Ellerslie Dentist | Why Fluoride Is Important To Oral Health

While fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral according to Ellerslie dentist. People do not consume enough in order to fully protect their teeth. Which is why it is important they visit the dentist regularly.

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Not only will their Ellerslie dentist be able to clean their teeth. To remove the tartar buildup that can cause problems. But also, they will be able to apply a topical fluoride treatments to their teeth.

In order to help their teeth become strong with this important mineral. The dentist has many different ways, that they can apply fluoride to a patient’s mouth. The most common, is applying a very concentrated paste.

Using a brush, or cotton ball on all of the surfaces of the patient’s teeth. This common application, requires people to abstain from eating for at least an hour. And avoid brushing for about four hours.

While dentist offices are typically the place where people can get fluoride treatments. Some municipalities have a dental hygienist do this in schools. And at public health centres as well.

When people visit their dentist, they may get a varnish of fluoride instead. And this is quickly becoming very popular. Because it is thinner layer. And people do not have to avoid eating after this treatment.

In fact, this fluoride treatment is so important. At protecting teeth. That Ellerslie dentist recommends children start getting this treatment. As soon they have teeth, and are at least six months old.

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Not only will their dentist be able to check to see if the child might develop dental problems in the future. By looking at x-rays, and seeing how the teeth are coming in.

But, they will also be able to provide that important fluoride treatment. That will start protecting their very first teeth, against tooth decay and cavities. Then, they should get this treatment every six months.

Between the ages of six months, and sixteen years. It is extremely important that children get this treatment. However, after a child becomes sixteen. They still need fluoride treatments regularly.

Fluoride can be eroded, as it protects the teeth. Especially if people are eating food that has said trick accident. Or drinking things that has a high acid content, such as soft drinks.

Certain things that put people at a higher risk. Which means it is even more important. That they are getting fluoride treatments regularly. Include if they have crowns, bridges or braces.

These implements make it very difficult for people to reach all areas of their teeth using a toothbrush. Which is why getting a fluoride treatments. Applied by others the dentist is so important.

Also, if people have ever had gum disease or gingivitis. It could cause there tooth roots to become exposed. The roots of the teeth have less enamel than the rest of the teeth.

Therefore, fluoride treatments will help protect the vulnerable parts of the tooth roots. So that they do not succumb to cavities, and tooth decay. By not being protected enough.

Ellerslie Dentist | Fluoride Is Vital For Healthy Teeth

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, and can be found in plants and food according to Ellerslie dentist. However, people typically are not able to consume enough of this important mineral.

Which is why getting regular fluoride treatments at the dentist office can be very beneficial to the health of their teeth. In fact, it is so important to the overall health of a person’s mouth.

That most municipalities have started adding fluoride to the water supply. However, people should not worry about the amount that is added. It is a small enough amount, that people would not be able to drink enough water.

To drink too much of this mineral. However, it is possible to develop problems. From consuming too much fluoride. And this condition is caused dental fluorosis. Typically people who have developed this.

Have developed it in childhood, from accidentally swallowing toothpaste. That has a fluoride in it. Fluoride toothpaste has an extremely high concentration of fluoride in it.

Which is why people have always been told to spit the toothpaste out instead of swallowing it. However, young children who may not know how to spit. May accidentally consumed too much fluoride while brushing their teeth.

Or, who know that they should spit it out. But it is so tasty, that they swallowed by accident. This is why parents should monitor the child’s toothbrushing habits very carefully according to Ellerslie dentist.

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First of all, if they are too young to be able to spit out the toothpaste. They should be using a children’s toothpaste, that does not have fluoride in it. Once they are old enough, they can start using a fluoride toothpaste.

However, parents need to be very mindful. Of not putting too much toothpaste on the brush. Depending on the child’s age, it should be anywhere between the size of a grain of rice, and the size of a pea.

This way, even if they accidentally swallow the toothpaste. It should not create such a problem. Once the children are old enough to brush their teeth on their own. Parents should also be continuing.

To bring them into their Ellerslie dentist. For regular fluoride treatments. However, that does not mean that it is not important for adults to get this important treatment done.

In fact, there may be very important reasons why an adults. Should be extra diligent at getting fluoride treatments. A good example, is if someone is on medication that has a side effect of giving them a dry mouth.

Or, if they have reached the age, where they naturally have a dry mouth. This means they are more susceptible to cavities. Saliva can protect the teeth from cavities and tooth decay. And when someone has dry mouth.

They do not have this protection. Which means dry mouth can lead to cavities. Which is why adults who have this side effect. Should make an appointment with their dentist regularly. For those fluoride treatments, that can help keep their teeth happy and healthy for years.