Ellerslie Dentist | Understanding The Importance of Fluoride

Even though studies have shown, that 75% of adult Canadians have visited the dentist last year says Ellerslie dentist. Many people are not visiting the dentist enough. Or, not getting the treatments, that can help keep their teeth healthy.

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Many people understand the importance of brushing their teeth. But are not quite sure. About the role of fluoride in their oral health. They know that there toothpaste often has fluoride in it.

And at the end of their dental visit, they often get fluoride put onto their teeth. But how it protects their teeth, is a little unclear to most people. What people should know about fluoride however.

Is that not only is it a mineral, but it is a naturally occurring mineral. Found implants, and food. When people consume food with fluoride in it. The body takes the mineral.

And through a process called remineralization. Puts the fluoride onto the surface of a person’s teeth. This layer actually creates a barrier, between the bacteria and plaque on a person’s teeth.

As well as the acid in foods that they consume. Such as citric fruits, tomatoes and vinegar. And the tooth itself, so that the tooth is actually protected from tooth decay and cavities.

However, the fluoride tends to wear away with time. Which is why people always need to be consuming more. To replace what is getting worn away over time.

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Unfortunately, Ellerslie dentist says there is not enough naturally occurring fluoride. In the food that we eat, to build up enough of a protective barrier. To protect teeth enough from damage.

This is why fluoride is also added to toothpaste. And why dentists will apply fluoride treatments. To their patient’s teeth, at the end of a cleaning. The fact that it is constantly wearing away.

Means that people needs to be diligent in ensuring that they are replacing it. When they have toothpaste with fluoride. They need to ensure that they are brushing their teeth twice a day.

And for at least two minutes. In order to get the full benefit of fluoride in the toothpaste. And even then, they might miss out on important areas. That they cannot reach adequately with their toothbrush.

Or might miss out on brushing their teeth often enough. Or long enough. Which is why Ellerslie dentist says it is important. For dentists to also apply a layer of this mineral in an extremely concentrated form.

Many people may wonder if this is actually necessary. Since they have heard that many places have added fluoride to the drinking water. And while this is done, to help protect people’s teeth.

It is also not enough its own. To protect their teeth. And with they share number of people drinking bottled water these days. Means that it is often not a solution on its own. To protect teeth.

If anyone has any questions about if they need fluoride. And how often they should get applied. They can make an appointment with the tooth doctor in Ellerslie, and during their appointment. Get all the answers to the questions that they need.

Ellerslie Dentist | Understanding What The Importance of Fluoride Is

While fluoride is an important mineral, in oral health says Ellerslie dentist. Many people are not sure exactly what it does. And how it protects, and strengthens the teeth.

Many people are simply aware that it is exists in their toothpaste. In their drinking water, and that their dentist applies it on their teeth. At the end of their appointments.

However, how it is used, to protect their teeth. Is a mystery to most people. Fluoride can be used by the body in two ways. When people consume food that has naturally occurring fluoride in its.

Or drink water, that has been fortified with it. Their body will take the mineral, and appliance to the teeth, in a process called remineralization. This forms a protective layer on the teeth.

Protecting against bacteria, and acid found in food. So that less damage is caused to the enamel. Protecting the teeth, as long as there is this protective layer. However, this protective layer can be worn down.

The more damage it prevents happening to the tooth. The more it can be worn away. Which is why people needs to constantly be vigilant. About getting more fluoride. However, consuming it is not the only way they can benefit from it.

When a highly concentrated form of fluoride. Is applied directly to the teeth. Such as using fluoride toothpaste. Or fluoride paste, as applied by their Ellerslie dentist. The body can get the fluoride directly from the paste.

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And add it to the surface of the tooth as well. It is virtually impossible, to overdose on fluoride from having it applied to the teeth. But this is also why people are warned against accidentally swallowing toothpaste.

It is in such a high quantity. That if people accidentally swallow their toothpaste. They could end up having a condition called dental fluorosis. This is when the fluoride it builds up too heavily on the teeth.

And rather than protecting the teeth, Ellerslie dentist says it causes the teeth to be more susceptible to damage. In addition to that, it causes the teeth to be discoloured.

And many people try to use bleaching kits. In order to get rid of the discolouration. And when they finally talk to their dentist. Find out that it is a side effect of accidentally swallowing their toothpaste to many times.

However, it has a very easy fix. Ellerslie dentist will apply a very gentle acid. Very carefully to the surface of their teeth. Eliminating the buildup of fluoride. As well as the discolouration.

While it is important for everyone to have fluoride applied to their teeth. Children should start getting fluoride treatments the age of six months. As long as they have at least one tooth in their mouth.

However, as they grow into adults. It is still important that they maintain this routine. So that they can continue to protect their teeth. And keep their teeth healthy, and happy.