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Although 74% of Canadians have visited their dentist in the last year according to Ellerslie dentist. This survey does not say if they regularly visit the dentist. Every year, or twice a year.
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And while 74% might seem like a lot. Many people do not visit the dentist. As often as they should to eliminate or minimize potential problems. A lot of the reason is because many people do not have insurance.

That cover dental benefits. Many Canadians have complained that their universal healthcare. Does not cover dental benefits. However, once upon a time that was actually the case. Where Canadians not only got.

Free dental care, they also got free optical care. And free glasses, in addition to the ability. To visit their doctor without paying a bill. The government at the time, got rid of these benefits.

In an effort to save money. And the assumption was that. If people knew they were not going to get universal dental care. It would inspire all the generations to come afterwards. To take better care of their teeth.

However, Ellerslie dentist says. Not all dental problems are caused by poor oral hygiene. In fact, genetics plays a huge part. In the dental care that people need from a dentist. And therefore, the idea.

That people could eliminate the need of a dentist. By good oral hygiene routines. Is silly, and misguided. As a result, any Canadians do not see the dentist. As often as they truly should.

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When people finally get coverage. They end up asking their Ellerslie dentist. How often they should be getting in. To see the dentist on a regular basis. While that question is often answered.

By how many times their insurance coverage. Will allow them to come in within a year. The ideal answer for everyone. Is that they should come every twelve months. For a checkup by the dentist.

And then every six months for a cleaning by the hygienist. The checkup by the dentist is necessary. Because they will be able to see. If people have cavities, crowding. Receding gums, or gingivitis.

Or other dental problems. That need to be fixed. If none need to be fixed, then the dentist will give people a clean bill of oral health. And they do not have to worry for another year.

However, most dentists recommend. That if someone has a lot of problems. Every time they visit the dentist for their annual checkup. They should come more often. So that the dentist can eliminate or minimize these problems.

Before they become larger. Also, most dentists want people to know. That their frequency of problems. May have nothing to do with their oral hygiene routine. Because some people are simply predisposed.

To having dental problems. Such as having been enamel. Which means they will be more susceptible to cavities. Or, they have a pre-disposition to gingivitis for example or overcrowding.

The sooner people can visit the dentist on a regular basis. The better health their oral hygiene will have. If people have any further questions, he can contact the tooth doctor. For an initial consultation.

Ellerslie Dentist | Normal Dental Concerns

There are many things that people ask their Ellerslie dentist. When they come in for a routine examination. Or, one of their twice yearly cleanings. One of the most common questions people ask.

Is wondering how they are going to be able to get. Whiter, brighter teeth. It could be that they have been using a whitening toothpaste. Or they purchased a whitening kit from their drugstore.

And while the dentist has no problems. With people using these products. They are not necessarily designed. To significantly whiten a person’s teeth. They typically will lift either have for shade, or one shade within a year.

And if people are eating foods. And drinking things that have a tendency to stain their teeth. The results that they get, might just be that their teeth remain the same shade of white. Because the more they use the whitening toothpaste.

The more they are also eating things that could cause the teeth to be darkened. Therefore, if people are looking for a significant change. In the shade of white of their teeth. They can visit Ellerslie dentist for whitening kit.

The most popular whitening kit they use at the tooth doctor. Is a personalized one, where the dentist. Will take an impression of the patient’s teeth. In order to create trays, that exactly fit their dental impressions.

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Then, the dentist or hygienist will sit down with the patient. In order to determine what shade of white they want. People can expect to get up to five shades whiter. With the kits they get from their dentist.

If people want even brighter white than that. They will have to return, for another bleaching solution. However, many people are unable to use bleaching solutions. Because they cause sensitive teeth.

If people already have sensitive teeth. They might find that a bleaching kit is painful. However, the good news is that Ellerslie dentist. Has many other solutions. To help them get whiter, brighter teeth.

Veneers is another solution. Not only is it permanent. But it includes placing a piece. That looks like a person’s tooth, but is whiter. And permanently adhering it to the surface of their regular teeth.

This can eliminate sensitivity. As well as allow people to have a brighter, whiter smile. That is in fact permanent. However, many people are nervous. About veneers, because of how invasive they are.

The next thing that a dentist can do. In order to brighten the smile of their patients. Is apply a bonding material. The bonding material is made out of a fatty solution.

That when applied in a very thin layer. Adds a layer of whitening and brightening. To whiten the appearance of a person’s teeth. This is a great option that is not going to cause problems.

For persons sensitive teeth. And it is also noninvasive. The only problem with this, is that it will need to be reapplied a few times a year.