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Even though 74% of Canadians have visited the dentist in the last year, Ellerslie dentist says that does not mean. That people have visited the dentist as often as they should.

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And while most adults tend to think that they only need to visit the dentist. When they start having pain, or noticeable issues. By the time the problem gets that bad.

It will often take a major procedure. That can take a lot of time and money to fix. That could have been easily taken care of as a smaller problem as a preventative measure.

In fact, people should not be visiting their Ellerslie dentist just once. But they should be visiting twice. One for a thorough checkup and cleaning. And then again, for another cleaning six months later.

And the reason why it is so important to get a professional cleaning done twice. Is because when people get a professional cleaning done. They read their teeth of the tartar buildup.

Underneath the gum line, that is responsible for gingivitis. Because while so many Canadians visited the dentist within the last year. The same percentage of Canadians, 75% have gingivitis as well.

Therefore, visiting the dentist twice a year. Can help people prevent getting gingivitis. That can lead to all sorts of other dental problems. Including tooth decay, and sensitive teeth.

However, many people feel that it is unnecessary to go to the dentist. If they are brushing their teeth. Unfortunately, the problem with that. Is the fact that people are not brushing their teeth properly.

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And they are not brushing their teeth often enough. But even with the proper brushing techniques. And brushing their teeth after every single time they eat. That is not enough to prevent gingivitis.

The reason why, is because what causes gingivitis. Is the tartar buildup below the gum line. That is difficult if not impossible to get rid of through brushing, and mouthwash alone.

What is more important to know. Is that many people have a genetic predisposition to gingivitis. And no matter how well they brush their teeth. Or how often they brush. They will always be at risk for this dental disease.

Therefore, visiting the dentist regularly. Is not only important. But mandatory, in order to keep people from developing this disease, and other problems. Therefore, they should contact Ellerslie dentist today.

And not only schedule their first appointment. But when they send them the reminder in the mail. To let them know when their next appointment is. They should make sure that they go, and except the appointment.

When people get into the habit of visiting the dentist as often as they should. They can prevent problems such as cavities, that could grow into larger problems if untreated.

Such as requiring root canals, or in worst case scenarios. Because the dentist to have to pull the teeth. And then require a dental implant. Visiting the dentist regularly is a very important way. To ensure overall health for all Canadians.

Ellerslie Dentist | Visit a Dentist Twice a Year

While many Canadians are visiting their Ellerslie dentist regularly. They often have questions about how often their children need to go, and when their first appointment should be.

Some people believe that they have to bring their child to see their dentist. As soon as they corrupt their first teeth. However, the problem with this. Is that some children get their teeth extremely early.

Or are bored with teeth. And this would not be useful, to take a child of this age to see that Ellerslie dentist. Because not only would they not be able to open their mouth on command, or hold it open.

They would have no way of helping ensure proper dental hygiene habits. Instead, dentists simply recommend that parents. Either rinse their infants mouth out with water.

By giving them a drink of water after every feeding. As well as using a damp cloth to wipe out the child’s mouth, and wipe their teeth. So that they are eliminating as much bacteria that cause tooth decay as possible.

As well, they can start brushing their infants teeth. Ideally, with a small silicone brush. So that it gets them in the habit of good dental habits. However, they do not need to worry about toothpaste just yet.

The best time to get a child in to see Ellerslie dentist for the first time. Is once they are a year old. And can follow directions. Such as opening their mouth and keeping it open. Provided they also have at least one tooth.

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From then, they recommend bringing the children back every six months for cleaning. But then only annually for their annual checkup. To ensure that no problems are developing.

One of the most important things that they will do early on in the child’s life. Is get them x-rayed dental he. Because they can prevent a lot of problems by looking at what is going on with their teeth in the x-ray.

What they can look for, are early signs of cavities. That they can fix quickly. Or signs of overcrowding, that might indicate the child is going to need to braces, and when they are likely going to need that.

As well as be able to tell things such as if they are going to get their adult teeth early, or get their adult teeth late. And what they can do to ensure the health of those teeth when they do arrive.

And any parents who are concerned about their child being exposed to dental x-rays because of the radiation. Do not need to worry. Because Canadian dentists use digital x-rays.

That not only have extremely low levels of radiation. But that a person would be exposed to more radiation on a flight from Edmonton to Vancouver. Then they would by getting one hundred dental x-rays done.

Dental x-rays are very safe. An important part of the dental health process. To ensure that the entire family has clean, and healthy teeth.