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Often, as children people go to the dentist twice a year but as in adults, they may only visit their Ellerslie dentist. Whenever they have a problem that needs to be fixed. However, this could create many problems.

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Good oral hygiene requires not only good oral hygiene and brushing practices. But also preventative maintenance. And by visiting a dentist on a regular basis. They can prevent many problems before they get larger.

For example, their Ellerslie dentist who should be giving them a dental x-ray on a regular basis. Because they can look at problems that are just forming. Such as cavities. And fill them before they get large, and damage the teeth more.

However, another reason why people should get dental x-rays from their Ellerslie dentist more often. Is because if they are starting to have problems with the roots of their teeth. Or commonly, problems with their wisdom teeth.

This will be very visible on a dental x-ray. And can help the dentist make a decision. On how they are going to treat it before it becomes a larger problem.

Because if their wisdom teeth start growing in at an awkward angle. It could push other teeth, which could cause them to shift, become loose. Or even cause them to follow.

In children, it is important to get the dental x-rays this often. Especially because it is important to know. Approximately when they are going to start growing their adult teeth.

The reason why this is so important to know. Is because a dentist should be able to help the health of their other teeth, if the teeth are going to grow in very early or very late.

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For example, children should start growing their adult teeth between the ages of six and twelve. However, if they start growing in very early. Such as at the age of four years old.

Then what might happen, is the adult teeth could be at a greater risk tooth decay. Simply by being in the child’s mouth longer. Especially before they are able to develop very good brushing habits and techniques.

Therefore, they can protect the teeth with some treatments. Or help the parents teach the child good techniques and hygiene habits. To keep their teeth healthier longer.

As well, it is important that they keep the health of their baby teeth up. If the child is not going to get their adult teeth until they are much later. So that they can have teeth to help them to speak for as long as possible.

In addition to visiting their dentist for these reasons. It is important to get the teeth professionally cleaned. Because no matter how amazing their oral hygiene routines are.

They are still going to be a buildup of tartar, especially below the gum line. That actually causes gingivitis to form. And gingivitis can cause other issues such as tooth decay and even tooth sensitivity.

Therefore, the sooner people can get into the habit of going to their dentist twice a year. The healthier their oral hygiene, and their overall health will be.

Ellerslie Dentist | Visit Dentists Twice Each Year For Best Results

Important it is to visit their Ellerslie dentist this often. There is more reasons than just to get their teeth cleaned that should cause them to visit There dentist and knowing them, is very beneficial.

One of the reasons why people might want to go to the dentist more often. Is because they want to know how to keep their teeth as white and bright as possible. Because a clean and white smile is one of the important keys to confidence.

They may actually visit their Ellerslie dentist after trying to make their teeth whiter unsuccessfully. Through the use of over-the-counter toothpastes, or whitening strips for example.

However, there is only one thing that is going to work as effectively. To get their teeth white, and noticeably brighter. And that is a tooth whitening kit straight from their dentist.

They will customize a kit for each individual patient. And then send them home with a customized tray. And whitening solution. Is that people can get a brighter smile in their own home.

This not only will guarantee their teeth five shades whiter. But it will help them avoid spending their money needlessly on over-the-counter products that are not going to work.

However, if they have overly sensitive teeth. Ellerslie dentist says they do not recommend bleach. Because it can cause their sensitivity to become worse. Or simply cause them pain when they try to make their teeth whiter.

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In this case, they can recommend solutions. Such as installing veneers, which will guarantee to give them whiter teeth. However, it is often a more invasive procedure than many people are willing to undergo.

In this case, there dentist will be able to use a bonding material. That adds a very thin whitening layer to their teeth. And while it is less invasive than veneers. And less painful than bleach on sensitive teeth.

It is also only temporary, and will fade over time. And needs to be redone every few years. However, that might be the right solution for the right patient.

However, when people are talking to their dentist about not wanting to use bleach on sensitive teeth. They might want to also find out why they got such sensitive teeth in the first place. To eliminate that.

And while there are many different causes of sensitive teeth. Such as exposed roots, people who grind their teeth at night, and receding gums in addition to brushing their teeth too hard.

The most common cause of sensitive teeth is actually gingivitis. That can happen even when people are brushing appropriately twice a day. This is because gingivitis is caused by tartar buildup below the gum line.

And often requires the dentists tools and a proper cleaning to get rid of. So that they can stop gingivitis from happening. Often, once the clean their teeth, sensitivity goes away for the patients.

Understanding how important the dentist is to ensure their overall oral health. People can get into the habit of visiting the dentist as often as they need.