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Dental insurance can be inherently frustrating says Ellerslie dentist. Even though they deal with insurance companies every day. They still have a lot of frustration. And they are familiar with companies.

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They understand that the general public. Probably has even more frustration. When trying to figure out. Exactly what services. Their insurance company will pay for.

What makes this issue even more frustrating. Is the fact that there are dozens of different insurance companies. All across Canada. And that each company, has a slightly different package. Paying for slightly different services.

There are companies, that offer hundred percent coverage. Up to a certain amount. Which means it does not matter. What services a person is getting. They get everything paid for.

However, once they reached that price limit. They do not receive any more benefits. Until they reach their new benefit year. However, other insurance companies. Pay a percentage of certain services.

For example, they will pay 80% of a cleaning. 50% of an x-ray. And 25% of a root canal and crown. And some will pay that percentage. For the entire year. And other companies will pay a percentage.

But only until they reach a certain money amount. As well, Ellerslie dentist says it can be even more confusing. Because some insurance companies. Will pay the dentist directly.

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Which means a person can go to the dentist. Give them their insurance card. And leave without ever paying a bill. Whereas other insurance companies. Will require a patient. To pay the dentist directly.

And get reimbursed later. This is problematic for many people says Ellerslie dentist. Because they cannot afford the full amount. Of the dentists bill. Therefore, they cannot make use of their insurance.

Another problem is they may be able to afford it. But they will not get reimbursed for several weeks. Or even, in some cases. They will not get reimbursed for months.

And it is unreasonable to expect. That a single parent for example. Could pay a several thousand dollar bill. And get reimbursed six months later. When they have rent to pay, and groceries to buy.

Therefore, it can be very frustrating. For people to not only know. What their bill is going to be. At the end of their dental service. With certain percentages of each individual item.

And then, if they have to pay directly. Or if their insurance company will pay the dentist. Which is why the tooth doctor came up with several plans. To help people be able. To afford the dental service they need.

Not only do they offer free consultations. Which will take place before any work gets done. So that people can know exactly what services will be getting done. And exactly how much they can expect to pay.

They will also work with the insurance company. On behalf of each individual. To ensure everyone knows. Exactly how much the insurance company will cover. And, they will also offer payment plans. For those people who need a bit of extra help.

Ellerslie Dentist | Do You Know What Your Dental Benefits Cover

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist. They know that they may have some dental benefits. But how much they are going to have to pay. At the end of their visit may actually be a mystery.

Insurance companies tend to have complicated coverage. For example, the tooth doctor says they may cover the cleaning. Not the fluoride. They may cover the cavity being filled. But not the Novocain.

They may pay for the root canal work to be done. But not the crown itself to be put on. If a patient needs extra Novocain. To numb the area, the bill might increase.

And the insurance company may not pay. For the additional increase. Which means it is often a shock. That people get at the end of their dental visit. Because they thought their insurance company would cover more.

The tooth doctor recommends patients. Go to their insurance company’s website. And enter their policy in. In order to become very familiar. With the services that they cover. And the percentages that they are covered by.

However, if that is too complicated. Or people are still confused. The tooth doctor will talk to the insurance company. On their behalf in order to find out. All a patient has to do.

Is bring their insurance card. And the dentist will be able to call the insurance company. Even submitting an estimate for preapproval. And finding out exactly how much the insurance company will pay.

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A common question that people get. After being confused by their insurance. Is wanting to know why. Canada does not have universal healthcare. For dental visits. The unfortunate truth is that there used to be.

However, in order to eliminate. The rising national debt. That two world wars had on the country. The Wilson government in nineteen fifty-two. In an extremely unpopular vote. Did away with universal healthcare.

Four not only dental care. But for optometrists visits. And free glasses for people as well. They promised that they would reinstate universal healthcare. For these services once the debt was eliminated.

Which Canadians are well aware, did not actually happen. While the Wilson government was good intention. And trying to control the debt. They also had good intentions of protecting the nation’s teeth.

By deciding to add fluoride to the water. As well, in order to help strengthen their teeth. Ellerslie dentist says fluoride is actually a very important mineral. In oral hygiene, as it strengthens teeth.

And strengthens the enamel. Which is a protective coating over teeth. However, no matter how well-intentioned they are. Ellerslie dentist says fluoride in the water. Is not actually a substitute. For good oral care.

Such as visiting the dentist regularly. Twice a year, in order to get cleaning and polishing done. Even if a patient brush is three times a day. Flosses, and uses mouthwash. They still will need a dentist on a regular basis. People should make that dentist, the tooth doctor located in Edmonton.