Ellerslie Dentist | How Fluoride Protects Teeth

Many people have heard that fluoride is important in protecting their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. They are not quite sure how it works. This can lead to people not getting enough fluoride to protect their teeth.

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The first thing that people should know, is that fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral. That occurs in plants, and in food. However, people typically are not getting enough fluoride in their diet. To fully protect their teeth.

This is why many municipalities have decided to start adding a fluoride to the water. And typically, have been doing so since the nineteen forties. They are adding it in such a small quantity.

That while it can protect their teeth, is very difficult to consume too much fluoride by drinking too much water. What happens, when people consume water with fluoride, or food that has fluoride in it.

Is that when the body breaks down the nutrients, it takes the fluoride. And in a process called remineralization. Adds the fluoride to the teeth. What it then does, is provides a protective barrier for the tooth enamel.

What happens, when someone has enough fluoride on their teeth. Is it makes it more difficult for the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities. To actually reach the enamel of the teeth.

And protects it, from cavities and tooth decay. This does not mean however says Ellerslie dentist. That people who are getting fluoride treatments. Will not get cavities. It is just another layer of protection.

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What that protective layer also does. Is protects the teeth from acidic food. Such as citrus fruit, or acid from things like soft drinks. That can soften the enamel. And make the teeth more susceptible to cavities.

Therefore, drinking the water that has fluoride in it. Brushing teeth that has this toothpaste that has fluoride in it. As well as getting regular fluoride treatments. Can help people protect their teeth.

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist. They will be able to get their teeth cleaned, and afterwards. Get the fluoride treatment that will add this important mineral onto their teeth for protection.

It is important that people get this treatment every six months. So that they can continue to keep their teeth protected. As this protective layer will wear out, as people consume food that where down the fluoride.

In children, it is very important that they get this treatment every six months. Starting from the time that they get their first teeth, from six months of age. All the way up to sixteen years.

That way, their teeth can get the best start in life. By getting the fluoride treatments, that will protect them. However, this does not mean that they should stop getting the fluoride treatments.

If people have any questions about fluoride, toothpaste. And what they can do to protect their teeth. They should contact their dentist for an appointment. They can get a checkup, a tooth cleaning. And the answers to all their questions.

Ellerslie Dentist | How Fluoride Protects Your Teeth

Fluoride has been identified as one of the most important minerals says Ellerslie dentist. And has been used since the nineteen forties, to protect people’s teeth.

It is a naturally occurring mineral, that is used by the body. To remineralize the teeth, to form a protective layer on the enamel. This protective layer can make it more difficult for the bacteria that causes cavities.

To get at the enamel, to eat it away, and cause tooth decay. However, it is very difficult for people to get enough fluoride through their diets. To protect their teeth enough.

This is why Ellerslie dentist always ends their checkup or treatment. With the fluoride treatments. And there are many different ways that they can apply this very important concentrated mineral.

There is an oral rinse that they can give their patients. It is liquid, and they can switch it around in their mouth for a minutes and then spit it out. That will their teeth in a high concentration of fluoride.

However, one of the most common ways to apply fluoride to a patient’s mouth. Is by taking a cotton swab of a highly concentrated fluoride paste. And coating all of their teeth.

People often remember this step. Because they often get to choose their favourite flavours. Cotton candy, cinnamon and mints. Are some of the most popular slavers of this treatment.

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However, these two fluoride treatments. Often require people to abstain from eating for an hour. And avoid brushing for up to four hours. Which may not be convenient for many people.

Which is why there is a fluoride treatments that is quickly gaining popularity. It is a varnish, which is much thinner. And once it is applied, people do not need to avoid things like eating or brushing at all.

Many people often wonder why it is important for adults to continue to get fluoride treatments. And while Ellerslie dentist will say that adults can always use the protection that fluoride gives them.

Because this protective barrier can erode, as people eat, drink. And brush their teeth. However, there are some scenarios. That should make people even more in need of fluoride.

If they have crowns, bridges or braces. It is often difficult for them to get a toothbrush over every single surface of their teeth. Therefore, they are not protecting their teeth with fluoride as well as they could if they did not have those things in their mouth.

Which is why it is important for these people to visit their dentist for fluoride treatments. As well, if people have, or have had gum disease or gingivitis. There tooth roots will be exposed, even the little bits.

And the reason why this is bad. Is because tooth roots have less enamel than the rest of the teeth. Which means they are more vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. Regular fluoride treatments.

Can protect this part of the tooth, from cavities. If people have any questions about fluoride and fluoride treatments. They should visit their dentist for a checkup, a cleaning. And answers to all their questions.