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Visit your dentist twice a year, underscores Ellerslie dentist. While Canadian health measures survey states. That 74% of Canadians have been to the dentist. Once in the last year.
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The message they want all Canadians to get. Is that it is not just once to visit the dentist. But you should actually visit twice. And do so, every single year. Too many people believe that they only need to go to the dentist.

Whenever they have a problem. However, by the time they know that there is a problem in their mouth. The problem is usually much larger. Much more difficult, and expensive to fix.

Then it could have been, if people were going regularly. And the problem was caught very early on. Before it was even detected by the patient. Unfortunately, one reason why people do not go to the dentist regularly.

Is because every visit they have to pay out of pocket. If they do not have dental benefits. While many people think that dental benefits. Should be included in universal healthcare.

The sad reality of this according to Ellerslie dentist. Is that dental benefits were included in universal healthcare. But in the nineteen fifties, in order to combat rising expenses.

The government decided to cut not only dental care. But optical care benefits as well. The extremely unpopular decision. Was part of the reason why this government was not reelected the following election.

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But also, it was meant to be temporary. And once Canada was no longer in a large amount of debt. They would give Canadians back. There dental and optical benefits to universal healthcare.

As every Canadian will now know. That they did not come. Where the government decided to give us back our benefits. And as such, it is often extremely expensive. To visit the dentist without insurance.

However, Ellerslie dentist also wants people to know. That if they do not visit the dentist regularly. They will have to pay more money later on down the road. When they have larger problems. That need to be fixed.

Many people and up having a lot of questions. Because they are avoiding going to the dentist. And knowing the answers to these questions. Can not only help people have healthier teeth.

But it can also help them understand. When it is time for them. To go to the dentist. To get a problem looked at. One of the most common questions they get. Is from people wanting to know.

What is the best oral care routine. Ellerslie dentist suggests brushing a minimum period of twice a day, and using mouthwash. Since that will help get at the areas of their mouth. Their toothbrush could not reach.

As well as flossing every single day. By doing this, as well as avoiding snacking for bed. And avoiding sugar. Can help people have a healthier, and brighter smile. In between visits to the dentist.

If people are ready to make an appointment. All they have to do is call, or email the tooth doctor. Located in Ellerslie, Edmonton. And they will be able to meet with a dentist who truly cares.

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Whether people visit their Ellerslie dentist frequently. Or only when there is a problem. There are many questions that come up. Every single time people visit. The most common questions they get.

Is from people wondering. When the best time to bring their child in to a dentist is. While some dentists will recommend. As soon as they have teeth. They should get their children into the dentist.

However, Ellerslie dentist does not recommend this. Simply because often children are born. With a full set of teeth. Or they can get teeth anywhere in their first year. It is not helpful for the child.

Nor is it helpful for the parent, or the dentist. To have that child come in for a checkup at this point. Not only will they not be able. To open their mouth on request. They often are unable to keep it open.

And have the unfortunate tendency. To bite the hand that is trying to have a look inside their mouth. Parents of small children should keep in mind. That all they have to do to maintain good oral health for their child.

Before they are a year old, is wiping their teeth. Front and back, with a damp, and very soft cloth. To wipe off any bacteria. That may cause tooth decay and that child.

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Other dentists recommend bringing children in. Once they reach school age. However Ellerslie dentist also does not agree with that. They say many problems have been started before this.

Therefore, age 5 or six is far too late. Bad habits could have formed. People could have issues like overcrowding. Or, week enamel. That can cause problems. Therefore this age is too late.

The best time to bring in children. For their first dental checkup, according to the experts. Is anywhere after they turn a year old. The minimum requirement is that they should at least have one tooth.

And are able to open their mouth on request. And hold it open. The dentist will be able to take a look around. Troubleshoot any areas of concern. And make a plan, if it looks like a potential problem could occur.

Therefore, once people start bringing their child into the dentist. They should bring them in every six months. In order to get a cleaning. But then, every year to see the dentist themselves.

By following this, and instilling good oral hygiene habits. Parents can ensure that their children are going to have. The healthiest smile that they possibly can have. And they will keep having a healthy smile into adulthood.

If people would like more information. Or they continue to have questions about oral care in their child. All they have to do is pick up the phone. Or, email the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie, Edmonton today.