Ellerslie Dentist | What Patients Ask About Amalgam

If a patient visits their Ellerslie dentist. And finds out that they have a cavity, they often will talk about. The two options that they have, for filling that cavity. One is a white substance.

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That has only recently been discovered, and is quite popular. Because it is white in colour. Which means it matches the colour of the patient’s tooth. And is a much more invisible solution. For cosmetic reasons.

However, while that is the most popular option. In dentistry these days. It is not the strongest, or most durable option. It also does not last as long. And is more expensive than the other option available.

This is why Ellerslie dentist will discuss all of the options. And all of the pros and cons with each. So that the patient can make their own decision. And, make the decision. That makes the most sense for them individually.

If people are not interested in the white filling option. And they are looking for something that is stronger, more durable, are less expensive. Then they will be talking to their dentist about amalgam.

Amalgam was invented more than a hundred and fifty years ago. And it used, successfully in filling cavities. To this very day. Many patients may not know the name amalgam. But are familiar with silver fillings.

That they, their friends or family might have in their mouth. There is currently a lot of negative talk about amalgam. Because people are aware, that Mercury, a toxic metal. Is used in amalgam.

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But also, because some countries. Have recently banned its use in their country. Such as Britain, Sweden and Denmark. This has renewed concerns. About the safety of amalgam.

However, Ellerslie dentist says the hundreds of studies that have been done. Over several years, of proven. That there is absolutely no Mercury leaks. Leaving the amalgam filling. And leaching into a person’s body.

And in fact, the reason why these countries. Have bad amalgam from being used. Is because they do not have an adequate system. For handling the waste products. That come from making this alloy.

Fortunately, North American countries. Such as Canada and the United States. Have no problem handling the waste products adequately. And safely, which is why the FDA has approved.

Dentists use this product, in both Canada and the United States. To fill cavities in patients who need it. In fact, even the Canadian dental Association, the Alberta dental Association. And Ellerslie dentist themselves.

All agree that it is absolutely safe. And does not needlessly expose patients. To Mercury, because when the alloy is created. The instability of the Mercury. Is eliminated, when it becomes a solid.

However, if people have any concerns about amalgam fillings. They can talk to their dentist about not using it. However, the tooth doctor is confident. That when people find out all of the facts.

They will make the best decision about what to use. In their own body, and they will simply be happy. To accommodate that, to help make their teeth strong and healthy.

Ellerslie Dentist | What Patients Ask Their Dentist About Amalgam

Amalgam is an alloy used in dentistry says Ellerslie dentist. And questions about its safety has been debated. For decades. While it was invented hundred and fifty years ago. People have wondered often on.

About its safety, because Mercury is used. In creating this alloy. As all alloys mix several metals together. To come up with a new metal. That has all of the features that they want.

Most alloys are melted together. And then harden as they cool. Which is extremely difficult, to use most alloys. To fix cavities. Because people would not be able to have molten metal poured into their teeth.

This is why, Mercury was used. To create the alloy for dental purposes. Because it is a acquitted. And in liquid format, Ellerslie dentist says it is dangerous. Because it can be absorbed into the body.

However, when it becomes an alloy. It hardens, and no longer poses a danger. How it is mixed with other metals. Is by combining Mercury, with metals that have been ground into a fine powder.

It can be created. By mixing other metals like copper, tin, zinc or iron. Or precious metals such as silver, platinum or palladium. Typically, to other metals. Our mixed with Mercury to come up with the alloy.

The Ellerslie dentist says that they will makes this up. Just prior to filling a cavity. And it remains slightly pliable. So that the dentist can put it into the cavity. And tamp it down. So that there is no gap between the tooth.

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And the amalgam, to prevent additional tooth decay. Once it is in a solid format. Studies have proven, that none of the Mercury. That is mixed in this alloy. Never leaks out.

While many people often wonder. About how safe amalgam fillings are. Some people are convinced that it is dangerous. Because they have had unpleasant experiences. If they accidentally bite a fork or spoon.

That they have in their mouth, along with their filling. Or, if they have accidentally bitten down. On a piece of aluminum foil. They usually have a bizarre metallic taste in their mouth.

And, that taste is usually accompanied. By a slight jolt of pain. Typically, in the tooth that has the amalgam filling. This is not an indication. Of something dangerous happening.

But a simple electrochemical reaction. This is called galvanic action. Because there is an electrochemical difference. From one metal to the other. And this happens, whenever two different metals touch each other.

However, in a mouth. That is wet with saline saliva. The galvanic action creates something slightly different. The two metals, plus the pet sell the saliva. Actually creates a battery.

The metallic taste, is the taste of a battery discharging electricity. And the jolt of pain. That people feel in their tooth. Is the jolt of electricity. Hitting the tooth with the filling in it.

And while it is a fascinating reaction. It is not indicative of a problem. So people should not be worried. About amalgam fillings in their mouth.