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Even though 74% of Canadians sought a dentist in the last year, says Ellerslie dentist. This does not mean that enough people have been visiting the dentist enough, to avoid problems.

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In fact, while many people assume that visiting the dentist once a year is enough. Ellerslie dentist actually recommends people visit twice. Once for a checkup and cleaning, and again six months later for another cleaning.

When people often ask how often do they need a dental checkup. They often think that the second cleaning is not important. However, dentists recommend this practice for many reasons.

Often, people are not brushing their teeth as often as they need or as well as they should. Even though they might be brushing their teeth twice a day, which is the typical standard people are told.

And in this case, they might be developing tartar buildup. Especially below the gum line, because that is incredibly hard to brush away, even with the right toothbrush and write technique.

Therefore, it is important that people visit their Ellerslie dentist often enough. To get rid of the tartar buildup. Because tartar buildup that is below the gum line. Is exactly what causes gingivitis.

Not only gingivitis is painful, that causes people to bleed when they eat and brush their teeth. But it also can cause sensitive teeth. That can cause people to avoid eating their favourite foods because they are hot or cold.

And while going to the dentist once for cleaning every year. Can get rid of that tartar buildup. And help people’s gingivitis go away. Getting that tartar buildup cleaned off twice a year is important.

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Because it can help people prevent getting gingivitis in the first place. So that they do not have to always be defensive, about getting rid of it. But they can go to the dentist offensively, to avoid getting it in the first place.

As well, even if people are brushing their teeth properly, with the best toothbrush after every time they eat. As well as flossing and using mouthwash. They might still get gingivitis.

Because of a genetic predisposition. Which is why dentists recommend coming in for that cleaning twice a year. So that they can ensure that they maintain healthiest mouth possible.

Another question that their dentist against, is why do people need to get dental x-rays? It is an important part of preventative maintenance. Because many things can show up on the dental x-ray.

That the dentist cannot see on their own. Such as cavities, especially between their teeth. That when the dentist can see this on the x-ray. They can fix that problem sooner then when that problem gets big enough to be seen by their eye.

As well, the dental x-ray can show problems that are below the gum line. Such as problems with roots, or wisdom teeth, creating a problem that people do not know about yet.

It is very important that people are feeling comfortable enough with their dentist asked them all the questions. That will help them create the best dental care routine teeth their mouth and teeth happy and healthy.

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Usually, patients are able to ask their Ellerslie dentist all the questions that they have. During their annual checkup. However, they might end up having questions throughout the year that they want to know the answer to.

One common question that people do not think of to ask trailer checkup. Is if they should consider getting braces, or Invisalign. Invisalign is a style of teeth straightening that does not use brackets or wires.

And is very popular with many patients for many different reasons. The reason why it is called Invisalign, is because it is invisible. It uses cleared trays. That are customized for each patient.

Therefore, people can get their teeth straightened, without other people even realizing that they are undergoing a straightening process. Especially since metal braces are very visible.

And especially when people are adults, or are working in industry. That depends on their image. They may want to avoid typical braces. Because of how they look. Which is why Invisalign is growing in popularity.

Is because patients who are using Invisalign are sent home with several different trays. That they simply have to put in their mouth every few weeks. In order to continue with their teeth straightening.

Unlike people who use metal braces, that have to come in every month, in order to get new wires put in. To continue to straighten their teeth. As well, people prefer Invisalign.

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Simply because it is less painful than getting metal braces. And while there might be some initial discomfort with using the Invisalign system. There is not the same headaches that people will get when they get braces.

Our when they get those metal braces tightened each month. And because of that, many people are more apt to get Invisalign then regular braces when they want to straighten their teeth.

Another question that Ellerslie dentist gets from clients. Is when should their child visit the dentist for the first time? Ultimately, it should be when the child is a year old, as long as they have one tooth in their mouth.

Because at that age, they can open their mouth on request. And keep it open long enough. The dentist to do their examination. However, many people think that they do not need to bring their child in.

Until they start developing adult teeth. However this is too late, because if the child would need braces, or Invisalign. It would be later than it should be to start the process.

Dentists can be very proactive when they are able to see a child once a year from time that they have their first appointment, until they need braces. And then using dental x-rays.

They can anticipate problems. And have a plan in place. Before their first Atul tooth in for shows up. There are many things that people can ask when they visit their Ellerslie dentist. But the most important thing is making an appointment and showing up for the first time.