalgam fillings. With a white filling instead. Who later on, days or weeks later. Develop problems in that tooth.

Such as pain, that eventually. Needs to be dealt with. By giving the patient a root canal. And then putting a crown on the tooth. Or, by causing them to need to extract the tooth. Get a dental implant instead.

Therefore, Ellerslie dentist does not want to replace fillings. Unless they are problematic. Because trying to replace a filling. That is not a problem. Could create more problems, that did not even exist.

Therefore, unless a person’s amalgam fillings are bothering them. They should just be thankful, that they have a filling. That is protecting their tooth. And filling in the hole, where there cavity used to be.

The tooth doctor typically wants to help their patients. By fixing their teeth. So that they last a long time. At the least cost, that they can do the easiest way. When people have any questions.

About fillings, or any other questions. Relating to dentistry. They can call the tooth doctor. For consultation. Or, a cleaning and checkup. And ask their questions at that time.

The tooth doctor is located in three convenient locations. To treat a wide variety of people. In the Edmonton, and surrounding area.