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While the majority of Canadians have dental insurance says Ellerslie dentist. Through their employer’s health benefits. People can also access private health insurance. Through companies such as Blue Cross for example.

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In fact, according to a recent health Canada survey. 68% of Canadians. Have either public or private dental insurance. And while that is more than half. It also means, that almost a third of Canadians.

Have absolutely no dental insurance whatsoever. This is a huge problem. Simply because people without dental insurance. Are less likely to be able. To afford dental services.

And studies have also shown. That these people, avoid going to the dentist. Not just for regular cleanings. But also for problems that come up. People would rather walk around in pain every day.

Then go to the dentist, and have a bill. That they cannot afford at the end of the day. As well, people who cannot afford. To go to the dentist, simply will not go. But having dental insurance.

Does not guarantee that people can afford. The dentist as well according to Ellerslie dentist. For example, some insurance companies. Require individuals to pay the dentist upfront.

And they will reimburse the patient at a later date. For many Canadians, who are not making a lot of money. Or even living below the poverty line. Simply cannot afford.

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To pay a dental bill. Because they do not have money in their bank. Or, Ellerslie dentist says they have the money. But it would mean defaulting on their rent or mortgage. Or not being able to feed their family.

What is even more frustrating for patients. Is the fact that some insurance companies. Do not pay that reimbursements. For several weeks, or even several months. Which means people who are having a hard time paying.

Would have to go without that money. For such a long time. That they simply do not use the dental benefits. Because they cannot afford to. This is a tragic consequence of this particular type of insurance plan.

However, the tooth doctor recommends. That whether people have dental insurance or not. If they are concerned. About paying their dental bills. They should come to them, and let them know ahead of time.

They do not think that it is right to allow people. To go on without dental services. Because they cannot afford their dental bills. Or they cannot afford to pay upfront. And get reimbursed later.

They will offer free estimates. So that they can tell the patient. What the bare minimum services. That they need would be. And tell them a price ahead of time. So that they know, going into their appointment.

How much they would have to pay. But also, they will come up with payment plans. In order to ensure. That everyone of their patients. Can get the dental care that they need.

Good oral health is necessary for good overall health. And at the tooth doctor. And their three, convenient Edmonton locations. Wants to ensure that all patients. Have great health.

Ellerslie Dentist | Can You Get Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can be such a great bonus says Ellerslie dental. As it allows people. To get many dental services covered. So that they do not have to pay. When they see the dentist.

Or at least they do not have to pay. The entire bill, when they see the dentist. Dental insurance has become so necessary. Since the Canadian government eliminated. Universal healthcare dental benefits.

Many Canadians do not have to pay. In order to see their doctor. Or when they go to the hospital. And this is because of the universal healthcare program. Unfortunately, two world wars that Canadians fought in.

Meant a soaring national debt. And in nineteen fifty-two. The national government of Canada. Decided to tackle that rising debt. By cutting some government services. It was an extremely unpopular decision.

However, when faced with cutting things like infrastructure, education and healthcare. They decided to cut apart. Of the universal healthcare program. Eliminating not just dental benefits.

But eliminating optical benefits as well. Before nineteen fifty-two, people could not only visit the dentist. And not pay a bill, but they could also visit. The eye doctor, get an exam and glasses for free as well.

The government promised that as soon the debt was eliminated. They would reinstate the universal healthcare program. To its full glory. However, Canadians can probably guess.

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That the debt was never fully paid off. And therefore, there universal healthcare program. Was never reinstated. This meant insurance companies had to scramble. In order to offer dental insurance.

While today, Ellerslie dentist says there are dozens of companies. Offering a variety of dental services. Many people can even choose. What kind of package they want. The more expensive package. The more services are covered.

And the more percentage the insurance company is going to pay. In fact, Ellerslie dentist says some dental packages. With employers, increase the package. With how long the employee has been working. For the company at the time.

It can be a retention strategy for many employers says Ellerslie dentist. Knowing that once their staff reaches the five-year mark. They are going to get better dental. And health benefits.

However, the proliferation of dental insurance. Did not make getting dental bills covered. Any less complicated. Every single company. Has a different package. That covers different things, in different amounts.

This means that patients still have guesswork. When it comes to knowing. How much they are going to have to pay. At the end of their dental appointment. Things like cleanings, polishing and fluoride.

As well as filling a cavity, getting a dental x-ray. And teeth whitening. May be covered. Or not covered at all. And when it comes to more expensive dental services. Like dentures, dental implants and braces.

There may be a very large discrepancy. With what is covered. And if it is covered. How much it will be covered by. This is why people should visit the tooth doctor. They will demystify benefits and dental insurance. So that people will know exactly what they pay. Before they get in the dental chair.