Ellerslie Dentist | Top Questions About Dental Sealants

It is true that Ellerslie dentist will recommend. That most parents get dental sealants for their child, or adolescent. Many parents and of having a lot of questions about this. They want answers to, before they go ahead with this procedure.

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One of the first things that they will ask. Is what are dental sealants? The very easy answer, is that they are a very thin layer of plastic. That are applied to the surface of a patient’s molars.

The next question that parents will often have for the dentist. Is why their child needs dental sealants in the first place. They believe that their child will be able to brush their teeth properly.

Because they are teaching their child. Or they are observing them as they brush their teeth. However, the reason why Ellerslie dentist makes this recommendation. Is even under supervision.

It is hard for anyone to brush their molars properly. Because of the surface of the tooth. Anyone who feels their molars will notice. That they are rough, and uneven. With jagged peaks and valleys.

While these peaks and valleys make it easy. To chew food. Such as meat, and vegetables. This exact feature makes it difficult to clean. Even adults have a hard time reaching every area of their molars.

And children, who are learning how to brush their teeth for the first time. Are even more susceptible to developing tooth decay. And cavities on these teeth in their mouth. This is why the recommendation.

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Is that even young children. Should get dental sealants done. Another question that parents will want the answer to. Is wondering why their young child. Needs to get dental sealants.

If they are eventually going to lose their baby teeth anyway. There are several reasons says Ellerslie dentist. Starting with the fact that even young children that have cavities in their baby teeth.

Will need to get their cavities filled. A process that is invasive, expensive. And is usually traumatic for children. As they will need needles, and to get their teeth drilled.

Parents will want to avoid this from happening. But also, if they have a severe cavity. A child might also need to get a root canal. Or to get that tooth pulled. And even though they are going to eventually grow another tooth.

Losing a tooth early. Will make it difficult for the child to bite and chew. But also, it could cause their adult teeth to grow in incorrectly. Therefore, for their overall oral health.

Most dentists make the recommendation. That children between the ages of 6 to 11. Should get their first dental sealants. And once they have all of their adult teeth. Get this procedure repeated.

If parents have any more questions about dental sealants. The best thing to do, would be to contact the tooth doctor. Located in South Edmonton, in a neighbourhood called Ellerslie.

They can make an appointment, and ask all of the questions that they want. And if they are ready, can get this procedure done very quickly.

Ellerslie Dentist | Top Questions Asked About Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are an incredibly important procedure according to Ellerslie dentist. It provides a protective barrier for the tooth. Helping keep the bacteria that causes cavities away.

However, many parents may not of heard about dental sealants. Or, are not sure why they are necessary for their child. They have questions that they want answered before they get this procedure done.

One of the first questions that they ask Ellerslie dentist. Is how dental sealants are applied. They do not want a lengthy procedure. That is going to traumatize their child. The process is very easy.

First, it requires the dentist drying the patient’s teeth. So that the sealant can properly adhere to the tooth. But before that can happen. They must clean the tooth. From any bacteria that is on it.

Bacteria, tartar buildup. And remnants of saliva can cause problems when the sealant is applied. Either affecting how well the sealant can adhere to the tooth. Or trapping some bacteria underneath the sealant.

Therefore, Ellerslie dentist will pack gauze and cotton around the teeth that they are treating. In order to dry them out. Once the teeth are dry. The dentist will then use a cotton swab.

To apply a mild acid, in a process called etching. Once the etching is complete. The dentist must rinse the acid off the teeth. And dry the teeth once more. When this procedure is done, the teeth will be clean of any impurities.

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And there will be no problem applying the sealant. And having it adhere properly to the teeth. The dentist will use another cotton swab. To apply the sealant. Which is a clear liquid plastic.

Applying it to the surface of the molars. And ensuring that every pit and feature is covered. Takes only a few moments. However, in order to ensure that the sealant hardens. It must take time to cure.

The dentist cures it by shining a bright, UV light onto the treated areas. Which only take a few moments to harden. Immediately after the appointment. The patient can do any activities.

Or eat any foods they want. And while it protects their teeth. Their dentist will also caution patients. That it is just as important as ever. To brush their teeth regularly. And to floss, because it is not going to prevent.

All cavities from happening. Not every single surface of their teeth will be covered. And even if they were, chips, and cracks can form in the sealant. Leaving their teeth at susceptible to bacteria.

And while parents can be rest assured to know. That this procedure is quite fast. Something else they need to know. Is that it costs only a fraction of the price of getting a cavity filled.

25% the cost in fact. Therefore, even protecting their child once at 6 to 11 years of age. And then again at 12 to 19 years of age. Is less expensive than paying for one single cavity to be filled.