Ellerslie Dentist | What To Know About Fluoride

Fluoride is an important mineral, and protecting the teeth says Ellerslie dentist. And with the average adults, having approximately three decayed or missing teeth in their mouth. Means that most people can benefit from additional fluoride.

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Even though fluoride is found naturally occurring in plants and some food. People typically do not consume enough fluoride through their regular diets. To protect their teeth.

Which is why, starting in the nineteen forties, municipalities started adding this important mineral. To the drinking water that they provided to their citizens. In order to guard against tooth decay and cavities.

In the general populace, especially because many people at the time. Word to pour be able to visit a dentist. Nowadays, while there is fluoride in the water. Additional protection is always beneficial.

When people make an appointment with their dentist, not only will they get a checkup. To ensure that there teeth are healthy. And get a cleaning, to scrape the tartar buildup that can cause gingivitis off their teeth.

But also, at the end of each appointment. They will get a fluoride treatment. That will be vital in helping the body. Strengthen the teeth, through a process called remineralization. By taking the fluoride and adding it to the teeth.

People can end up with a protective barrier. To protects the enamel from the bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities. But something else that the protective barrier does according to Ellerslie dentist.

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Is protects the teeth from being softened from acids. That are found in certain food. Such as citric fruit, and soft drinks. By having enough fluoride on their teeth. They can protect their teeth enough.

Until they are able to brush their teeth, to get the bacteria that causes cavities away. And to get the acid off their teeth. This is why even from a very young age. Ellerslie dentist will apply a fluoride treatment for every patient.

Fluoride treatments can come in many different formats. A liquid, that contains an extremely concentrated amount of fluoride. That the patient will switch around their mouth for minutes.

Before spitting back out, and then avoiding eating for an hour. Another treatment, could be using a very concentrated pace. That the dentist can use a cotton ball, to apply on every surface of the patient’s teeth.

The reason why people need to avoid eating for an hour after these treatments. Is because they could risk scraping off the fluoride. Before the body can remineralize the teeth.

A new form of fluoride that is gaining popularity. Is using a varnish. Not only is this a thinner and more comfortable layer of fluoride. Once it is applied, patients do not have to avoid eating or brushing their teeth.

When people want to ensure that they are doing the most. To protect their teeth against cavities, and tooth decay. Getting fluoride treatments from their dentist. Is very important.

They can make an appointment for a regular checkup and cleaning. And then request, that the dentist applies the fluoride at the end.

Ellerslie Dentist | What Everyone Should Know About Fluoride

Many people have heard that there is fluoride in the drinking water, and are concerned about that says Ellerslie dentist. However, they may not understand that fluoride is an extremely important mineral. That is used in protecting their teeth.

Most people think that calcium is the only thing that is needed. To have strong bones and teeth. However, fluoride protects the external layer of the patient’s teeth.

To guard against the bacteria and plaque that causes tooth decay and cavities. Since the plaque creates an acid, that eats away at the enamel. Allowing bacteria to eat holes in the teeth.

Having a protective layer like fluoride. Can guard against the acid that the plaque creates. As well as the acid that is naturally occurring in many different foods. Such as citric fruits and soft drinks.

One of the first things that Ellerslie dentist wants their patients to know. Is that there is such a small amount of fluoride in the water. That it can help the body remineralize the teeth with this mineral.

However, it is not going to be possible. To consume too much of this mineral even if they drink a large quantity of water. While consuming too much fluoride is a problem.

The problem stems from accidentally swallowing things that contain an extremely concentrated amount of fluoride. Most commonly, in the form of fluoride toothpaste.

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This often happens in childhood. Children accidentally swallow the toothpaste. Or, use too much toothpaste. And are not able to spit enough of it out. And end up consuming the toothpaste to regularly.

Ellerslie dentist recommends parents supervising their child brushing their teeth. And put the toothpaste on the brush for them. So that they can put an extremely small amount of toothpaste on their brush.

Anywhere between the size of a grain of rice, or the size of a pea. Depending on the child’s age. Is all that is required. But more importantly, avoiding using a fluoride toothpaste.

Until the child is old enough. To know that they should never swallow the toothpaste. Will be very helpful, and helping people avoid consuming too much fluoride.

If they consume too much, it will result in a condition called dental fluorosis. Which means there is too much fluoride on the patient’s teeth. And instead of protecting the teeth. It makes them more susceptible to damage.

As well, it is very easy to spot. Because it causes some discolouration of the patient’s teeth. That even using a bleaching kids, will not get rid of. Often people go to their dentist complaining about this.

Only to be told that it was a case of dental fluorosis from when they were a child. They can apply a very weak acid very carefully. In order to remove the excess fluoride. And restoring their teeth’s regular colour.

If people have any other questions about fluoride and their teeth. The best thing that they should do is make an appointment with their dentist. And ask all the questions when they are getting their teeth cleaned.