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Even though the majority of Canadians have dental insurance according to Ellerslie dentist. That amount is only 68%. Either having private or public insurance. With the remaining 32%, or nearly 1/3.

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Of all Canadians, without any dental insurance at all. The majority of people who do have dental insurance. Have them with their employer benefits. However, if people do not have employer benefits.

They can get dental benefits. Through independent companies, such as Blue Cross. For a monthly premium, people can choose. Different packages, that will give them different options. For getting their dental work paid for.

The biggest problem with this says Ellerslie dentist. Is that because there so many different insurance companies. And they each offer a slightly different insurance plan. Covering dental services.

Most Canadians do not know for certain. What services are covered. And if they are, how much they are covered as well. Some companies will pay hundred percent of some services. Which are usually the most common.

Or the most basic, such as scaling. Or getting polishing done. And fluoride treatments just to name a few. Also, most insurance companies. Cover almost all. Or a percentage of cavities being filled.

However, with different dental services. Beyond this, different insurance companies. Cover only part, or not at all. For example if people need skin grafting. Because their gums are eroding.

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If they need root canals and crowns. Or things like bridges, dentures or braces. These are usually not covered. Or if they are covered by insurance companies. They are only covered a very small percentage.

As well, the way insurance companies cover dental services. Varies widely. From one company to the next. Some companies will cover hundred percent period of basic services. By paying the dentist directly.

Or, people will have to pay the bill in full with their Ellerslie dentist. And then submit a receipt. To the insurance company for reimbursement later. Depending on the company. They will be reimbursed in a few days.

Or in a few weeks. And in some unfortunate cases, a few months. Some people have to submit all of their receipts. Once a year. Which can make affording dental visits. Very hard, for people who are not making a lot of money.

In fact, some people who have no insurance. Are not able to afford dental visits. So they simply do not go at all to the dentist. However, if people have to pay upfront. For their dental work.

Even though they have dental coverage through insurance. They may not be able to afford. To pay the amounts. And then get reimbursed later. Especially if they have to wait several weeks or even months.

Because of the wide variety of different plans. The Tooth Doctor wants to ensure. That everyone of their patients. Can get the dental services they need. And in a timely enough fashion.

Therefore, they offer free consultations. So that they can work out. The details of payment head of time. That not only will people know. Exactly what their bill will be. But what the plan for payment is going to be as well.

Ellerslie Dentist | Who Qualifies For Dental Insurance

Even though 68% of all citizens have dental insurance of one type or another according to Ellerslie dentist. This leaves nearly a third of people. Without any coverage. Studies have shown time and time again.

That if people cannot afford the dentist. They simply will not go. Despite the fact that many people. Who need to see the dentist are in pain. But they still will not go to the dentist in a timely fashion.

There is a huge problem with this says Ellerslie dentist. If people do not visit the dentist regularly. To get the tartar buildup. Cleaned off their teeth. And especially below the gum line. They will be more susceptible to get cavities.

As well, they will have a predisposition. To getting gingivitis. As gingivitis is the condition. Of inflamed gums, caused by. Tartar buildup below the gum line. That is not cleaned off by a dentist.

Gingivitis that is not fixed. Will eventually turn into periodontal disease. Which is marked by eroding gums. Which exposes the root of people’s teeth. And that can cause a lot of pain and sensitivity.

Ellerslie dentist says when it gets to this point. There is no way to reverse this problem. However, there are ways to fix it. For example, they can graft some skin. From the roof of a patient’s mouth.

And grafted onto their gum line. In order to fix the gum erosion. From periodontal disease. But not only is this considerably more expensive. It is also considerably more painful as well.

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In addition to that the tooth doctor says if they do not get tartar buildup. Cleaned off their teeth, what will typically happen. Is a patient will start developing cavities. Cavities are fairly common. And easy to correct.

However, if a patient does not come in. To the dentist in a timely fashion. In order to patch the cavity. The cavity can get larger. Eating away at the entire tooth. And eventually the root of the tooth. Which is quite painful.

And if left long enough, it can cause the tooth to crumble and break. Or, it could fall out. Or would need in extraction. At this point, the patient will have hole in their mouth. And will need a bridge.

Or, if they are a good candidate. They could fix it with dental implants. The tooth doctor says, these are much more expensive. And much more painful options. That could have been fixed quickly.

And more importantly, painlessly. And inexpensively as well. It is very important. For all Canadians to see the dentist. Twice a year. If anyone has any problems. Or concerns about affording dental care.

They should make an appointment with the tooth doctor, at one of their three convenient locations. They can have a free consultation. And end up with an estimate, and a payment plan.