Ellerslie Dentist | Why Dentists Still Use Amalgam

Many people may not understand what is in those silvery fillings in their mouth says Ellerslie dentist. And, they have been getting them for their whole life. As well as their parents, and even their children.

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However, those silvery fillings. Are made with several metals. Into an alloy, which is what several metals. Mixed together are called. However, but most people are concerned with. About those silvery fillings.

Is that one of the metals in the alloy. Is Mercury. And actually, Mercury is the metal. That allows this material to be pliable. It is either a soft, spreadable material. Or, a more firm, but still mouldable solid.

That has been created says Ellerslie dentist, by mixing various amounts of metal. That have been ground into a powder. With the liquid, Mercury. How spreadable, or firm this alloy is.

Depends on how much powdered metal. Is mixed with it. There are a variety of metals that can be mixed into it. And most dental amalgam. Uses a combination of two other metals. Mixed with mercury.

Such as copper, tin, zinc or iron. As well as more precious metals. Like silver, platinum or palladium. These materials are blended together. And then, a dentist will be able to put them into a tooth.

And use special tools, to tamp the material down. Into the hole where the cavity is. Because protecting the tooth. Means creating an airtight seal. Between the amalgam and the tooth.

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In fact, in order to protect the tooth. A dentist must first take a drill. And drill out the areas of the tooth. That have tooth decay on them. It is impossible to wash them away. Or to use toothpaste.

Once tooth decay settles into the tooth. Chunks must be taken away from the tooth. Which the dentist will do very skilfully. With a drill, after numbing the area. So the patient does not feel any pain.

Then, the dentist must apply the amalgam. Ensuring that there is first of all, no existing tooth decay. But then, that there is no air pocket. In the tooth, where bacteria could settle in. Causing more problems again.

When done properly. And amalgam filling, will strengthen the tooth. That has been made week, by the drilling. And it will be strong, and durable. To allow the tooth to eat all of the foods that it needs to.

While Ellerslie dentist says amalgam will last for about 10 to 15 years. Many people have been using amalgam for longer. Such as twenty, thirty or even forty years. Without having any problems.

The biggest problem, is perception. Because many people are worried. That the amalgam will leach Mercury into their body. And they will get mercury poisoning. And while liquid mercury.

Does pose a significant threat. Even the dental Association of Canada. Has said that there are no reports. That once formed into amalgam. That Mercury poses any threat whatsoever.

If people still have questions. They should simply make an appointment with the tooth doctor. To get any questions addressed head-on.

Ellerslie Dentist | Why Dentists Still Use Amalgam To This Day

Amalgam is a metal alloy says Ellerslie dentist. That has been used, as a dental filler. For approximately one hundred and fifty years. And since it has been used. There have been many people. Worried throughout the years.

About its use in a patient’s mouth. While it is true, Mercury is a toxic metal. That is in a liquid form. That is able to be ingested into the body. And absorbed into the tissues.

In an amalgam form, it is a solid. And therefore, unlikely. That it will leak into a person’s body. Another reason why fear has been fuelled about amalgam fillings. In addition to the mercury content.

Is the fact that several countries, such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Have now banned the substance. From being used anywhere in their country. For any reasons.

And while this certainly sounds scary admits Ellerslie dentist. People should look at the reasons why this is being banned. Instead of just jumping to the conclusion. That it is because amalgam is dangerous.

The reason why Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Our banning amalgam from its country. Is because the waste that it creates. Is not biodegradable. And they are taking steps to ensure most of the waste they create.

In their countries, is able to be broken down easily. And if not, it will be banned. Therefore people should not worry. That it is dangerous. And the reason why Canada and the United States.

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Are able to continue using it. Is because our countries, have safe ways. Of dealing with nonbiodegradable waste. Therefore, our governments. Have decided that it is safe for use.

As well, dentists say many surveys. And studies continue to be done on this material. In order to determine, if there is any risk. Using new technology, and looking at amalgam that has been in a person’s mouth.

For far longer than it was ever intended. Such is thirty, forty and fifty years. Currently, there has been absolutely nothing found. That indicates that Mercury leaks from amalgam. From the tooth, to a person’s body.

And while some participants in the study. May have trace amounts of mercury in their body. That could have come from many sources. Including eating tuna. Which is not only the most popular fish.

To consume around the world. But it is also well-known. For being the fish. That has the highest tenses of mercury. Therefore, it is quite possible. That the participants, got the trace amounts of mercury from anywhere.

And moving forward, all a patient has to do. Is inform their Ellerslie dentist. That they would prefer not receiving amalgam. Where they can get a white filling instead. But if that is not possible.

They can get a root canal, and a crown. To protect their teeth. Or they can extract the tooth. And get a dental implant instead. There are many ways for people to take control of their own dental health.