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Many people may not understand why they all of a sudden have a sensitive teeth says Ellerslie dentist. And even worse, they do not get to their dentist to find out why this change has suddenly occurred.

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Most people have the tendency to wait and see. If there situation will get better with time. Chances are, especially when it comes to their health and their teeth. Things will not get better with time.

There are many reasons why people who did not have sensitive teeth before. Are suddenly experiencing an extreme amount of pain. When they take a sip of cold or hot liquid. Or even eat certain foods.

Such as sugary foods, fruit and even food that is acidic. The sooner people can get themselves to their Ellerslie dentist. The sooner they are going to be able to find out what is causing the sensitivity. And how to overcome it.

Unfortunately, people tend to wait. To see if the situation will get better. And when it is clear that it will not, that is when they go in. However, the small problem has now become large. And much more difficult to treat.

For example, one of the most common reasons. Why people end up with sensitive teeth. Is because they have developed gingivitis. Gingivitis happens, when people either are not brushing their teeth enough.

Or they are not getting their teeth professionally cleaned by their Ellerslie dentist enough. They will get something called tartar buildup, which is particularly bad underneath the gum line.

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And this tartar, will harden over time. And start to irritate the gums. The gums, will swell, and pull away from the teeth. Which exposes the root of the tooth. And at this point, it is important that a patient gets to the dentist.

This is the start of the tooth sensitivity. And all of the damage, can be reversed at this point. Unfortunately, if people play the wait and see game. They are going to cause their gingivitis to turn into gum disease.

Where there gums will start to erode. And this damage is unfortunately permanent in all patients. When patients go to their dentist, they will immediately get a cleaning. And then there dentist will go over their oral health routine.

To ensure that they are going to stick with something, that will keep their tartar buildup at bay. However, once they fix that problem. If they waited until they had gum disease.

They will have permanently exposed roots. And now, is treating their sensitive teeth will be an ongoing issue. They can discuss many different issues, from a toothpaste like Sensodyne.

That is designed to eliminate sensitivity in teeth safely. However, this does not work for everybody. And people may want to discuss a different approach. Such as veneers, which permanently covers the teeth.

Two bonding, which is significantly less invasive than the veneers. Where their teeth get coated in a protective material. However, this is not permanent. And will require people going back to their dentist every few months for the rest of their life.

Ellerslie Dentist | Why Are Teeth Sensitive

There are many reasons why people might end up with sensitive teeth says Ellerslie dentist. However, the sooner they get in for a checkup. When they start to experience sensitivity. The better it is going to be at minimizing their problems.

For example, one of the most common reasons. Why people end up with sensitive teeth. Is because they develop a cavity. Many people do not actually believe that it is possible that they could even have a cavity.

Because they assume that a cavity is accompanied by a toothache. And all they have, is sensitive teeth. So the reason that it is not possible that they have a cavity at all.

However, Ellerslie dentist says that sensitive teeth will always precede a toothache. Because what causes sensitive teeth, is any time the enamel is breached on a tooth. Or any time the route is exposed.

Therefore, even the smallest cavity, is going to have a tendency to cause sensitive teeth. And the only time cavity is going to cause pain. Is if it is large enough that it is affecting the root of the tooth.

By the time at cavity is large enough to cause pain. It is extremely large, and very hard to fill. Often requiring a root canal and a crown. Instead of a small and minor filling.

Therefore, when a person is experiencing tooth sensitivity. The sooner they can get their Ellerslie dentist. The sooner they can discover that yes, they do have a cavity. And get it filled.

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However, a cavity is not the only reason. Why someone may have suddenly developed sensitive teeth. Another common problem, is that people have cracked or chipped teeth.

Sometimes, people can grind their teeth at night. Or have bite problems, clenching their jaw very hard. These can be very detrimental. Causing chips and cracks in the teeth. But even if they do not.

Even clenching their jaw very hard can cause their teeth to simply be aggravated. And these aggravated teeth are just sensitive to foods. Such as hot and cold temperatures. Or things like sweets and acidic foods.

Therefore, when people experience tooth sensitivity that was not there before. And they visit their dentist. They will be able to get any cracks or chips fixed. Before bacteria sets in and causes even more problems.

But they will also be able to get a mouth guard, that they can wear at night. That will cause them to not be able to grind their teeth. Were not cause aggravation, as they clench their jaw together.

There are many different causes of tooth sensitivity. But almost all of them, require some kind of dental intervention. If people wait to go to their dentist.

Because they think that their problem is going to go away. This is there sign, telling them that this is not the case. And the longer they wait. The worst the problem is going to get.