Ellerslie Dentist | Why Get Straighter Teeth

Regardless of whether a patient is a child or an adult according to Ellerslie dentist. They can get straighter teeth. That will impact their overall oral and physical health. In fact, there are many reasons.

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Why people should straighten their teeth. Even if they are not interested. For cosmetic reasons. One of the first things that their dentist will point out. Is that it makes it much easier. For people to clean their teeth.

When their teeth are nice and straight. Crooked teeth on the other hand, can be hard to brush. Especially as teeth overlap. Making it very difficult. For a toothbrush to brush out food particles as well as tartar buildup.

As well, it is hard for people to floss their teeth. If their teeth are crooked. And over time, these problems can cause tooth decay, and cavities. If the patient does not straighten their teeth.

There going to continue to have problems in those problem spots. Which results in patients potentially losing that tooth. As it will continue to get tooth decay. In areas that cannot be avoided.

And there is only so many times. Their Ellerslie dentist will be able to patch that tooth. In most patients, dentists are able to put in a dental implant. To replace lost teeth. Unfortunately, for people who have crooked teeth.

This is difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, rather than replacing their missing tooth. People will have to deal with the teeth that are gone permanently. This is one of the first reasons. Why dentists will recommend.

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People straightening their teeth. Even if they are not concerned with how it looks. Ideally, they will do this while the patient is quite young. As a child, so that they do not start developing these problems early on.

However, that is just one of the reasons. Why Ellerslie dentist suggests people correcting their crooked teeth. Again, if people are not concerned about the cosmetic look of it. They still should correct this problem.

The reason, is because patients might not have as healthy a diet as they should. If they do not straighten their teeth. Crooked teeth can make it difficult, and even painful. To eat healthy and nutritious foods.

Healthy food such as nuts, crunchy carrots and crisp apples. Are very healthy for the body. But these are some of the foods. That people with crooked teeth will start to avoid, from a young age.

Therefore, when people correct crooked teeth. They can form a habit. Of eating all of the delicious, and nutritious foods. That are extremely healthy for them to eat.

When people are concerned with their teeth. Either because medically, or for health reasons. The first step they should make. Is visiting their dentist. Where they can get a 3D smile scan.

This scan will show them what they could look like after Invisalign tooth straightening system. And if they are good candidates, they can receive their first liners, custom-made within two weeks. To begin their journey to a more healthy smile and body.

Ellerslie Dentist | Why Bother Getting Straighter Teeth

Many patients who have crooked teeth, ask their Ellerslie dentist. If there is an option to straighten their teeth. Without traditional, metal braces. Many people are very interested in getting this procedure done.

However, similarly to wanting to straighten their teeth for cosmetic reasons. They also do not want metal braces for the same cosmetic reasons. Fortunately there is a very simple solution to that.

Which is Invisalign braces. The benefit of Invisalign, is that as the name suggests. These are clear, and virtually impossible. When people wear them throughout their day. They will be able to talk normally.

And the only time they will have to remove them. Is while they eat, and then they will have to brush their teeth immediately. And put the Invisalign liners back on their teeth. In fact, they will only be permitted to remove them for four hours a day.

However, there are more benefits. To the Invisalign system, then simply being invisible. Another benefit that many people love about this system.

Is that it is more gentle, then traditional metal braces. The Invisalign system is calculated. How much it is going to move the teeth digitally. And then prints out a line or designed. To move the teeth that exact amount.

Metal braces on the other hand, are simply hand tightened by an orthodontist. Who is not calculating the amount of force they are putting on each patient. Which can results in extremely tight braces.

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That not only can hurt the teeth and jaw. But can cause headaches in the patient. In addition to that, Ellerslie dentist says the risk of getting traditional braces. Is that people can inadvertently, have their teeth moved to quickly.

Then they should be moving them. And the downside to that, is when the teeth are pushed to move faster. Then the jaw wants them to move. The body will start dissolving the tooth root.

In order to have less tooth to move through the bone. The result is less roots of the teeth. Which can impact the overall health of the tooth.

Potentially, causing the teeth to loosen as people age. Especially if their gums start to recede. Which is a common occurrence in advanced age. Therefore, while braces are designed to help the teeth.

They can often make it worse. This is why Invisalign is starting to be the gold standard. For straightening, and aligning the teeth. Not just invisibly. But for all different health reasons.

When people want more information about Invisalign. Or, to find out if they are a good fit for this straightening system. All they have to do is make an appointment.

With their Ellerslie dentist at the tooth doctor. He can start with a free, 3D smile scan. The find out how much their teeth would need to move. In order to get straighter teeth.

But also, they will find out how long they would have to wear Invisalign. And if they can get started immediately.