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Visiting the Ellerslie dentist can be stressful. For people who have been told that they need to straighten their teeth. They might think that the dentist is trying to get more money. By suggesting a cosmetic service.

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However, people should realize. That dentists want the best. For their patients oral health. As well as their overall health. And rather than assume. That their dentist is suggesting a cosmetic procedure. Realize how important. Straight and aligned teeth. Our to their overall oral and overall health.

People may not realize. But when they have crooked, or misaligned teeth. It can create areas in their mouth. Where teeth, crossover each other. Creating pockets. Where it is difficult, or impossible. For toothbrush to reach.

In order to brush those food particles away. What will happen, is even if a person knows. That they have a problem area. There going to be unable to clear that area. From food particles. And those food particles will cause tooth decay, and tartar buildup.

Tooth decay leads to cavities. And tartar buildup leads to gingivitis according to Ellerslie dentist. And they can only fill at tooth, so many times. Before it becomes unstable. Therefore, they often are trying.

To help their patient avoid significant cavities. And then eventually having to pull the tooth. Because they have a problem area. That continues to get cavities. Even if they have the best oral care routine.

Of brushing their teeth three times a day. Flossing and using mouthwash. They may not be able to clear the areas. Of the food particles that are going to cause problems.

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This is the actual reason why their dentist will recommend they straighten their teeth. Another reason why they should be straightening their teeth. Is because it can help them have a better overall diet.

People with crooked teeth, may not even be aware. That biting into crunchy fruits and vegetables. Is actually painful. Causing pain on their teeth. In their gums. And in their jaw as well.

Therefore, people might even be unconsciously avoiding these foods. And their health could be suffering because of it. Therefore, when their dentist recommends straightening their teeth. These are words of advice, that they should heed.

However, many people may be very nervous about wearing braces. And the good news is, people can straighten their teeth. All without ever needing to wear braces ever.

Ellerslie dentist offers a tooth straightening system called Invisalign. And not only is an alternative to braces. But is often a better option than braces for many different reasons. The benefit of Invisalign.

Is that it is faster, and more gentler than braces. And people can get started immediately. All they have to do, is call the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie in Edmonton. 3D scan, will help them take the pictures of the mouth that will be needed.

And two weeks after that appointment. Patients will receive their first set of aligners in the mail. To help them have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Ellerslie Dentist | Should Get Straighter Teeth

Four million Americans wear braces says Ellerslie dentist. And a quarter of them are adults. Therefore, adults should not be nervous. About approaching their dentist.

Wondering about ways to get their teeth straighter. Often, the reason why adults want to straighten their teeth. Is because they are tired of feeling self-conscious. And lacking confidence, because of their crooked smile.

Even if all of their friends and family. Say that they do not notice a problem with their smile. Or love it. People, often want to straighten your teeth for their own reasons.

All they have to do, is contact their dentist, the tooth doctor. Located in Ellerslie to talk to them about their options. The reason why they are looking for options. Is because while they want a tooth straightening system.

Because they are fixing their teeth for cosmetic reasons. They do not want to endure, having to wear ugly, metal braces. The good news is, Ellerslie dentist offers an Invisalign system.

That helps people straighten their teeth. Virtually invisibly. These are plastic trays, called liners. That are created by taking a digital model of the patient’s teeth. A computer will configure the first minor shift in the teeth.

And will create the liner. By putting this liner in. That is in a position. On how the patient’s teeth should move. By wearing this twenty hours a day. There dentist says their teeth will eventually shift into that position.

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It is gentle, and therefore more pain-free than braces. But also, people cannot see these clear plastic liners on their teeth. Which means, nobody has to know that they are going through a cosmetic procedure at all.

Another benefit of Invisalign, as opposed to braces. Is that while it is gentler. It is also faster than typical braces. Because they are making more changes, the changes are simply smaller.

Therefore, most Invisalign patients. Can be done with their treatment in eleven months. Compared to braces wearers, that typically need 2 to 3 years. In order to get the changes they desire.

When people are ready to start with Invisalign. All they have to do is contact Ellerslie dentist, the tooth doctor. They will be able to get what is called a 3D smile scan done. And by sending this information to a lab.

The lab will create the first set of liners. This is a perfect solution for busy parents, as well as people who have an extremely busy schedule with their career. Because they do not have to make time, for a monthly appointment.

The way they would with typical braces. So that their orthodontist could tighten them. Instead, they can do all of the appointments through sending pictures of their smile. To their Ellerslie dentist.

Who will tell them that they either have to continue wearing their current liners. Or, they can start wearing the next set, that they received in the mail. Therefore, Invisalign is invisible, and more gentle and more effective.