Ellerslie Dentist | Who Benefits From Invisalign

When visiting their Ellerslie dentist, people often hear. That they should straighten their teeth. The reason is not as much cosmetic. As it is for the overall health of their teeth.

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While many people do decide. To straighten their teeth for cosmetic reasons. The reason why there dentist would bring it up. Is because the health of their teeth might be in jeopardy because of it.

The reason why, is because it crooked teeth can end up causing places. Where it is hard, if not impossible. For a toothbrush, to reach. Causing the trapped food, to cause tooth decay.

Therefore, even if a patient is engaging in the best oral care routine. Brushing their teeth. After every single time they eat. Flossing daily. As well as using mouthwash.

They may not ever be able to clear the food from this part of their teeth. Not only will they have problems with tooth decay. But it can cause tartar buildup, which can lead to gum disease and eventually gingivitis.

Therefore, when people hear that their child needs braces. Or at least needs to straighten their teeth. Parents should also realize. That this is going to help them have healthy teeth for their entire life.

If people are adults, and they still have not had their teeth straightened. And their dentist recommends. That they get their T straighten. This is something that they need to pay attention to.

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Because they could be dealing with larger dental bills. As they might need a root canal, crown. And even a dental extraction. If they are unable to stop the cavities from happening in that area of their mouth.

The second reason why their Ellerslie dentist might recommend. Straightening their teeth, is so that people can have healthy diet. Many people may not even realize. That they are avoiding healthy food.

Such as fruits and vegetables. Such as carrots, and apples. Simply because it causes them pain when they bite into it. By straightening their teeth, they can forge a healthy habit. Of eating healthy fruits and vegetables.

And ultimately, another reason why Ellerslie dentist would recommend straightening their teeth. Is because it can help them have overall health, in their mouth, as well as their body. Many people may agree to this.

But are very concerned about getting metal braces for many different reasons. First of all, they often hear that metal braces are uncomfortable. Causing headaches, toothaches. And cutting the inside of people’s melts with the wires.

The solution, is that Invisalign is an alternative to braces. And can handle dental concerns of all types. And patients of all ages, from children all the way up to adults and seniors.

When people are ready to get started with Invisalign. All they have to do is contact the tooth doctor. They are located conveniently in Ellerslie. And they will conduct what is called a 3D smile scan. To create what is called the liners. That people will wear with their Invisalign system.

Ellerslie Dentist | Which Patients Benefit From Invisalign

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist. Whether they are children, teenagers. Adults, or seniors. They may want to do something about their crooked teeth. They want to improve the look of their mouth cosmetically.

And give them the confidence that they might be lacking. Because they do not look the way they want. However, while they want straight teeth. Ellerslie dentist says they also do not want metal braces. Again, because of the cosmetic look of them.

Invisalign is the perfect solution to this. Not only because it is the only other alternative to braces. But because they are beneficial for so many reasons. The first reason, is like the name Invisalign suggests.

This is a completely invisible solution. The liners that people wear. Our clear plastic covers. That are going to go over the teeth. When worn properly. People can talk normally. And nobody will know that they are wearing anything on their teeth.

Therefore, they can have the cosmetic look of braces free teeth. All while making their teeth look the way they desire. Another benefit of Invisalign, is the fact that it takes less time than traditional metal braces.

The reason why, is because Invisalign moves the teeth in smaller increments more often. Which is going to take less time. Then traditional braces. That move the teeth in larger amounts. Less often.

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Typically, the average Invisalign where. Will only need eleven months in order to finish their treatment. Well typical braces patients. Will wear them for two or three years at a minimum.

Some people, if they do not have a lot of correcting. Can be done there Invisalign treatment in six months. And people with larger dental concerns. Can require Invisalign for two years.

Which is still a less amount of time. Then it would take if they were wearing traditional metal braces. As well, Ellerslie dentist says there is another benefit. To Invisalign because of the smaller movements.

It is not healthy for the teeth to be moved so abruptly. Because it can cause the tooth root to start to erode, in order to move through the bone of the jaw more easily. People with braces, can end up with loose teeth eventually through their lifetime.

Requiring teeth being replaced, when they get to a certain age. Because the teeth are not able to stay in their gums as firmly as they once were. This can completely be avoided with Invisalign.

Another reason why people like this system to the traditional braces according to Ellerslie dentist. Is simply because the smaller increments of movement. Are less painful.

People with braces typically report job pain, headaches and tooth pain. While people who have Invisalign. Typically report absolutely no pain at all. To get started with Invisalign, all patients have to do.

Is contact the tooth doctor. Located in Ellerslie, Edmonton. They can get what is called a 3D scan of their mouth. And receive liners in the mail two weeks later.