Ellerslie Dentist | Why Amalgam Is Used In Dentistry

Amalgam, is an alloy that is used to fill cavities says Ellerslie dentist. And it is in fact, been in use. Four hundred and fifty years. It is used, because it is the only material. Through the years, that has proven useful for this purpose.

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While dentists have tried, centuries ago. To use other metals. Such as a gold or silver. The problem with these metals, is that they are too soft. And while they can easily be put into a tooth with a cavity.

They typically fall out quickly. Because they are not able to withstand. All of the biting and chewing that people do. But also, this material. Would make it almost impossible. For the poor citizens.

To get their teeth filled by a dentist. Simply because they would be unable. To afford the silver or gold precious metal. That is used. Therefore, the search was on. For a metal or an alloy.

That would allow people to have an extremely durable substance. To fill their cavity. That is also inexpensive. Normally, an alloy. Which is a combination of several metals.

Is created, by melting the metal down. Combining it, and then allowing it to harden. Which would create problems for application. Since people would not be able to withstand. Putting molten metal in their mouth.

With each is why, people started mixing powdered metal. With liquid mercury. Ellerslie dentist says that people found, that when they combined powdered metal. That was a ground down from their solid form.

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With the liquid mercury. Not only did it create a solid. But the solid was slightly pliable, for a short time. To allow a dentist. To put the filling into the tooth. And push it into all of the next and crannies.

So that it created an airtight seal. This is a vital part of building a cavity. Because if a dentist. Left some air. Bacteria could potentially get in. Where it could eat away at the tooth. And rotted from the inside out.

Which is especially problematic. Since the dentist, and the patient. Will think that there is nothing wrong with the tooth. And while it was created hundred and fifty years ago. It has been used ever since.

Simply because of how effective and easy it is. The only problem says Ellerslie dentist. Is the fact that many people are concerned. About the mercury content of amalgam.

And while it is true, mercury is toxic. In its liquid form. It is not in its liquid form in amalgam. It is a solid, and an extremely strong and durable one at that. Research has been done for decades.

Trying to find out if mercury leaches from the amalgam. And into a person’s body. And no research has found to date. That any mercury leaks out of an amalgam filling. Even in people who have several of these fillings.

Therefore, if they have these fillings. Or if there dentist is going to put one in their mouth. Patients do not have any reason to worry.

Ellerslie Dentist | Reasons Why Amalgam Is Used In Dentistry

When people are getting a cavity filled, their Ellerslie dentist may say. That they are going to put in an amalgam filling. And while this might worry some people. There is truly no cause for worry in reality.

While a white filling substance. Is now the most common substance used. To fill cavities. The reason it is so commonly used. Is simply because it is white, and therefore blends in. With the colour of a person’s tooth.

So that people cannot see, that they have had a cavity in the past. While it does a good job. Of being a strong material. It is not as strong or durable as amalgam. And it is more expensive as well.

Another problem that Ellerslie dentist says they encounter. When they are trying to put in the white filling. Is that the area, must be absolutely dry. In order for it to adhere correctly.

And for some teeth. And some locations, that is not a problem. All a dentist has to do is pack the area with cotton roles. And wait until the tooth dries out on its own.

Unfortunately, for some far back molars. It may be more difficult. To get the tooth away from the cheeks. Where it can continue to dampen the tooth. Making applying the white filling impossible.

That is why, Ellerslie dentist still uses amalgam. And if they cannot get the white filling to adhere. They will ask their patient. If they mind getting amalgam in that location instead.

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The patient can talk about all of their concerns with amalgam, if they have any. And if they do have problems. They Ellerslie dentist can discuss other options. Such as getting a root canal.

And a crown put on that tooth. Or pulling the tooth, and getting a dental implant put in instead. And while these are all very good options. There also more expensive options than just getting amalgam put in.

And if people are concerned. There dentist can also talk to them. About the fact that it is deemed safe by the FDA. Which is the Canadian food and drug administration. The studies also show.

That absolutely no mercury leaks into the body. Which is why it has also been deemed absolutely safe. By the Canadian dental Association. The Alberta dental Association, and the tooth doctor themselves.

While it is understandable. For people to be fearful of a substance. That is known to be toxic and fatal. By teaching people the truth about how amalgam is created. And why it no longer poses a threat.

People can learn the truth. And not be so fearful. So that they can get the best option. For filling their cavities. So that they do not have any problems. With biting were chewing, into the future.

When people are ready to visit their dentist. To get there tooth checked, or find out more information about amalgam. All they have to do is call the tooth doctor.