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Fluoride is a mineral, that prevents tooth decay and cavities according to Ellerslie dentist. And while it is often applied at the end of a dental cleaning. Fluoride is actually something that occurs naturally in plants and food.

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However, people typically do not consume enough fluoride in their diet. Which is why these topical treatments of fluoride from their dentist are so important. It can create a protective barrier on their teeth.

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay, because when people consume foods with fluoride in its. And when they get topical treatments on their teeth. What happens is a process called remineralization.

Where the body takes the fluoride, and uses it to strengthen their teeth. It provides a protective barrier over a person’s enamel. Protecting it not only from the bacteria that is responsible for causing tooth decay and cavities.

But also providing that barrier, to protect people’s teeth. From acidic food, such as citrus fruits, and soda pop. Acidic food can eat away at the enamel, and soften it.

Therefore, the more fluoride a person has in their diets. And get put on their teeth. The more a can protect the enamel from those acids. However, it is impossible to consume and use to much fluoride.

When this happens, it is a condition called dental fluorosis. And when people visit their Ellerslie dentist, the condition is very obvious. Because it causes white patches to form on people’s teeth.

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Many people are often bothered by the look. If they have dental fluorosis. Even resorting to bleaching kits. In order to get rid of the discolouration. But to bleaching kids will not do anything.

The best way to take care of dental fluorosis. Is by visiting Ellerslie dentist, where they can apply some weaker acids very carefully on their teeth. That will take away the excess fluoride.

And along with it, the discoloured patches of white on their teeth. Another reason why dental fluorosis is a condition that people need to be aware of. Is because to much fluoride, can actually weaken the enamel.

Which means it is doing the opposite of what it should be doing. Many people realize that there is fluoride in the water. And wonder if that could cause them to develop dental fluorosis.

However, there is such a safe amount of fluoride in the city’s drinking water. That even if people drink an extremely large amount. They will not get dental fluorosis from drinking fluoride infused water.

Dental fluorosis is most likely caused by accidentally swallowing toothpaste. Since there is an extremely concentrated amount of fluoride in toothpaste. Which is why children should only start using toothpaste with fluoride in it.

Only after they are old enough to be able to special water around their mouth. To get rid of any remaining toothpaste. And then spit it out into the sink. Until then, they should continue using toothpaste without fluoride. So that they do not develop this condition for themselves early on.

Ellerslie Dentist | Everyone Needs Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is an important way to protect teeth, which is why Ellerslie dentist does this. At the end of a checkup and cleaning. The topical fluoride, is an important way of adding fluoride to strengthen people’s teeth.

Many people often remember when they got fluoride treatments at school. I dental hygienist would come in, and put the fluoride all over their teeth. And then they could not eat or drink for a few hours.

Nowadays, this can be done at their Ellerslie dentist. But many people are wondering. At what age, children should start receiving these fluoride treatments. The recommendation is for children.

To get these fluoride treatments, as soon as they start developing teeth. Which means parents should bring their child, when they are six months old. Or, older, if they have not developed their own teeth yet.

Therefore, they can get a checkup. And x-rays that can prepare parents for any problems they might have with their child’s teeth later on. Also, so that they can get the fluoride treatment.

After that initial fluoride treatment, they should come back to their Ellerslie dentist every six months. For a checkup, a cleaning and another fluoride treatments. Between the ages of six months and sixteen years.

The reason what is important to get regular fluoride treatments during this time. Is because that way, a child will have all of their baby teeth, and adult teeth protected with fluoride.

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Although, people should not stop getting fluoride treatments. Once they reach sixteen years of age. Continuing to get fluoride treatments are very important. Especially if people have things like crowns, or braces.

Getting a fluoride treatment can help protect their teeth. Especially because these implements, make it difficult. To reach every part of their tooth with a toothbrush, and fluoride toothpaste.

As well, people who have had gum disease or gingivitis. Should also continue getting regular fluoride treatments from their Ellerslie dentist. Because gum disease will have caused their tooth roots to become exposed.

There tooth roots will have less enamel than the rest of their tooth. So regular fluoride treatments. Will help ensure that this part of the tooth is protected from tooth decay, and cavities as well.

Finally, people who have dry mouth. Either because of age, or medication that they are on. Tend to be more susceptible to cavities. Because they have less saliva in their mouth. And fluoride treatments are vital to protect their teeth.

Therefore, there is no reason for anyone to stop getting fluoride treatments for their entire life. Even though the they be using a fluoride toothpaste. And drinking cities tap water, that has fluoride in it.

As always, visiting their dentist regularly. For checkups and cleanings. Will help ensure that they get what they need. To have clean, healthy and protected teeth for the rest of their life.

If people have questions, or concerns about their teeth. They should make an appointment with the tooth doctor, to get those questions answered. And to get a great checkup and cleaning on their teeth.