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A common suggestion by Ellerslie dentist. When they see new patients for the first time. Especially if these patients are young children, that they request they get dental sealants.

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Many parents may not have even heard about dental sealants. Or even understand why they are beneficial. And may be unwilling to subject their child to an invasive dental procedure unnecessarily.

The good news is, dental sealant work is not invasive. It takes a very short amount of time. And most patients do not feel anything. And the sealants, can protect their teeth against tooth decay and cavities. For many years to come.

However, it is also important to note. That dental sealants must be applied. Before the patient has any cavities. Therefore, the earlier they can apply the dental sealants. Before the patient gets any cavities, the better.

However, many parents may even wonder. What dental sealants are. According to Ellerslie dentist, they are very thin layer of plastic. That is applied to the molars of the patient’s teeth.

The reason why they are applied to the molars, is because molars tend to have a lot of rough surfaces. And high jagged areas of the teeth. As well as pits, that together, make molars great for chewing food.

However, it is very easy for bacteria to get caught in the surface area of the molars. And can be extremely difficult to brush away with a regular toothbrush. Even adults have a difficult time.

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And may not reach all of the bacteria. Hidden in their molars. And when it comes to children, who are just learning how to brush their teeth. They not adequately get all of the bacteria.

Making their molars susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. This is why Ellerslie dentist recommends getting dental sealants. By putting this for an layer of plastic. Over the molars, they protect them.

So that children can learn how to brush their teeth properly. Without getting cavities in the meantime. However, many parents also wonder. Whites important to protect their children’s first set of teeth.

Since they will lose them, when their permanent teeth grow in. However, it is very important. To protect the first set of teeth. It simply because the children will need those teeth. For chewing their food.

As well as ensuring that the adult teeth grow in properly. A lot of dental problems occur in children. When they lose their first set of teeth prematurely. In order to avoid a larger dental bill later.

Children’s first set of teeth. Should be kept in as good condition as possible. So that they will not have future dental problems later. Which means if children develop cavities. The dentist will need to fill cavities.

Perhaps the cavities will be bad enough that they will need to do a root canal. Or even extract the tooth. All scenarios are significantly more invasive. More painful, and more expensive than dental sealants.

When parents are ready to get their children’s teeth protected properly. They will visit the tooth doctor located in Ellerslie, Edmonton. And get the sealants their children need to have healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Ellerslie Dentist | Who Should Be Getting Dental Sealants

When children visit Ellerslie dentist for the first time. They often hear about how beneficial it would be to get dental sealants. In fact, this is a recommendation they would make for any child.

However, some parents seem sceptical, when they hear about the dental procedure. That can be done on their child as young as six years of age. However, according to the National health and nutrition examination survey.

30% of children between the ages of six and eleven. Have dental sealants in this country. While 38% of adolescents, who are between the ages of twelve and nineteen. Have dental sealants.

This is because they are extremely beneficial at protecting teeth. Before they develop cavities. With a thin layer of plastic, acting as the barrier. Between the tooth, and the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Many parents often want their dentist to explain to them. How dental sealants are applied. It is a very fast procedure. Taking no more than five minutes, and can be added on to the end of any appointment.

The first step, will be for the dentist to surround the teeth they are treating. With cotton balls. So that they can stay dry. To ensure the dental sealants adhere properly.

The dentist will be applying the sealants, to the molars. Since they are the most susceptible to cavities. Once the cotton balls are in place. The next step would be applying a very mild acid.

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The dentist will apply this with a cotton swab. It is designed to remove any bacteria. Or any other impurities that might be on the teeth. That would interfere with the dental sealants ability to adhere.

After the acid is applied, in a process called etching. The Ellerslie dentist will then rinse the teeth. And dry them again, and then the teeth are ready. To have the dental sealants be applied.

At this stage, the dental sealants are clear liquid. And their dentist will apply them with a cotton swab. To the surface of the molar. Ensuring that they have covered all areas very thoroughly.

The final step, is simply curing the dental sealants. Which is the process of turning this clear liquid. Into a hard plastic. That happens with the help of a UV light, shined on surface of the teeth.

Just a minute is enough to cure this liquid into a hard plastic. And adhering it to the teeth. And just like that, the entire procedure is done. Allowing the patient to do any activity they want immediately after.

While this is not a substitute for brushing teeth says Ellerslie dentist. Patients will still need to take care to brush, twice a day and floss. It will protect against bacteria that has missed in this process.

When patients are ready to get dental sealants to protect their teeth. They can visit the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie, Edmonton.