Ellerslie Dentist | Ways To Eliminate Tooth Sensitivity

People may not realize how serious it is, says Ellerslie dentist. When they have tooth sensitivity. And that will cause them to not seek treatment quickly enough.

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When it comes to tooth sensitivity, it usually indicates a greater dental problem. That needs to be addressed. In order to stop people from experiencing tooth sensitivity. However, when people are not aware of this.

It keeps them from seeking help in a timely enough fashion. And often ends up with their situation getting worse than it should have. This is why one of the first things anyone should do.

When they either have been dealing with its tooth sensitivity for a long time. Or just realized that they have sensitive teeth. When they did not have this problem before.

They can talk to their Ellerslie dentist about having to sensitivity. The potential causes. And how they can treat it in a timely fashion. One of the first things that their dentist will do.

Is do a full, and thorough examination. Of the patient’s mouth, looking for cavities. Many people may not realize that they even have a cavity. Because they are under the assumption, that cavities are going to cause pain.

But cavities, when they are very small are not painful at all. And the sooner those cavities can be caught and filled. The less problems there going to cause for the patient on the line.

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In fact, it is far more likely. That a patient is going to end up with sensitive teeth. Rather than a toothache. Due to a very small cavity. Because while the cavity is only going to cause a toothache.

When the cavity is large enough to be close to the root of the tooth. But a very small cavity. Even when it is just starting. Can breach the tooth enough. To cause that tooth to be sensitive to temperatures.

Therefore, the dentist will look for cavity. If they see none, the next step is often getting dental x-rays. So that they can see, on the x-ray. If the patient has a very tiny cavity.

In a place that is very difficult for the dentist to look at with their eyes. However, if the visual inspection, and the x-rays. Do not reveal any cavities. The Ellerslie dentist will look at other things.

That could be causing the tooth sensitivity. The next logical place that there going to look, is to see if they have receding gums. Where tooth roots are exposed. Tooth roots can be exposed for a number of reasons.

But ultimately, any time any amount of the tooth root is exposed. It can cause tooth sensitivity. Simply because the tooth root is made of a more porous substance. That is able to let the temperature in. And cause pain.

There may be a number of different ways to treat exposed roots. They can eliminate pain. From bonding, to veneers and even just using a desensitizing toothpaste.

When patients find out what is causing their pain. They can get a treatment that makes sense for them. And avoid being in pain on a daily basis.

Ellerslie Dentist | Ways To Eliminate Tooth Sensitivity

When patients have sensitive teeth says Ellerslie dentist. They may have changed a lot of their lifestyle. Or changed a lot of their habits due to this pain. And not even really be aware of it.

The first thing that people start to do, when they have developed tooth sensitivity. Is actually start avoiding foods that they like. They might avoid drinking hot coffee or tea. Because it causes a lot of pain.

But also, Ellerslie dentist says they will also avoid cold foods. Like a scream, but also things that are healthy. Like cold yogurt, or ice water. Not only can they start avoiding food.

But they also might start changing how they chew their food as well. For example, if their sensitive teeth are on their left side. They might start chewing food on their right side of their mouth only.

When this happens, they are susceptible to muscle strain in their job. From overusing one side of their jaw over the others. Including tension headaches, TMJ problems. And being more likely to have tooth fractures and chipping.

This can cause even more problems. Which is why when people have developed a sensitivity. It is very vital that they get their Ellerslie dentist as quickly as possible.

One reason why people might have sensitive teeth. Is because they might have a bite problem. That is putting additional pressure on one or two teeth more than any others. As this tooth is under pressure.

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It is more sensitive to temperature. And causes pain when people eat hot or cold food. The simple solution for this, will be for their dentist to shave down the tooth that is problematic.

So that when people bite their teeth together. It is not going to cause pressure and sensitivity. Another problem that people will get. When they have a bite problem.

Is they likely are grinding their teeth at night as well. Which is what causes the tooth to be affected in the first place. And grinding the teeth can cause teeth to chip and break. Which can also cause tooth sensitivity.

Therefore, their dentist will recommend that people get a nighttime appliance. To wear, if they have bite problems. And are also grinding their teeth at night. By avoiding aggravating their teeth.

People can often eliminate their sensitive teeth, with no further treatment. If people still have some lingering sensitivity. It may be the best time, for them to use a desensitizing toothpaste.

However, their Ellerslie dentist will show them the best ways to use it. So that they can get the best benefit out of that kind of toothpaste. Although people need to be prepared.

For their desensitizing toothpaste to not work. Because it is not effective and everyone who tries it. When people have sensitive teeth. It is very important that they get themselves to a dentist quickly. So that they can overcome the problem that causes the sensitivity.