Ellerslie Dentist | Why People Avoid The Dentist

There are many things that people can do to ensure their oral health says Ellerslie dentist. However, even though 75% of Canadians visited the dentist once last year. That is not necessarily enough.

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Ideally, people should be visiting their dentist a minimum of twice a year. Once for a checkup. For x-rays, and to ensure there are no problems forming. And to do things like fill cavities.

At the same time, Patients should get a thorough dental cleaning done either by the dentist. Or why the dental hygienist on staff. To eliminate tartar buildup that contributes to not only tooth decay.

But when the tartar buildup is below the gum line. This causes gingivitis. Therefore, not only should they get this first cleaning done. But Ellerslie dentist says they need to come back a second time, six months later for another cleaning.

However, if when they come back for their checkup one year later. Their dentist finds that they have cavities, or other problems that have developed during that year.

The recommendation is for patients to come in for a checkup when they come in for their second cleaning. The reason why, is because they will be able to fix problems when they are small.

Rather than waiting a full year, that can make a problem worse in the meantime. And even though many people may be engaging in great oral hygiene practices. Such as brushing after every meal. And flossing and using mouthwash.

Some people simply have a genetic predisposition to gingivitis or tooth decay. And when that is the situation. People should ensure that they are doing everything that they can. To minimize problems.

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Such as going to the dentist, and getting a professional cleaning and checkup. Twice a year, consistently, every single year. When they do this, they are going to be able to prevent many problems from happening.

However, they also want to know. How often they should bring their child to the dentist. And when their child’s first dentist visit should be. Some parents assume that as soon as their child has teeth. They should be going.

While other parents do not think it is necessary until the child has adult teeth. However, both of these assumptions are quite wrong. Because they need to establish good oral hygiene habits in the child.

As well as look at their mouth, and dental x-rays. In order to ensure that any problems that are starting, such as overcrowding that may need braces. Get dealt with as soon as possible.

Therefore, the recommendation at their dentist. Is to see a child for their first dental visits by the time they are a year old. And then to bring them back every six months after that.

If people want to ensure that not only their teeth, but their children’s teeth are being kept healthy, and clean. Brushing them twice a day, but also bringing their family to Ellerslie dentist. Is very important to do on an ongoing basis.

Ellerslie Dentist | People Avoid The Dentist For Various Reasons

Often, people do not visit their Ellerslie dentist until they have pain. Unfortunately, by that time. People have a problem that is so severe. That it takes a lot to fix it, as well as lots of time and money.

By the time a person is experiencing pain. If they have a cavity, it is likely getting into the root of their tooth. Where the nerves are. And so the dentist not only has to feel a cavity. But they have to drill a significant amount, and that ends up with a big hole in a person’s tooth.

That even when it is filled, can you can there tooth, putting them in danger of a root canal. Because their tooth is so fragile. Or worse, they may need to have the tooth pulled because it is so damaged.

And when that happens, they may need to talk to their dentist about dental implants. Or getting a bridge put in. That is not only more expensive. But it is significantly more invasive, and filling a small cavity before it hurts them.

However, a significant problem that many adults in Canada have. Is that while they are brushing their teeth regularly. They are not necessarily brushing their teeth often enough, or doing all of the great oral hygiene habits. That can significantly slow tartar buildup and tooth decay.

Ellerslie dentist suggests all Canadian adults brush their teeth after every time they eat. As well as use mouthwash. To get rid of all of the bacteria that is in their mouth. That could end up back on their teeth, causing tooth decay.

And ideally, the mouthwash that they use is alcohol free. However, not only are Canadians only brushing their teeth once or twice a day. They are not using mouthwash at all. Which could be why 75% of Canadians have gingivitis.

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As well, they need to get into the habit of flossing their teeth. And very few Canadians get all three steps all the time. Which is why people have dental problems, that can be easily prevented.

When they visit their dentist regularly. They will be able to get their teeth cleaned. That will eliminate tartar buildup, especially below the gum line. That can eliminate or slow the progression of gingivitis.

And another benefit, is that when they brush their teeth with a soft or medium bristled brush. It will feel very smooth, which will help them keep coming back to the dentist for more cleanings.

Ultimately, helping people visit the dentist as often as is necessary. Is only one of the important ways that people can look after their oral health. When they go to see their Ellerslie dentist.

If they have been taking good care of their teeth. They will have very few things to do. Which can help them significantly in ensuring they can continue to have good oral health.

The sooner people can get into the habit of visiting the dentist twice a year. The healthier their teeth, and their smile will be.