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Amalgam is the silver filling material says Ellerslie dentist. And has been safely used for hundred and fifty years. And even though it has been used for this long. Many people still wonder about how safe it really is.

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The reason why people are concerned says Ellerslie dentist. Is because people are continuing to worry. About mercury exposure. Because this toxic metal, is used. To create the alloy.

In fact, some countries do not use dental amalgam at all. Banning it, for use at all. Countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Britain. No longer use dental amalgam. Fuelling the concern that it is an unsafe material.

And while it does contain mercury. And in Mercury’s liquid form. It is very toxic. However, when the alloy is created. It takes on new characteristics. Such as becoming solid. And not leaking the mercury into the body.

And while many people, point out the fact. That several countries have banned its use. Ellerslie dentist says the reason why those countries. Have banned dental amalgam. Is because of the waste that is created.

When forming the alloy to begin with. However, Canada and the United States. Have a great program, on how to safely handle the waste. Which is why it is still approved, by the food and drug administration.

For use, in dental practices. People should not be concerned. If they have dental amalgam fillings. Or if they get dental amalgam fillings. That they will be at risk, this simply is not true.

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They know this, because research has been done extensively. Using a wide variety of tests and technologies. To determine if it is a problem. Such as leaking trace amounts of mercury into the body.

But they have determined, is that there is no danger to humans. No matter how long they may have had a dental amalgam filling. While they are only designed to last for about fifteen years.

Many people have them longer than that. Such as twenty, thirty or more years. And even dental amalgam fillings. That have been in a person’s both this long. Are not unsafe at all.

Any trace amounts of mercury. That have found to leak into a person’s body. Is well within the agreed-upon safety limit. And people who are concerned about this. Should take into consideration.

That a lot of the fish that they eat. Such as tuna as a perfect example. Contains mercury in small amounts. And that in these trace amounts, it is determined to be completely safe for humans.

Therefore, people should not worry about their dental amalgam fillings. However, if they do have more questions. The best thing to do would be to contact the tooth doctor for an appointment.

They will be able to talk to the patient. About all of the risks, and why not to worry. As well as find out what it would take. To replace the fillings. And even if that is a good idea at all.

Ellerslie Dentist | How Dentists Use Amalgam For Cavities

Ellerslie dentist loves the quote that says. You do not have to brush your teeth, just the ones you want to keep. And nothing is truer. People must engage in regular dental hygiene. To have long-lasting, healthy teeth.

If people do not brush twice daily. As well as floss their teeth and use mouthwash. They could be visiting their Ellerslie dentist. In order to have cavities filled instead. And while this is a common occurrence.

People are often worried about dental amalgam. Which is a commonly used material. For filling cavities in people’s teeth. People should understand, that it has been used safely as a dental filling.

For over hundred and fifty years. However, people are worried about this material. Because they are where it was made with mercury. Although Ellerslie dentist says people should not worry about this.

Because while mercury in its original and liquid form. Is toxic. The alloy that is created. With mercury, and a variety of other metals. Take on different characteristics. And is completely safe.

How amalgam is created. Is quite simple, the dentist will take mercury as a liquid. And then add different powdered metals to it. There can be a wide variety of metals in amalgam.

From metals like copper, tin, zinc and iron. To silver, platinum and palladium. Combined as a powder form, with the liquid mercury. It is formed into a pliable but durable material. That hardens very quickly.

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The dentist is able to put the filling into the patient’s teeth. To fill their cavity. Without causing the tooth to continue to decay on the inside. Also, because people will continue to chew and bite food.

Which is very hard on their teeth. The material that is put as a cavity filler. Must be incredibly hard and durable as well. Dental amalgam is the strongest, most durable as well as most inexpensive material.

In fact, according to many studies. That continue to be conducted. To determine how safe dental amalgam is. It is still exceptionally safe. Which is why the Canadian dental Association.

As well as the Alberta dental Association. And even Ellerslie dentist themselves believe this material to be extremely safe. Some patients, who are worried about mercury exposure.

Make contact the tooth doctor, asking about replacing them. By putting in the mercury free white fillings. And while this is possible, and the tooth doctor will do this upon request.

They also want to educate each patient. About the dangers of removing fillings. That are not problematic to begin with. It could cause trauma to the tooth. That would cause the tooth to become irritated.

And eventually, need a root canal. Or simply need to be pulled. Which is why the tooth doctor would typically prefer not replacing fillings. Saying if it has not woken, do not fix it.

And while they now use white fillings. For most of the fillings that they put into people’s melts. They still use dental amalgam from time to time. Because it is incredibly durable, and inexpensive.