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When people are experiencing tooth sensitivity says Ellerslie dentist. They may wait several weeks, months. Or unfortunately years to find out why their teeth are sensitive.

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This is a very bad idea. Because tooth sensitivity usually indicates a different, and larger dental problem. That the sooner people get treated, not only the sooner they can eliminate their sensitive teeth.

But also, the sooner they can eliminate the larger dental problem. Many people may not realize this. And do not even think to bring it up when they do have a checkup with their dentist.

Because they think that tooth sensitivity is just a part of aging. However, even very elderly patients. Should not necessarily Have sensitive teeth. Especially with no cause.

Therefore, if they have taken good care of their teeth throughout their entire life. There is no reason why elderly patients might have any more sensitive teeth than anyone else.

Therefore, when people have sensitive teeth. They should not believe that it is a natural part of aging. And instead, bring it up with their dentist. There many common causes that should be explored first.

For example, one of the most common reasons. Why people have sensitive teeth. Is the fact that they have a cavity. Whether the cavity is brand-new and still very small. Or it has been in their mouth a while.

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The cavity could cause tooth sensitivity. As the cavity causes a hole in the patient’s teeth. Where the inside of the tooth could be exposed. Being more sensitive to different temperatures.

Many people mistakenly assume. That they will have a toothache if a cavity forms. And this is not the case. Cavities typically will not cause a toothache. Until they are quite large. Or close to the root of the tooth.

Which can take a very long time. Therefore, it is very important for people to realize. That suddenly sensitive teeth. Might be an indication of a small cavity. And getting to their Ellerslie dentist sooner rather than later.

Can help them fix it while it is still small, and easy to care for. Another problem that could cause tooth sensitivity is it gingivitis or gum disease. As the tartar buildup irritates the gums.

They become red, inflamed. And the roots of the teeth can become exposed in the process. As the roots of the teeth are made of different, and more porous material. Then the rest of the teeth.

This is why the teeth are sensitive to hot and cold. While the fix for this problem is a lot longer. Requiring Ellerslie dentist to do a thorough cleaning. Getting tartar buildup off the teeth.

And especially below the gum line. So that over time, the gums can heal. And the gum disease, or gingivitis can go away. And the sensitivity will soon follow.

Patients must be diligent about brushing their teeth twice a day, and flossing. In addition to returning to their dentist every six months for cleaning. But it can eliminate the sensitivity. So that they can get back to life as normal.

Ellerslie Dentist | Treat Sensitive Teeth This Way

One of the most common dental problems that Ellerslie dentist sees. Is people who have sensitive teeth. In fact, according to the CBC 30% of Canadians have sensitive teeth.

Unfortunately, many people live with their sensitive teeth. Thinking it is either common affliction in adult hood. Or hoping that there sensitivity will go away. But this is not the case.

Typically, sensitive teeth will not fix themselves on their own. Simply because sensitive teeth is usually an indicator of a larger dental problem. That needs to be treated first.

If people have been brushing their teeth too hard for their entire lives. Either by using a firm bristled brush. Or playing too much pressure. Not only could they have brushed the enamel away from their teeth.

But also, they could have caused their gums to reseed in the process. The roots that are exposed. Our more porous, as they are made of Denton. Then the rest of the teeth. Which is why people have tooth sensitivity.

When they have receded gum lines. And unfortunately, there is no treatment. To cause the gums to grow back. But there are things that the patient, and Ellerslie dentist can do moving forward.

To fix the tooth sensitivity. And avoid further recession of the gums. Another reason why people might have sensitive teeth. Is because they have a bite problem. Teeth are always moving.

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And even if a person may not have had a bite problem as a teenager. Or as a young adult. Later in life, they might find that their teeth now have a problem. This bite problem.

Could be putting undue pressure on one or more teeth. And that excess pressure causes the tooth to be more sensitive. And reacts more harshly to different temperatures. Such as hot tea, or ice cream.

The solution for this, is for their Ellerslie dentist to figure out which tooth has pressure on it. And then shaving that tooth down ever so slightly. So that when people close their jaws.

It will not be putting pressure on that one tooth. However, while this can be enough. Typically, when people have a bite problem. It is also because they have been clenching their jaw, or grinding their teeth.

And their dentist may also want. To make them a dental appliance. That they will wear at night. So that if they grind their teeth, it will not put additional pressure on their teeth, or jaw.

This can be enough to eliminate the tooth sensitivity very quickly. And sometimes, there is no obvious reason why someone has a sensitive tooth. But when their dentist has checked out, and verified.

That the patient has no other problems in their mouth. It may be the best solution, to use a desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne. So that patients can eliminate their sensitive teeth quickly. And stop avoiding problematic food.