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Often, people visit their Ellerslie dentist. And then here, that they should be getting their teeth straightened. There are many reasons why a dentist might make this suggestion.

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The first reason why a dentist might suggest someone straightens their teeth. Is for cosmetic reasons. But that truly, is up to the individual. The real reason why Ellerslie dentist would make this recommendation.

Is so that people can have healthier teeth overall. Many people may not realize, but crooked teeth can negatively impact their oral health. Simply because crooked teeth can cause them to not be able to reach all areas of their teeth.

With a toothbrush, or dental floss. Therefore, it is quite common. For people with crooked teeth. To end up with trapped food particles. That can create problems. Such as tooth decay, cavities and gingivitis.

Despite a person’s best efforts at keeping a good oral health routine. If they have crooked teeth. It may be effort, that is futile. They will end up with cavities in the same spots. And that is never going to go away.

As long as they have the same crooked teeth. Ideally, dentists say people should fix this problem when they are children. But many adults grow up. Without having this problem addressed. And are faced with dealing with it as in adults.

The second reason why Ellerslie dentist would recommend. That a patient straightens their teeth. Is so that they can have a better diet overall. Many people who have crooked teeth, find it uncomfortable or even painful.

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To eat crunchy foods, such as carrots, broccoli and cauliflower for example. Or, avoid things like apples. Because taking a big bite into a juicy apple is painful. If they have crooked teeth, the awkward angles of the teeth.

As well as not having all of the teeth aligned with each other. Is quite painful. When people are trying to eat some of the healthiest foods that they should be engaging in. That way, when they straighten their teeth.

They will be able to start eating a lot of the foods that they love. But find painful. Or start eating foods that they never did, because it was painful. And while many people are okay with getting their teeth straightened.

They want to avoid traditional metal braces for many reasons. For children, it is a painful process. And they do not look forward to getting teased by their peers. And in adults, it often comes down to a question of self-confidence.

They do not want the look of metal braces. Because they are embarrassed, or self-conscious about how they look. The good news is, that for everybody, who is looking to straighten their teeth. There is an alternative to metal braces.

Invisalign is the perfect solution. Not only is it good for almost all dental circumstances. But it is perfect for children, adults. And even seniors who are looking to fix their smile.

To get started, people should contact the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. And arrange a free scan of their smile. In order to get started with Invisalign today.

Ellerslie Dentist | Is Invisalign Appropriate For Most People

Many people, cosmetically want to straighten their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. But for the same reasons. Why they want to straighten their teeth. They do not want metal braces. They think they are ugly, and often.

Want to keep the fact that they are getting their teeth straightened a secret. Therefore, they keep their crooked smile. Because they do not think that there is an alternative. Or, have heard of alternatives such as Invisalign.

But assume that those are only for minor fixes. The good news, is that not only is Invisalign a perfect solution. To traditional metal braces. They are perfect for children, adults as well as seniors.

And there are many benefits to Invisalign. And many reasons why Invisalign is better. The first thing that people love, obviously is the fact that they are virtually invisible. Instead of having metal brackets glued to the teeth.

People have plastic devices, called liners. That fit over there teeth. And do not look like people are wearing anything. Because they look invisible. People are more likely to wear these more often.

But the fact that they are also removable. Means that people can take them out for things like pictures. Or for a special occasion, such as their wedding day.

The only thing that Ellerslie dentist reminds their patients. Is in order to see the results that they desire. They need to wear these devices twenty hours a day. Which means only removing them when necessary.

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Such as eating, and then immediately brush their teeth. And put the liner back on. Another benefit of Invisalign, is that it eliminates the need. Of monthly visits with an orthodontist.

While Ellerslie dentist is happy to see their patients more often. This is not necessary with Invisalign. Allowing people to maintain their busy schedule. And straighten their teeth.

What happens, is that people come in for a free, 3D scan of their smile. And all of their information is kept digitally. A computer model is created of each increments that their teeth will be moved.

And the same computer, will produce the 3D liner that they wear. It is mailed to them, or people where the liner for three weeks. Before sending their dentist. A picture of their smile. The dentist will then let them know.

If they can move to the next set of liners. Or, if they need to wear the additional liner for another week. This way, people can straighten their teeth. All without the time-consuming monthly visits to an orthodontist.

The third reason why people prefer Invisalign over traditional metal braces. Is because it is less painful. To some people, they are confused why it takes less time. But is less painful than metal braces.

And the reason, is because the changes that are made. Our smaller. Moving the teeth less distance. But more often. Instead of the braces, that moves the teeth more, less often. The end result is no toothaches. And no headaches, the people typically get with braces.