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While fluoride is an important mineral in protecting teeth according to Ellerslie dentist. Too much fluoride, can result in a problem called dental fluorosis.

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This is when there is too much fluoride in a person’s body. And instead of protecting the teeth, and actually causes the teeth to become weaker. Causing discoloured spots to appear on a person’s teeth.

Typically, people do not get enough fluoride in their diet. Therefore, dental fluorosis is not likely to occur. From consuming foods, or drinking water that has fluoride in it.

It is more likely caused by people accidentally swallowing the toothpaste. That they are using to brush their teeth twice a day. It is common in children, who are not being supervised. While they brush their teeth.

In very young children. Who do not know how to spit toothpaste out of their mouth yet. They should not be using a fluoride toothpaste. And only after they are old enough to know.

How to rinse their mouth with water. And spit toothpaste out, should they be using toothpaste. With fluoride and that according to Ellerslie dentist. However, even after they are old enough.

Parents need to continue to monitor their child’s toothbrushing habits. And put the toothpaste on their child’s brush for them. Ensuring that it is still an extremely small amount. Approximately the size of a grain of rice.

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That way, if the child accidentally does swallow the fluoride toothpaste. It will be a small enough quantity. To not put them at risk for developing dental fluorosis.

If people have any questions about fluoride. Especially as it pertains to their child, the best resource is their Ellerslie dentist. They can make an appointment, to come in and discuss their concerns.

Typically, dental fluorosis is not a problem. Lack of fluoride is. And while fluoride is considered one of the most important medical substances. Since most people do not get enough fluoride in their diets.

Municipalities throughout the world, add fluoride to the drinking water. So that people can get enough fluoride into their diet. To strengthen their teeth. Without enough fluoride, their teeth can be susceptible.

To the bacteria that leaves a sticky residue on their teeth. That sticky residue can result in plaque. And plaque creates the acid, that eats away at the tooth enamel. And causes tooth decay and cavities.

Therefore, when people simply start drinking the tap water from their municipality. They can start creating that barrier, that can protect their teeth. This is why giving children, even babies tap water is important.

After giving a baby their typical feeding. Allowing them to have a bottle with a bit of water in its. Or giving them a few teaspoons for. Can rinse their mouth from the milk that they have had.

And protect their teeth, by starting to buildup that protective layer of fluoride. As well, bringing their child to the dentist as soon as they start developing teeth. Can allow them to start getting the fluoride treatments that they need.

Ellerslie Dentist | Learning What Dental Fluorosis Is

Fluoride is a mineral that is very important in protecting teeth according to Ellerslie dentist. The body uses fluoride in a process called remineralization. Where they take the fluoride that is consumed.

And uses the mineral, to strengthen the teeth. Since fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs implants and food. It is completely safe to consume. Unfortunately, most people do not get enough fluoride in their regular diets.

Which is why municipalities have added fluoride to the tap water. But also, why it is important for people to go to their dentist regularly. So that they can get a fluoride treatments applied topically onto their teeth.

Fluoride treatments from their dentist, can be in many forms. Such as a rinse that people will switch around their mouth and then spit out. Or it can be pasted that is applied onto their teeth.

Even a varnish, that can be brushed onto the patient’s teeth. Dentists might even use a tray, where a formula with fluoride is put. And then they can bite down on the tray, very similar to a whitening kits.

All of these fluoride treatments are completely safe. And can start adding the important fluoride minerals onto the teeth to strengthen them. It is important to get these fluoride treatments from a very early age.

And between the ages of six months, and sixteen years of age. It is important that children get this process every six months. To create a protective barrier on their first teeth, and their adult teeth.

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However, just because they have got the fluoride treatments. As children. Does not mean that they do not have to worry about treatments as adults. Adults should still continue to make appointments to their Ellerslie dentist.

In order to get checkups, cleanings and fluoride treatments. People may worry that they end up consuming too much fluoride, which can cause a problem called dental fluorosis.

However, it is very difficult for people to end up with this condition. Because it is very hard to consume this mineral in such a high quantity. However, for some people who drink well water.

They not be aware, that well water that has recently been tested. Has found to be very high in fluoride. Which may require a treatment from their Ellerslie dentist. Where they use a gentle acid, to eliminate the excess fluoride off their teeth.

And drinking bottled water at home, for part of the time. Can ensure that they are not consuming too much fluoride. And developing a problem because of it.

However, most people need to worry about not enough fluoride. Therefore, children. As well as adults, needs to regularly visit their dentist. In order to get these treatments regularly. And eliminate the risk of developing tooth decay and cavities.

Especially if adults have developed gum disease or gingivitis. Where there tooth roots are exposed. It can become even more necessary to get the fluoride treatments. To protect the vulnerable roots, that have less enamel than the rest of their teeth.