Ellerslie Dentist | Why Go To the Dentist?

Often, people think that going to their Ellerslie dentist is only needed. When they have a problem that needs to be fixed. However this is not true, and the best oral hygiene requires regular visits to the dentist.

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One reason why people should make a trip to their dentist twice a year. Is it so that they can ask the questions that they need. About their teeth, as they come up.

One of the most common questions that people ask their dentist. Is what they can do about their tooth sensitivity. This can make drinking hot or cold foods painful.

And can also have people avoiding their favourite hot or cold foods. Because of how painful it can be to eat. Which is why many people want to eliminate sensitivity. However, they might use a desensitizing toothpaste with no lock.

This is also because there are other root causes of sensitive teeth. That should be addressed, before a desensitizing toothpaste could work. Such as people having sensitive teeth because they have roots exposed.

Because they have receding gum lines, however the most common reason. Why people have sensitive teeth is because they have gingivitis. And many people may not realize that gingivitis causes their teeth to feel sensitive.

Therefore, Ellerslie dentist will recommend that they get a professional cleaning done by their office. In order to get rid of the tartar buildup that causes gingivitis. And then get them to come back regularly.

Because regular visits to their dentist for cleanings. Can continue to keep their teeth tartar free. That will keep gingivitis from coming back. However, having a good oral care routine at home is important.

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If people have tooth sensitivity problems. Their Ellerslie dentist will recommend brushing their teeth after every single meal. As well as using mouthwash. To get rid of the bacteria that causes tartar buildup.

And even though brushing their teeth after every time they eat is very important. It is also very important that they get that professional cleaning done.

Because even if people are brushing regularly. They might have a predisposition to having gingivitis. And when that is the case, the only way that they can keep gingivitis from continuing to form.

Is by continuing to get cleanings done by their dentist. And that is often enough to eliminate the sensitivity issue that people are having. Once they get rid of their gingivitis.

Unfortunately, this is not the only issue on why people will end up with sensitive teeth. They might have a root of their tooth exposed, or they might be grinding their teeth. Or have receding gums.

Or even if they are brushing their teeth too hard, particularly with a hard bristled toothbrush. Or if they have enamel on their teeth that has thinned too much. They could end up with sensitive teeth.

In this will require their dentist helping figure out what the problem is. And then fixing the problem. So that people can enjoy all of the foods that they want again, because of no sensitive teeth.

Ellerslie Dentist | Why You Should Go To the Dentist Regularly

Often, people might understand that it is important to go to the Ellerslie dentist regularly. But they do not know how often they should be going to their dentist with their children.

Even when people know that they need to brush their teeth after every time they eat. And go to their dentist twice a year. When it comes to their children, they do not know the best dental practices.

Some people assume that their child should visit the dentist when they have their first tooth poked through. And other parents think that they do not need to visit the dentist with their child.

Until that child’s adult teeth have shown up. And unfortunately, both assumptions are wrong. And parents should keep in mind when the right time to visit the dentist with their child will be.

The reason why people should not bring their child to the dentist. As soon as they start growing teeth. Is because some children start developing teeth at an extremely early age.

And in fact, Ellerslie dentist says some children are born with teeth. And these infants are far too young to have any benefits. From going to the dentist. Especially because they cannot open their mouth on command or keep it open.

Less thing that parents should do when their infants have teeth. Is get into the habit of wiping their mouth with a soft, wet cloth. To get rid of the bacteria from the milk that they are drinking.

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That can cause tooth decay on the teeth that are already showing. But also, use that soft cloth to wipe any of their teeth. Or better yet, start using a soft silicone bristled brush.

And gently brush their teeth, but with no toothpaste at this time. To get their child in use to having a toothbrush in their mouth. And can help transition them into brushing their own teeth when they are older.

And the reason why people should not wait until their child has adult teeth before going to the dentist. Is because they might already have many different dental problems.

That could have been addressed by their dentist sooner. If they had gone earlier. Therefore, a good rule of thumb would be. For parents to bring their children to the dentist when their child is one year old.

As long as their child has at least one tooth in their mouth. And can open their mouth when asked, and keep it open for the duration of the examination.

After their first visit, Ellerslie dentist recommends bringing them back every six months. For cleanings, checkups as well as dental x-rays. That can help the dentist anticipate any problems. So that they can address them sooner.

Knowing when to bring children into the dentist for their first visit. And how often they should be visiting. Can help parents ensure that their children’s teeth are as healthy as possible. So that they can start their life, with the healthy smile.