Ellerslie Dentist | Treating Overly Sensitive Teeth

When people have very sensitive teeth, they may not realize that their Ellerslie dentist. Can help them with this. And suffer for days, and months. With sensitive teeth. Even though this is completely unnecessary.

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When people have sensitive teeth, there is usually a reason behind it. And this reason. Is going to be what their Ellerslie dentist is looking for. And when they find that, and treat the problem. The sensitivity usually goes away.

And if the sensitivity does not go away. Then, there dentist can help them find ways to eliminate sensitivity. Knowing that at least they ruled out other problems. That could cause greater problems for the patient later on down the line.

One of the most common reasons why people have sensitive teeth. Which means when they eat sweet or acidic food. Or when they consume something that is very hot or very cold in temperature. It causes them a significant amount of pain.

And the most common reason, is due to exposed roots. People can end up with exposed roots, and had exposed roots can have this problem for many different reasons. From gingivitis or gum disease.

Over brushing their teeth. And sleeping with their mouth open for example. Can expose patients roots, which causes their teeth to be sensitive. The reason why, is because tooth roots are made out of a different material.

Than the main part of the teeth above the gum line. they dismayed of the material cold and ten, and Denton is an extremely porous surface. Therefore, when this is exposed. It is more susceptible to pain.

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Caused by acidic food, hot, cold food. And even sweet food as well. However, what causes the roots to be exposed. Can be stopped. But the damage cannot be reversed. Therefore, if people have gum disease.

There Ellerslie dentist will work with them. So that they no longer have gum disease. By regular teeth cleaning. And working with the patient, to improve their oral health routine.

But damage will already be done. Therefore, tooth sensitivity may exist, for the rest of the patient’s life. But at least they know that they are not making the problem worse inadvertently.

Luckily, when people have exposed roots. And they get this identified. They can at least move on finding ways to eliminate their sensitivity. About will and know that it is not going to get worse, while they treat sensitivity.

A great way to treat exposed roots. In order to eliminate sensitivity. Will be to use a bonding material. Which is a very thin layer of a fatty material. That coats the teeth. And can help eliminate sensitivity.

Unfortunately, this is not a permanent solution. The bonding material must be applied every few months. But least, before people who are experiencing extreme pain. This can be a very minor cost.

To eliminate their sensitivity, so that they no longer have to avoid the foods that they love. When people are ready to stop living with pain. All they have to do, is call their dentist today.

Ellerslie Dentist | Treating Overly Sensitive Teeth

When people experience sudden tooth sensitivity says Ellerslie dentist. This is a sign that they need to get to a dentist very quickly. They may not realize it, but this typically indicates something is wrong.

And the longer they wait to go to the dentist. The longer it is going to take, for people to get the treatment they need. Not only to eliminate their sensitivity. But to fix the problem that is causing the sensitivity in the first place.

Common reasons why people would get sensitive teeth. Especially when it is a very sudden onset. Is because they have a cavity. Some people think that cavities are going to come with a toothache.

And sensitive teeth is not necessarily a toothache. Therefore, they do not equate sensitive teeth. With a reason to visit their Ellerslie dentist. However, this is exactly what sensitive teeth should indicates.

When people have sensitive teeth all of a sudden. When this is not something that they usually struggle with. It typically indicates that there is a new change in their mouth that should get investigated.

Often, a visual inspection of the teeth by their dentist. Will reveal that a patient has a new cavity. That was not there before. Or perhaps, the cavity is so tiny at this point.

That it is only visible on an x-ray. And at this point, when the cavity is filled when it is so small. It takes very little amount of time to fix. And it does not negatively impacts the rest of the two.

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However, if a person waited. Because they did not realize they should get to their dentist quickly. There have the going to get bigger and bigger. Until it is large enough that it is causing a toothache.

Because that cavity has now reached the tooth root. And instead of a filling, people need to get a root canal. Which then, takes a lot more time and money to fix. This is why it is very important to get to the dentist quickly.

However, people might go to their Ellerslie dentist. In order to find out that they do not have a cavity at all. They have a tiny hairline fracture in their tooth. Likely caused by either an accident. Or grinding their teeth at night.

In fact, anything that causes whole the matter how big or small. In the enamel of the tooth. Can cause extreme tooth sensitivity. And the sooner people can get it fixed. The sooner they can eliminate their sensitivity.

But the sooner they can get there tooth fixed, so that they no longer have a problem that is likely to get worse. As well, if people have a cracked tooth because they started grinding their teeth.

It will also be able to get the nighttime device to wear. To keep them from grinding their teeth. And not put any more at risk. When people are ready to find out the cause of their tooth sensitivity, calling their dentist they is a step in the right direction.