Ellerslie Dentist | Understanding Amalgam

Many people still have their silver fillings says Ellerslie dentist. However, it is not cause for concern. Despite the fact that it contains mercury. Dental amalgam has been in use. For the last one hundred and fifty years.

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And many studies have been done, to determine. If there is any danger to the human body. Because of the mercury content in the fillings. However, once the amalgam is made. By combining several metals together.

The mercury is no longer in the same poisonous format. That it is in, in its pure form. Mercury is a liquid. And when it is mixed with other metals. Ground into a powder. It forms a solid.

There are many different metals that can be combined. To make the amalgam alloy. From copper, tin and zinc. To iron, silver platinum and even palladium. Once combined into this solid form.

The mercury no longer poses a threat. Nor does it leech into a person’s body. In addition to that, people should understand. That even with toxic substances. There is a minimum safe amount.

A great example of this, is chlorine. While many people understand. That as a pure liquid. Chlorine is toxic, and no one would drink it. However, not only is it completely safe. But it makes a swimming pool more safe.

Because it kills a lot of the bacteria. That could make people sick when they go swimming. So, mercury in this format of amalgam. Is safe. Because it is diluted enough. And made into another material.

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Amalgam is actually deemed safe. Not only by the Canadian dental Association says Ellerslie dentist. Also, the Alberta dental Association. There have been numerous studies done.

Through the ages, using new technology. As it becomes available. To determine if dental amalgam is dangerous. Even looking at dental amalgam, that has been in a person’s mouth for decades.

And while dental amalgam is only designed to last. For about 10 to 15 years according to Ellerslie dentist. Many people have had their dental amalgam. For twenty or thirty years with no problems.

The research has determined. That the amalgam is safe, the first time it is put in. And decades later. So not only does the Canadian dental Association, and Alberta dental Association.

Dean this to be safe for use in people to this day. Dentists also has determined it is safe for use. And while they typically use white fillings. Which does not contain any mercury.

In some situations, white fillings are not the best. Or it is not possible to use white fillings. Therefore, most dentists will talk to the patient. To see if they will accept and amalgam filling.

When people have amalgam fillings. And they are concerned, they should not be. Because there is absolutely no research that says. Anyone has any problems from dental amalgam.

If they have any questions however, they can make an appointment. With the tooth doctor, with three convenient locations. In and around the Edmonton area. To put their mind at ease.

Ellerslie Dentist | Understanding What Amalgam Is

Many people may not know exactly what amalgam is according to Ellerslie dentist. However, they are familiar with silver fillings. The silver fillings are made from several metals, combined into an alloy.

And many people may know. That one of those metals is mercury. While mercury is a poisonous metal, that in its regular format is liquid. It is not dangerous once it is in an alloy.

The reason why amalgam has been used. As a cavity fill her four hundred and fifty years. Is because it is one of the most durable, and strongest substances. Although many things have been used in the past.

Such as silver or gold. Those are relatively soft metals. And are not a good material. For something that is going to go in a tooth. The teeth mashed together. And bite hard food. And chew it.

Therefore, the more durable the material is, the better it is going to hold up in the long run. Not only is it the strongest and most durable material. It is also one of the most inexpensive materials.

Making it very accessible for people. Who have cavities, and want their teeth fixed. In the past, if people did not get their cavity fixed with amalgam. The option would have been doing a root canal.

And putting a crown on that tooth. Or, simply removing it. So that people would be missing teeth in their mouth. That makes chewing very difficult says Ellerslie dentist.

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Therefore, amalgam has been proven to be the strongest material. To allow people use of their teeth. For as long as possible. And while a new cavity filling solution. Has been found, by accident.

NASA was trying to create a new material. That would help them patch their space shuttle. And came up with the substance. That any dentists, including Ellerslie dentist. Uses now to patch fillings.

This new material, is preferred by people. Because it is white. And matches the colour of their own teeth. However, despite the fact that it is white. It is also more expensive.

And it is not as durable. Therefore, people are going to need to come back to their own dentist. To have their white fillings replaced. More often, then they would with dental amalgam.

If people already have dental amalgam in their teeth. There is no cause for concern. Because numerous studies, throughout the years have proven. That if any mercury leaks out of the filling.

It is well within the safe for human range. Similar to the amount of mercury. That people ingest, when they eat tuna. However, if people are concerned that there amalgam fillings are causing problems.

The best thing to do, would be to book an appointment at the tooth doctor. They have three convenient locations. One in Ellerslie, one in Capilano. And one in Tofield, a short drive away.

Naturally, talking to the experts. Can put a lot of people’s minds at ease. So that they do not worry about their dental amalgam fillings.