Ellerslie Dentist | What Causes Tooth Sensitivity

When people go to their Ellerslie dentist, complaining about tooth sensitivity. There may be many causes, and people will need a complete checkup. So that the dentist can figure out exactly what is causing the sensitivity.

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A common cause, is when people have gum recession. And the roots of their teeth are exposed. Recession can because by a variety of things. From gum disease, to brushing teeth too hard.

And the reason why exposed roots cause sensitive teeth. Is because of the material that the roots are made of. Ellerslie dentist says that the roots are made of a substance called Denton. Which is extremely porous.

And the porous surface of the roots, let in heat, and cold. Which is why people experience pain, when they eat hot or cold foods. After treating the gum disease, if the roots are still exposed.

The dentist will be able to do a few things. To treat the roots so they do not feel pain as much. They can use a bonding material. Or a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. In order to treat the roots.

They also could have sensitive teeth, caused by a cavity. Particularly large cavities that are by the root of the tooth. Can cause the tooth to be extra sensitive. Therefore, treating the cavity, can eliminate the sensitivity.

When people have sensitive teeth caused simply by gum disease. The best treatment, would be regular brushing. Which means twice a day, plus flossing once a day. And visiting their dentist, on a regular basis.

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And while many people will have sensitive teeth throughout their lifetime. According to a CDC article, 30% of Canadians have sensitive teeth. Some people just do not seek treatment.

Hoping that their pain will go away with time. Or that if they ignore it, it is not going to bother them. And other people, simply think that there going to be able to treat there tooth sensitivity.

By using a toothpaste, designed to help sensitive teeth. And while sensitive teeth can be helped by this kind of toothpaste. Before people start using it as their only treatment for their sensitive teeth.

It is a far better idea, to go see their Ellerslie dentist first. In order to rule out other problems. That could be causing their sensitive teeth. That using a particular toothpaste, will only mask the problem.

Besides, many people find that desensitizing toothpaste does not actually work. And for these people, the treatment actually is finding out what is causing their sensitive teeth. And treating that.

Sensitive teeth can cause people to avoid a lot of food. And it can impact their health. Therefore, this is a serious dental concern. That needs to be addressed. The first step should be contacting their dentist.

And coming in for a checkup, and explaining what problems they have. There dentist will be able to look for common causes of tooth sensitivity. And with treatment and time, people can eliminate this problem so that they can stop avoiding their favourite foods.

Ellerslie dentist | what causes tooth sensitivity

Many people live with sensitive teeth, without trying to find the cause says Ellerslie dentist. And this is a problem. Especially because sensitive teeth are often caused by larger dental concerns.

People may start avoiding some of the foods and drinks they love. Such as avoiding drinking cold water. And hot coffee. Also avoiding some foods that may be very nutritious. Such as cold yogurt, for an example.

There are many different causes of sensitive teeth. Which means there are just as many different treatments for it. The best thing to do, would be for people to make an appointment with their dentist.

And have a complete checkup, to find if there is anything significantly wrong. That is causing their sensitive teeth. One of the most common causes of sensitive teeth is gum disease.

And if left untreated, could cause the gums to start to recede. Which will in turn cause more sensitivity. As well as other dental problems. And the best way to combat gum disease.

Is regular brushing of the teeth. And visiting the dentist on a regular basis as well. When people have gum disease, they often have tartar buildup. That is below the gum line. Which irritates the gums.

And causes the gums to become sensitive. The gums will also start to recede. And this is when people will start to experience tooth sensitivity, caused by gum disease. They can start brushing their teeth twice a day.

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And flossing their teeth as well. But also, a certain amount of tartar buildup cannot be eliminated says Ellerslie dentist. From brushing alone. Which is why it is very important. To get regular cleanings.

These cleanings will eliminate the tartar buildup. That can contribute to gum disease. Another reason why people might have sensitive teeth. Could be a bite problem.

When people bite their teeth together, if there bite is not even. They might be putting pressure on one tooth. More than any of their other teeth. Which happens to be the tooth that is most sensitive to temperature.

When they go see their Ellerslie dentist. And they can find no other reason. Why people might have sensitive teeth. They might check their bites, to see if there is extra pressure on one tooth.

If there is, a quick shaving down of the enamel. Can correct the bite problem. And eliminate the pressure on one tooth. That could eliminate very quickly the sensitivity in that tooth as well.

When sensitive teeth go untreated. If it is due to a cavity, or gum disease. People can end up with quite significant problems with their teeth and gums. And sensitive teeth, is the least concern.

The look and also stop chewing on both sides of their mouth. Due to sensitive teeth. Which could cause greater problems down the line. Including full strain, headaches and tooth fractures.

On the side they use more often. There are many reasons why people should visit their dentist if they have sensitive teeth. And get to the root of the problem.