Ellerslie Dentist | What To Avoid For Healthy Teeth

Even though many people know what they should be doing says Ellerslie dentist. In order to have the healthiest teeth possible. They often do not know what they can avoid, or stop doing.

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Therefore, Ellerslie dentist wants their patients to know. What things they can stop doing in order to have the healthiest teeth possible. Starting with the foods that they are eating.

Many people understand that great oral hygiene. Can start from having the best diet. By eating foods that are way to help their teeth strong and healthy.

From drinking milk, to eating crunchy fruits and vegetables regularly. However, they may not realize that there are foods that are more problematic than others. When it comes to their oral health.

There dentist will typically recommend people avoid eating sugary foods. And the stickier the food, the more problematic it is for several reasons. Including the fact that the bacteria that causes cavities.

Tend to love eating sugar more than anything. And so they will end up with cavities on their teeth faster. When they eat foods that are higher in sugar. This is why sugary foods should be avoided.

And if people are not going to avoid eating these sugary foods. Ellerslie dentist recommends brushing their teeth immediately after eating them. To avoid developing problems such as tooth decay and cavities.

As well, their dentist will recommend avoid eating foods and drinks. That have a high acid content. Because it can soft in and weaken the enamel on their teeth. And when people consume these foods.

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And then brush their teeth immediately afterwards. Because the enamel is already soft. They are going to brush away the enamel, and cause it to become thin. Which will put them at risk of developing cavities.

As well as increasing their chances of developing tooth decay, because their teeth no longer have the protective coating. Of enamel, because they have brushed it away by accident.

And while it can be very easy for dentists to recommend people avoid drinking things like pop. That have a high acid content. Because those foods are already unhealthy.

But because citrus fruit also has a high acid content. It can become more difficult for a dentist to ask patients. To avoid drinking orange juice, or eating grapefruits. Even though those foods can be damaging to their teeth.

Therefore, if people cannot avoid these foods. Their dentist recommends several things. To help keep their teeth as healthy as possible. Such as saying their mouth with water after eating these foods.

But not brushing until after the enamel has regained its hardness, which is usually about an hour after they have consumed it. So drinking water, can get as much bacteria out of their mouth as possible.

So that they do not develop tooth decay or cavities. While they are waiting to brush their teeth. This is one of the important things that people should avoid when they want the healthiest teeth possible.

Ellerslie Dentist | Healthy Teeth Start With Good Hygiene Habits

When people are talking to their Ellerslie dentist about healthy oral care routine. They are often talking about what they should be doing to have the healthiest mouth possible. Not what they should be avoiding.

However, there are many things that patients should stay away from. In order to have the healthiest mouth possible. And knowing what these things are, can help people have a very healthy smile for many years.

One thing that dentists will recommend, is for people to avoid using a very hard bristled toothbrush. The reason why people use a hard bristled toothbrush, is to help get their teeth feeling as clean as possible.

And they often do not feel clean, because they are not getting their teeth cleaned professionally at their Ellerslie dentist. Therefore, they have tartar buildup. That they feel they have to scrub very hard at to get rid of.

This can cause a wide variety of problems including receding gums, sensitive teeth. And cause people to brush the enamel that is a protective coating on their teeth away.

But also, in some extreme cases. People can damage their gums so much by over brushing with a hard bristled toothbrush. That they actually damage their gums to the point of needing a skin graft.

Fixing this can be hard and painful. And does not need to happen. If people are simply using a softer bristled toothbrush. And then visiting their dentist for cleanings at least every six months.

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Something else that Ellerslie dentist recommends. For people to avoid doing. And that is using mouthwash that contains alcohol. Some people think that mouthwash that has alcohol is effective.

However, it is not effective. And when people use mouthwash as often as their dentist recommends. Which is after every time they brush. Which is after every time they eat.

They can end up drying out their mouth, which can cause all sorts of problems. Including causing cavities, when they do not have enough saliva in their mouth to protect it.

Therefore, they should only use mouthwash that has no alcohol content. So that they do not risk interrupting the pH balance of their mouth, or drying it out. When they use it three or more times a day.

That is in fact, the reason why mouthwash companies typically say only use it once a day. Is because the alcohol can cause problems. So by choosing a nonalcoholic mouthwash, people can prevent problems.

Seeing a dentist on a regular basis is important. And so is knowing what people need to do in order to maintain regular, and healthy oral hygiene.

But it is equally as important to know what to avoid. To stop problems before they start. And to not do things that could cause larger problems in the long run.

It is very important that people have good oral hygiene. And if they have any questions whatsoever. They can simply make an appointment with their dentist, and asked them while they are getting a cleaning, and a checkup.