Ellerslie Dentist | Where To Get Fluoride From

While fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral according to Ellerslie dentist. Most people are not able to consume enough in their diets. To adequately protect their teeth.

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This is why most municipalities. Have been adding fluoride to the water supply. Since the nineteen forties. It will allow them to get more fluoride in their diets. So that their body can use the mineral to strengthen their teeth.

It was designed as a way to help citizens. Who were too poor to be able to go to the dentist. And while they are still putting fluoride in the water. It is now simply considered a complement to visiting the dentist regularly.

As well, many people are now drinking bottled water. And bottled water does not contain fluoride, meaning their teeth are now more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Because they are not getting that fluoride anymore.

Many people often ask their Ellerslie dentist. Why they need fluoride in the water, as well as fluoride treatments from the dentist. If they are already brushing their teeth. With fluoride toothpaste.

While fluoride toothpaste is very good. In helping remineralize the teeth. In order to provide protection. People often do not brush their teeth long enough. Or often enough.

In order to protect all of their teeth from cavities, and acid wear. Such as only brushing once a day. Or brushing for one minute instead of two. Or simply missing certain parts of their teeth that are hard to get to with a toothbrush.

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This is why it is very important. That people visit their dentist every six months. Not only will they get a checkup, to ensure they do not have cavities. But also, to get their teeth cleaned of the tartar buildup.

That is responsible for causing cavities and gum disease. But also, they will get that important fluoride treatment. That can provide a protective layer on their teeth. Guarding them against tooth decay and gingivitis.

When concern that many people have. Is that they will consume too much fluoride. Or there will be too much fluoride on their teeth. And while that is a problem, it usually comes from accidentally swallowing too much toothpaste.

Which is why people should know how important it is. To spit toothpaste out if they are brushing their teeth. And that parents, should be monitoring their children during toothbrushing time.

More importantly, if the child is too young. To know how to spit all of the toothpaste out of their mouth. And to rinse their mouth out with water. Then it may be better, simply to get a nonfluoride toothpaste.

Until they are old enough, to know how to spit out there toothpaste. That is also why it is important to get them in to their Ellerslie dentist regularly, for fluoride treatments.

And children as young as six months, should be getting this important treatment done on their teeth, and every six months from then on out.

Ellerslie Dentist | How To Get Fluoride For Your Teeth

Even though fluoride is extremely important says Ellerslie dentist. People typically do not get enough from their diet, to protect their teeth. Which is why it is important to visit the dentist regularly.

How fluoride protects the teeth, is when it is consumed. The body will then use the minerals to strengthen the teeth. And when it is applied directly onto the teeth.

The teeth just become strengthened with the fluoride. Creating a protective barrier for the enamel, so that it is less susceptible. To the bacteria that causes cavities. And from being worn down by eating foods high in acid.

Citrus fruit, and soft drinks. Or some of the worst foods. That will wear away at the enamel on a person’s teeth. Which is why getting fluoride treatments is so important. While there is fluoride in the drinking water.

That comes from the tap. Many people often either do not drink enough water. Or drinking bottled water, it means they are not getting this protection anymore. Making visiting their dentist more important.

While people can understand. How important it is for children to get this treatment regularly. They may not understand. How important it is to continue getting fluoride treatments as they age into adulthood.

However, it is often even more important according to Ellerslie dentist. Because they will have developed other issues. That might make them even more susceptible to tooth problems such as cavities.

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For example, some people take medication. Where the side effect is listed as dry mouth. People with dry mouth, are more susceptible to cavities. Because of the lack of saliva that they have in their mouth.

Therefore, people who have dry mouth. Whether it is due to medication or age. Should come in to their Ellerslie dentist for regular fluoride treatments. To guard against cavities, that they are more susceptible to.

As well, if people have ever had gum disease, or gingivitis. They should be getting regular fluoride treatments. Simply because the gingivitis will have caused there tooth roots to become exposed.

And the roots of the teeth, have less enamel on them. Then the rest of the teeth. Making this part of the teeth more likely to develop cavities and tooth decay. This is why people should get fluoride treatments if they have ever had gingivitis.

Even people who have bridges, braces and crowns. Should get regular fluoride treatments. Because these implements in their mouth, could make it difficult for them to brush all parts of their teeth.

Leaving some parts of their teeth under exposed to the fluoride in the toothpaste. And regular fluoride treatments at their dentist office. Can protect all of their teeth.

Even though fluoride is so important. Many people still are often susceptible to tooth decay. A statistic from the Canadian government says that the average Canadian adults. Have over three missing teeth in their mouth.

Which shows fluoride is still very important. People who have questions about this however. Should make an appointment with their dentist, to get a checkup, cleaning. And ask all of their questions about fluoride.