Ellerslie Dentist | Why Paying For Dental Visits Is Hard

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist, most of them have no idea. Exactly what they will be paying until the end. This is a problem for a lot of people. Who are not making a lot of money each year.

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And while 68% of Canadians. Have dental insurance according to health Canada. That means almost a third of all citizens. Have absolutely no dental insurance coverage at all.

Most of the Canadians actually have their dental insurance. Through their workplace, as part of their benefits package. However, many Canadians do not have. Workplace benefits at all.

And are unaware, that they can get their own insurance coverage. Through companies like Blue Cross. Or, Ellerslie dentist says they are aware of it. But they cannot afford the premiums.

Premiums are the amounts that people have to pay each month. And for many Canadians. Who are working as single parents. Or, who are working below the poverty line. Cannot afford any extra money.

Which is why, so many people. Still do not have dental benefits. One of the most common questions. That Ellerslie dentist gets. Is why Canada does not have. Universal healthcare for dental benefits.

Universal healthcare is what allows people. To visit their family doctor. And not pay a fee. Every single time they go. And it is also why Canadians. Can go to the hospital, and not pay a fee.

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However, back in nineteen fifty-two. In face of Canada’s rising national debt. The government decided. To cut some services. In order to pay down this that. The debt was so high, because of the wars.

When faced with the difficult decision. Of what services to cut, they were faced with cutting things like transportation, infrastructure, healthcare or education. And while they did not want to cut dental benefits.

They decided to cut not only dental benefits. But free eye exams and glasses as well. It was an extremely unpopular decision. And one that they promised they would reverse. As soon as the debt was paid off.

However, many Canadians probably know by now. That it did not get reversed at all. Which means Canadians since then. Have had to pay for hundred percent of their dental services alone.

If they did not have some kind of dental insurance. The Canadian government also decided at that time. To add fluoride to the Canadian drinking water supply. So that it could strengthen people’s teeth.

Fluoride is an extremely important mineral. As it adds strength to teeth. And adds strength to the enamel. Which is a protective coating on teeth. However, Ellerslie dentist says fluoride alone.

Is no substitute for a good dental visit. The dentist also says, that Canadians need regular cleaning. Because brushing alone. Will never get rid of the tartar buildup. Especially below the gum line.

Tartar buildup is responsible for cavities. As well as gingivitis and periodontal disease. And can only be removed by a dentist. Therefore, Canadians should get insurance. If they want to avoid paying for the dentist alone.

Ellerslie Dentist | Why Paying For Dental Visits Is Hard For Families

Even though Canada has universal healthcare says Ellerslie dentist. Paid dental visits. Were eliminated back in the fifties. In order to eliminate Canada’s national that. Since then, insurance companies have popped up.

In order to offer citizens dental insurance. For a monthly fee, people can choose different packages. Paying for different services. For example, what insurance company may offer.

A certain dollar amount for any dental services. And when a person reaches that amount paid for. They will have to pay for all other dental bills out of pocket.

While another insurance company may pay. 80% of all dental bills. To a maximum amount as well. Most insurance companies only have certain services. That they are willing to pay for.

Such as cleanings, polishing and fluoride treatments. Even cavities, and often root canals are also covered. Meanwhile things like orthodontic, dental implants and dentures are not covered.

All of the differences. Between insurance plans. And the fact that dentists. Do not have standardized pricing. Means that many Canadians. Are often confused. When it comes to what they will have to pay the dentist.

Many people go to the dentist. Only to have sticker shock at the end of the visit. When they receive a bill. Several hundred dollars more. Then what they were expecting. Perhaps they came in for cleaning.

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And needed a cavity filled. Or, it took more freezing. To numb their mouth for the service. Or, they needed dental x-rays. Which was not something they anticipated.

Therefore, the tooth doctor came up with an idea. In order to help patients. Understand exactly how much. They would need to pay. At the end of their service. They offer free consultations.

Which means people can come in, get their mouth looked at. And have their Ellerslie dentist create a list. Of everything that needs to happen in their mouth. Whether it is cleaning, cavities filled or something else.

Not only will they have a list. Of all the services that they will need. But there will also be a price with it. So that people know exactly what they will have to pay. If they do not know what their insurance company will cover.

Ellerslie dentist is more than happy to submit the estimates. For preapproval. So that people will know exactly how much they will have to pay. And whether they pay the dentist. And get reimbursed.

Or if they will get the insurance company. To pay the dentist directly. Insurance can be quite complicated. However, when people visit the tooth doctor. At one of their three, convenient locations. They will get the help they need. To understand their dental bills.

In order to make an appointment, people can phone, email. Or book an appointment on the website. At one of their three locations, such as Ellerslie, Capilano. Or in Tofield, just outside the city.